Chapter 377- Intense Jade War Horse
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Zhan Yue Chapter 377- Intense Jade War Horse

  Warsong: Increase party member's Attack, Defence and Attack Speed by 25%

    Heaven Tune: Increase user's Magic Attack by 50%

    Hellfire: Increase party member's Attack by 50%

    Gathering troops: Raise Attack and Attack Speed of all party members by 40%

    Braving Flames: Increase damage reduction by 35%

    Celestial Tune Domain: Increase resistance of all party members by 25%


    These buff skills were all used and I was instantly impressed. What kind of god class was this. One Light Lotus rose our combat strength by 40%.. Especially Lin Xi, Gu Ruyi who had solo buffs, their buffs could be stacked by the group buffs. With Warsong and Gathering troops, Lin Xi's Attack and Attack Speed increased by 65%!

    Along with 35% damage reduction, once Lin Xi used White Star, she was invincible!

    At this moment, she charged out and attracted 8 Hellhounds at once!


    Lin Xi led a bunch of Hellhounds back and then she turned around. Her White Dragon Sword used Wind Chasing Stab, Flame Blade Thrust and Bladestorm. Those Hellhounds instantly cried out and a large chunk of their health dropped. Behind me, Gu Ruyi used Flame Whirlpool and Ice Phoenix Current. Under all the attacks, the Hellhound's health dropped even faster.

    Shen Mingxuan and Light Frost followed up. One had to say that our firepower was really strong. Apart from Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi, Light Forest was also a quasi first rate super mage. Three players attacking together along with a top Warrior like Lin Xi, this was the nightmare of the Hellhounds.

    "Ang ang ang~~"

    Some of them died, some fell under Lin Xi's snow white legs. They tried to bite her and her health started to drop.


    I hollered and a white shadow from my body merged with Lin Xi to help her tank the damage. I raised Silver Ocean Sword and used Saint Light Technique to heal her to full before healing myself.

Light Lantern and the few other players attacked. For the group of us to kill 8 Hellhounds was just too simple.


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    "Not bad..."

    After the others in the guild observed, they went on their way to kill Hellhounds. With our demonstration, the fear of a portion of them disappeared. With their strength, each party would be able to attract 3-5 Hellhounds and kill without a problem.

    Thus, after we cleared out the 8th one, a bell rang--


    System notification: Congratulations, your quest Fracturing Canyon difficulty has increased to grade C!

    "Just like that?"

    Lin Xi's mouth opened slightly and she was surprised, "That is great, it seems like we really can upgrade it to S tier. Work hard, if the quest can get to S tier, the whole guild can eat meat!"

    Everyone laughed and agreed.

    After all, the quests in Illusionary Moon were fewer and many players hadn't even gotten a single decent quest in over a week. Main questline ones were even fewer and not everyone could come into contact with them. Currently, over 70% of the players hadn't even gotten an S grade or above quest. Only 11% of the 30% had main quests but they weren't able to complete them in time.

    So, charm came from main quests and super rewards. Currently, over 80% of players had 0 charm. People like me with over 100 charm were like monsters.


    "Sha sha..."

    Light Lantern led the way and pointed to the right, "Lin Xi, draw five, I will draw three from the side and then we meet up."

    "Ok, be careful."


    The moment Light Lantern moved forwards, a flame red crack appeared in the sky beside us and many meteors started to descend. Based on the speed and angle, it was heading right towards Light Lantern.

    "Light Lantern be careful!"

    I shouted, "Move to the right, go!"


    Light Lantern noticed and raised his head. He pulled his reins and moved but he was slightly slow and one piece smashed along his armor and onto the ground. The explosion flung him out and he lost 19 thousand health. This was damage to heavy armored players. If it was to leather or cloth players, the damage would only be higher!

    "Be careful!"

    Lin Xi frowned, "Meteor rain can insta kill someone, be careful!"


