Chapter 382- Upgrade SSS
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Zhan Yue Chapter 382- Upgrade SSS

I squinted my eyes and said, "You thought that I was going to ask you about Dawn? You are underestimating me. I just wanted to ask, your name... Why is it Shen Mingxuan?"

    "Why, is it not nice?"

    Lin Xi looked at me from the side.

    "It sounds nice and even a little elegant." I smiled, "but based on what I know, Shen Mingxuan was a concubine's name, I heard that Du Xiao Yue was based on Shen Mingxuan."

    "Is that so?"

    Shen Mingxuan opened her eyes wide, "I didn't know that..."


    I was interested and said, "We have to talk about Ji Xiaogang who was the top genius during Qianlong's time, I heard that he had two hobbies, one was..."

    "I know, I know."

    Lin Xi raised her hand to answer, "Smoke, I saw that drama before."


    I nodded and smiled, "But this was just one of them, you might not know the other one. Ji Xiaogang was a pervert and had many concubines, Shen Mingxuan was one of those. He had to have women every day, once before the imperial assembly, once after. Once during lunch, once at night and once before sleeping. 5 times a day was his fewest time... What was his body even made of, he was able to live until 80!"

    Gu Ruyi's face flushed red, "You meant five times, do you mean..."

    "Right, exactly what you think," I said.

    Lin Xi's face flushed red, "Enough, stop talking!"

    Shen Mingxuan looked at me, "So... Are you Ji Xiaogang of this generation that is making me your concubine?"


    I waved and smiled, "So, let's talk about what is going on between Dawn and you? I am more interested in such gossip. Lin Xi and Ruyi should know about this so I am the only one that doesn't know. I feel left out!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Lu Li is one of us, why not... Mingxuan you tell him?"


    Shen Mingxuan gritted her teeth,

and she acted like it didn't matter, "There isn't anything interesting. Song Yan and I were high school friends. He chased me but I focused on studying and didn't bother about him."

    "You focused on studies? Do you think that I would believe that!?" I stared at her.


    She raised her peaks and said with rage and sadness, "If I didn't focus on studies, how would I get into Dongnan University with Lin Xi and Ruyi. Don't forget that we were roommates!"


    I remembered, "And then?"

    "And then I was in university..." She licked her lips, "But Songyan often appeared in my life. During university he came over many times and invited us to a meal, but... We were always just friends. I told him clearly that I had no feelings for him and told him not to force things."

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    "I remember that."

    Lin Xi smiled, "I was right there and I remembered Songyan's classic words."

    "What words?"

    "He said... I want to force things..."

    Lin Xi smiled and said, "It sounds interesting but Songyan looks good and is so kind and talented. His family is good too. There are so many girls that like him but Shen Mingxuan just doesn't like him. Under such a situation, Songyan isn't willing to give up and wants to force it."

    "Oh, so that is the case!" I nodded.

    Shen Mingxuan looked at me, "You fellow... Are you trying to convince me to accept him?"

    "Can you?"

    I touched my nose, "Relationships are your personal matter and it is her choice. I am not those who disturb others, don't worry."


    She said, "You are dumb but sometimes you make people like you..."


    Lin Xi and Gu Ruyi opened their mouths slightly and looked at her.

    "It's not like what all of you are thinking!"

    Shen Mingxuan raised her hand and wrapped around my shoulder like she wanted to prove something, "We are like good brothers living together everyday. Did you understand something wrongly?"

    "We know we know, you don't have to explain..." Lin Xi smiled.

    My face turned ashen white.

    "Lu Li what is up with you?" Gu Ruyi looked at me with concern.

    I struggled free and rubbed my shoulder, "I... Was hit by Shen Mingxuan's 34C, I am hurt..."

    Shen Mingxuan's face flushed red, "I am not playing anymore!"

    "Right! Stop playing!"

    Lin Xi held up the rice box, "Eat quickly and stop talking about all these. With You is an emotionless killing machine, we will never need love!"

    "Yes yes yes!"

    I picked up the rice box and said, "Eat eat. Shen Mingxuan put that drumstick down, give it to me... I feel bad seeing you get fat every day?"

    "Jerk, I am going to fight you!"



    We continued to kill monsters in Fracturing Canyon until 11pm. We obtained a total of 11 Burning Jade War Horses. When this bunch fought together, it did feel lilke a small cavalry party.

    "Cavalry attack!"

    Light Lantern raised his sword and hollered towards the few Burning Jade War Horses ahead, "Slash them!"


    11 cavalry players charged forwards.

    The moment I brushed past them, I said, "Light Lantern! I thought you were Sun Desheng!"


    Light Lantern laughed and he was having a good time.

    On the side, Lin Xi smiled. At this moment, the guild that we had spent so much effort to create was starting to look good. These 11 Burning Jade War Horse cavalry players although weren't strong, but their attack force was quite terrifying. In a 100 men battle, they would be shockingly strong!

    Another bell rang and this time our quest here increased to SS Tier!

    "Continue, kill monsters!"

    I raised Silver Ocean Sword and said, "Let's kill monsters at the fastest speed and get to SSS Tier by 4am? If we rush, our guild will get huge amounts of charm. SSS Tier quests might even give equipment and skill books."


    Light Lantern raised his sword and smiled, "We have to get an SSS Tier quest today! Brothers, tell Guild Leader Lin Xi what our prase is?"

    Light Lantern led the 11 cavalries to point their swords to the sky, "If the moon doesn't sleep I won't sleep, I am a bald headed baby!"

    Lin Xi lowered her head and tried not to laugh but her shoulders shook and she looked really cute. She smiled for a while before raising her head, "Listen to deputy Lu Li's orders and let's speed up the leveling speed."

    "Yes Guild Leader!"


    I charged out and helped to draw damage for Lin Xi. I used War Trample in the group of Burning Jade War Horses and didn't bother about them at all.

    Just like that, we trained until 12 am and went for supper before continuing.



    A message came from Ah Fei, "Damn, you are still awake? I see that Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan are online too. What are all of you doing, are you challenging who can stay awake the longest?"

    "Right, go and sleep, it is so late."

    "En, Little Qian called me. Right, when are you coming to eat with us. Little Qian was saying that as a good brother, you haven't even been back in a month."

    "A while more, With You recently started up and we are busy, I am very busy."

    "Okay, continue to level, I will hug Little Qian to sleep."

    "Scram! ! !"



    Time passed bit by bit and when it was 3am, the quest still showed no signs of leveling up. We obtained four more Burning Jade War Horse. With this speed, all our cavalry players will get one. In a small-scale guild war, we will be invincible.

    "Yi, it still hasn't leveled?"

    Light Lantern frowned, "Is SS Tier the limit?"

    "I don't know."

    While Lin Xi sliced the head of a Burning Jade War Horse, she said, "Let's follow our original plan and train until 4 am. Then no matter whether or not it levels up we will head to hand it in."


    Light Lantern looked into the distance, "Oi that Archer... Stop sleeping. Continue to fire, there is still one more hour. Young man, why are you weaker than us balding middle aged old man!"

    Everyone laughed and we continued to level.



    Final ten minutes, at this time, our mood became really heavy. After slicing with the Silver Ocean Sword, I said, "I think... I am going to fall asleep..."

    Lin Xi laughed, "Don't be too sad, it is up to fate. If we can't get it to SSS then we just have to accept it."


    I nodded and then turned around, "Work hard, last minute!"

    In the end, before I was able to say anything when Light Lantern killed on Burning Jade War Horse, a bell rang--


    System notification: Congratulations, your party quest Fracturing Canyon has risen to SSS Tier!

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