Chapter 381- Dawn
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Zhan Yue Chapter 381- Dawn

   At 3pm.

    With You and Breaking Dawn's battle continued. Just that after Breaking Dawn was hit so many times, their attack strength was far from before. So our losses were just so few.

    "Why aren't they leaving yet?"

    Light Lantern wiped off the blood on his blade, "Are they planning to waste all of our time here so that no one levels?"

    "They should leave soon."

    Shen Mingxuan raised her eyebrows, "If they leave now, Breaking Dawn Dust and Breaking Dawn Ash will have no face at all. After all, they swore to wipe With You out, but with so many of them, they failed to get into the canyon. Instead, they themselves lost so many people. I think they will spend another 1-2 hours here alone."


    Lin Xi smiled, "That should be their mentality. It is fine, we don't lose out either way."


    At that moment, the Breaking Dawn players made way. In the distance, a young voice said loudly, "Guild Leader Ash, can we talk?"


    Breaking Dawn Ash turned around and saw a high level player move past them. Roughly 100 people came and each of them had the emblem of the same guild. This guild was one that everyone on the server knew, this was the top guild- Legend!

    Legend was created by Fang Ge Que and the only one during the Destiny era that could go up against them was probably Zhan Long that Li Xiao Yao created. Now, Zhan Long had slowly backed out and Legend was facing a problem of handing over. The older players were in charge but the only one that truly could take over was Dawn.

    At this moment, he was the one walking ahead. A line of words floated on his head--

    Dawn (Imperial Archer)

    Level: 93

    Guild: Legend

    Job: Deputy Guild Leader


    This was the top Archer on the server whose strength was no lower than Lin Xi and Feng Canghai.

Dawn had followed Fang Ge Que to battle that year and his game experience was really high. Moreover, he was only 20 then and now he was just 25 and was still at his peak. Without a doubt, he was seen as Fang Ge Que's heir.


    Light Frost

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