Chapter 380- unbreakable defence
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Zhan Yue Chapter 380- unbreakable defence


    Behind us, Gu Ruyi activated Element Shield and got close. Her staff was wrapped in magic. In the next moment, Meteor, Flame Whirlpool, Ice Peak etc descended from above. With a loud explosion, the Meteor dealt 28000+ damage and insta killed a half health Archer. Shortly after, Flame Whirlpool covered a large region.

    Of course, the true killing move was still Ice Peak!


    An ice drill broke out from the ground and blew the bunch of ranged Breaking Dawn players into the sky. Then the second drill appeared and a huge region was turned into frost. The ice drills swept the area and even Breaking Dawn Ash was sent flying. Fortunately, he was tanky enough but the others weren't so lucky. After Ice Peak was used, at least ten ranged Breaking Dawn players had died.

    "Pu pu pu..."

    Along with the sound of wind being sliced, Shen Mingxuan used Seven Star Shot+Wind Storm Arrow+Scattered Shot. In a blink of an eye, seven to eight people fell to the ground. Light Frost and the other ranged players followed up and pushed the enemy forces away. Like that, Lin Xi, Light Lantern and I were released of pressure.

    "Now that is right."

    Lin Xi smiled, "When their ranged players attack us, our ranged players can attack too. Scoff, let's see how many more Breaking Dawn players would like to die."


    Light Frost licked her lips, "Now this feels great!"



    In the distance, Breaking Dawn Dust's face was dead like ash, "Our focus fire seems useless, Boss Ash, what should we do? We have to think of a solution. We can't let the 2000 of us get tied up by 100 of them. If that happens, we will be the joke of Linchen County!"

    "Weren't you all already a joke?"

    I held Silver Ocean Sword and Explorer's Shield and laughed arrogantly, "Can't even defeat anyone, isn't that just Breaking Dawn?"


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    Breaking Dawn Dust shook from anger.

    "There is no need to say anymore.

    Breaking Dawn Ash was much calmer and he looked coldly in our direction before raising his hand, "It seems like pure attacks can't break them down. First army, second army line up, get into attack formation. Third and forth army's ranged players push forwards and focus fire as the melee players attack. We have to insta kill one of Lin Xi, Light Lantern and the Paladin. If not, we won't be able to take them down."

    "Prepare, attack!"

    Breaking Dawn Dust led the team, "In a while, if we have the chance, breakthrough. Charge through Lin Xi and Light Lantern's gaps. Use Assault to lock onto the people behind. As long as our melee players break through their defence line, they will collapse!"



    All of a sudden, they gathered up and it felt like an army was coming.

    "Lu Li, what did you put all your points into?"

    Lin Xi suddenly asked.

    "En? Why you asking about that." I was shocked.

    She looked forwards and her eyes were filled with worry, "The Assault system is like that. If there are others in between you and your target, if your Strength is higher than him, you can smash him aside and continue to stun the target. But if your strength is lower, you will be intercepted. Light Lantern and I are both full Strength Warriors so we aren't worried of them, but you..."

    "Don't worry."

    I smiled, "Although all of you said that I would be a milk cavalry, but I placed my points mostly in Strength."

    "That's good."

    She smiled, "That would be fine, not many of them have higher Strength than you. If Breaking Dawn Ash tries, I will insta kill him."


    Right at that moment, they began!


    Breaking Dawn Dust raised his sword, "Attack, don't give them a chance to fight back, attack!"

    "Peng peng peng!"

    Dozens of close combat players locked onto us and used Assault but only seven to eight of them could get close. The others knocked into those in front of them. But Lin Xi, Light Lantern and I were still stunned. Shen Mingxuan became the commander, "Fire, kill all those close combat players that push up!"

    Instantly, dozens of With You elite players attacked. Flames, ice, storms exploded in the crowd. Breaking Dawn's ranged players pushed forwards and started to attack too!

    But this time they didn't lock onto Lin Xi or Light Lantern, they were aiming at me!

    They were afraid of Self-sacrifice!?

    "Focus the Paladin and insta kill him!" Breaking Dawn Dust shouted, "He can't use that skill so the damage reduction will be lower. This is our chance to insta kill him!"


    I still used Self-sacrifice on Lin Xi and obtained 70% damage reduction. Was there use if they attacked me?

    The moment the words +70% damage reduction appeared, his face turned green, he probably didn't expect that to happen. He shouted and commanded and one couldn't tell what he was saying anymore.


    Lin Xi ordered, "Use Self-sacrifice on Light Lantern so he doesn't get insta killed by AOE!"


    The Paladin that just got the Burning Jade War Horse raised his hand and used Self-sacrifice on Light Lantern. In truth, we had 7-8 Paladins and could make the front line players eternally in Self-sacrifice state. I could use the skill on Lin Xi or Light Lantern. This would make things endless and it could make Breaking Dawn cry.


    But the battle was now a total mess. Ranged players were shooting at one another and Lin Xi used White Star to slash them. Breaking Dawn members died like grain while we started to have casualties too. Many ranged players died to their focus fire!

    "Where is the spawn of the dead members?" Lin Xi asked.

    "Within and outside the canyon are two cemeteries!" An Archer in spirit form said.


    Lin Xi nodded, "If you feel like you can handle losing another level, run back and revive!"


    The Archer laughed, "Just one level, my equipment is picked by a brother. I think that I can still fight!"


    Light Lantern laughed, "Since Breaking Dawn wants to bully us then let's fight them. Who is afraid, it is just a few levels, we can afford to lose levels!"

    The guild was pumped up. These bunch didn't care about equipment or level, what was most important was game experience. After all, playing games was to experience. Especially people in With You, their levels were ahead in Linchen County and they chased situations that could make their blood boil. Not many cared about levels and equipment.


    Even I felt my blood boil. I always felt like the Paladin account restrained me and I couldn't do much. I wished that I could switch accounts and activate Darkness Shura to fight alongside Lin Xi to crush Breaking Dawn!

    In truth, my Assassin account did have the ability to turn the tides. Due to Lin Xi being here, we were able to be on the same level. But with July Wildfire, Apprehension and Dragon Will will allow me to use Dark Shadow Jump to crush them.

    Unfortunately, the Shura Account was still hidden and I couldn't see Lin Xi with it. More importantly, I didn't know how to explain. If I was honest about my goals, that would be a little perverted. Lin Xi might get angry about that. As for lying, I wasn't willing to do that. To make a lie to explain this matter will make me use more lies to cover it up. In the end, I will just end up living in lies.

    I wanted to live life well and didn't want to be so fake.

    One day this matter would be solved but definitely not today.


    Just like that, we hit one another and in an hour, With You had 100+ deaths, some people even died twice. Our three frontline members were still firm as a rock. They didn't have any chance at all. Of course, Breaking Dawn paid an even higher price!

    In an hour, their 1-4 army members were rotated. In this narrow area, our level and equipment advantage was on full display. Especially with Lin Xi, they had no way to break through. Their close combat players didn't want to get close to Lin Xi at all. That White Dragon Sword was like a surgical knife, instilling fear into them.

    "This battle really is lasting for a long time..."

    Light Lantern was sweating and his eyes were about to turn red.

    "Don't be rash."

    Lin Xi held her sword and said calmly, "They lost more than us, if someone is unable to hold on, it would be them. Did you see that fewer of them are charging."


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "No one is willing to be cannon fodder. Breaking Dawn Ash will soon lose his men and we will naturally win."

    The losses were too overexaggerated, it was already 1:20! Unless Breaking Dawn Ash wanted each player to die 1-2 times, if not they wouldn't be able to take down our hundred-strong defence line.

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