    Everyone nodded their heads. The scenes terrified all of us. If we weren't careful, the price would be that we would get insta killed. Heavy armored players were able to tank it. People like Light Lantern, Lin Xi and I had around 90 thousand health and were able to take 3 hits. But those soft players would get insta killed!


    The cracking sound was a little loud and it caused a huge commotion. If we were careful, basically no one would get hit.


    The cries of Hellhounds spread in the canyon. Less than half an hour later, our flexible quest leveled up and it reached B!

    At 12pm, the quest upgraded once more and became A Grade. It was just one step away from S!

    "Prepare to eat, I have ordered a lunch box."

    Shen Mingxuan used Shockwave Shot and killed the Hellhound ahead of Lin Xi before saying, "We will go offline to eat in 20 minutes what about you Light Lantern?"

    "We will eat too."

    Light Lantern said, "But some people don't want to so they can just continue killing. The achievement points can also help to increase our quest level, which is not bad."

    "En, continue."

    We were deep in Fracturing Canyon and the number of Hellhounds got lesser and lesser. What replaced them was a flaming war horse. On its head was a saddle and they looked like they were abandoned by their masters. Their bodies were covered in flames.

    Burning Jade War Horse, level 99 Legendary Grade Monster, good at striking and trampling.

    Another great leveling target!

    We had 20 minutes to our food came so Lin Xi led us ahead to slay those Burning Jade War Horse. But after we cleared out three batches, a smaller one appeared. It was covered in flames and it constantly exhaled from its nose.

    Burning Jade War Horse (Unique Grade)

    Level: 1

    Specialty: Mount, can be tamed


    "Mount! Orange mount!"

    Light Lantern was delighted, "Oh my god, a level 1 mount actually appeared here?"


    Lin Xi smiled, "Lu Li and I have mounts already so we do not need to change. Light Lantern if you like this then go tame it!"


    Light Lantern touched the hair on his horse, "This horse has followed me for a long time but it is a blue horse and its stats are too lousy. Thank you boss, then I shall take this?"



    Light Lantern released his mount and walked forwards before using the tame skill on the level 1 horse. After dozens of failures, his body teleported and he appeared on the Burning Jade War Horse's back. The war horse neighed and it was now his mount.

    "Feels good!"

    Light Lantern laughed and led the horse back. The war horse changed after being tamed. The hair on its body was shiny like jade and it looked really strong. After being tamed, it didn't look so violent anymore and was more handsome.

    "Look at the stats?" I smiled and said.


    In the next moment, Light Lantern shared the Burning Jade War Horse's stats in the guild channel. All the cavalry players were jealous--

    Burning Jade War Horse (Unique Grade Mount)

    Strength: +192

    Stamina: +187

    Magic: +182

    Attack: +195%

    Defence: +190%

    Movement speed increase: +180%

    Health value increase: +30000

    Effect: Rider's attack range +3

    Effect: Famous horse, damage reduction +12%

    Skill: Hell Trample, after use, deal 300% attack damage to targets 5 yards around, causing their attack speed and movement speed to decrease by 30%, lasting for 2 seconds

    Mount durability: +150%

    Introduction: Burning Jade War Horse, a horse from the depths of hell, has strong durability and explosiveness

    Required Level: 80


    A decent mount and it was top rate in the current stage. Apart from the top players, this should be the next best thing.

    "Not bad~~"

    Lin Xi sized up the Burning Jade War Horse and smiled, "There should be more than one of this. Search carefully and let's try to get more of them. Then we can make our own With You Cavalry Army."

    "Cough cough..."

    I coughed, "There are only a few of us, it shouldn't be a Cavalry Army but a party."

    She laughed, "Okay, we shall listen to you, our With You's Cavalry Party! If it is made, you will be the party leader!"


    I laughed, "I will thank you in advance!"


    On the side, Shen Mingxuan was speechless, "Okay, the delivery is here. Lu Li go get it, I will make fruit juice for us."

    "En, okay."

    I glanced and with Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, I saw a person retreat into the darkness. I couldn't see clearly but it was an Assassin that was at the limits of my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. I couldn't even see his ID carefully.

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