Chapter 376- Fracturing Canyon
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Zhan Yue Chapter 376- Fracturing Canyon

   The next day.

    I went online after breakfast. Today, I was going to do activities with everyone.



    My Paladin account appeared on the east square and I adjusted my level to 88, I was still 5 levels below my Assassin account. I summoned the Thousand Mile Moon Foal and went to repair my equipment before buying some health and mana potions. Then I waited at the east gate for everyone.

    A cute mage holding a staff walked over, a level 87 Mage. She looked really young but who knew that she was actually a grinder. She had decent equipment, it was all orange and purple. On her shoulder was the With You guild emblem. She walked towards me and smiled, "Hello Deputy Guild Leader!"


    I sat on horse back and smiled towards her. I then felt that it was not too polite to do so, so I jumped off and waited alongside her. A few seconds later, a familiar person appeared. It was Light Lotus, her robe wrapped her slowly maturing body. She hugged an orange zither and her face was filled with excitement and happiness. She smiled towards me, "Hello Brother Lu Li!"

    "Hello Light Lotus!"

    I nodded and smiled too. A short while later, Light Lantern, Light Frost both came. Light Lantern held a heavy sword and rode a horse. Light Frost held a staff and was dressed in a dark blue robe, a typical ice beauty. After seeing me, she just nodded slightly as a form of greeting.

    A few minutes later, a beautiful figure appeared in front of us. It was Lin Xi who was riding her horse with White Dragon Sword by her waist. Her armor wrapped her exquisite body and one could see her alluring legs.

    "Hello Guild Leader!"

    Everyone greeted.

    Lin Xi smiled, "Hello everyone, are all of you ready? Also, repair all your equipment, we might not be able to return today."

    "Don't worry."

    Light Lantern smiled, "We are all professional!"

    Light Lotus smiled, "En all ready, my bag is filled with blue potions!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "En, that is good."


    A short while later,

Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi entered. Everyone was here and Lin Xi set up a party in the guild channel. There was a total of 10 smaller parties, each with ten people. This helped to distribute the 100 in the guild. The attendance today was fantastic, as it was a weekend, it had reached 100%, no one missed out!


    Lin Xi said in the guild channel, "Everyone is here. Today we are about to attack the map called Fracturing Canyon, till date players have not broken past it so we might be the first batch. I will lead the first party and the other party leaders take charge and confirm whether or not your equipment is repaired and that you have enough potions?"

    "All ready guild leader!" Everyone said.

    "Ok, let's head out."

    Lin Xi jumped onto her horse and led us out of the city. As the top Paladin here, I protected beside Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and Light Lotus. The members of the first party were really strong. Apart from the four of us in With You's Studio, there were 3 from Light Family and then another few players with high combat strength.

    Outside the city, leaves floated in the wind and it made one feel really relaxed.

    The bunch of us entered the forest ahead and not long later, we headed towards the north east direction. I gave Thousand Mile Moon Foal an order to dash forwards on its own. I opened my map and found a location north of Linchen County. It was Fracturing Canyon, an unassuming red map. One could imagine how strong the monsters there were.


    After 40 minutes of traveling, we were at the edge of Linchen County. Further north and it would be the legendary Hybrid Demon Territory. At this moment, things looked like it was the end of the world. The sky was blood red and ahead was an endless canyon. At the same time, the sky looked like it was ripped apart by some power, lightning bolts shot through. There were even meteors descending and smashing onto the ground. Dust and flames flew about and the ground was shaking.

    "Adventurers, be careful!"

    A person descended from above, it was a middle aged Paladin with swords in his hands. A row of words appeared on his head--

    Imperial Paladin Lei Jin.

    This was a level 99 Legendary Grade NPC. He landed slowly and his body was wrapped in a holy light. He frowned, "Fracturing Canyon is up ahead, The power of heaven and earth is being restructured and is changing. Moreover, the living beings here have been demonised. Once you step in, you will be in danger. Are you sure?"


    Lin Xi said, "We are willing to handle all consequences."

    "Very good!"

    Lei Jin said, "Adventurers from another world, since you are willing to enter Fracturing Canyon then go ahead. Fracturing Canyon is like a poisonous spike standing in the north, if you can kill those evil spirits, you will be doing good for Linchen County. Go, kill these evil spirits and return, I will give you huge rewards!"

    A bell rang in my ears--


    System notification: Congratulations, your party has received a flexible quest Fracturing Canyon (D Grade)!

    Contents: Enter Fracturing Canyon and kill the evil spirits within. The more you kill, the higher the quest grade. When you complete it, head out and find Imperial Paladin Lei Jin to submit the quest.


    "Flexible quest..."

    I frowned, "Does this mean that if we kill enough, this quest can become S Tier?"

    "In theory that is the case."

    Lin Xi smiled, "I didn't expect there to be a quest here. Since there is then it is something extra. Let's go, time to head out, if not we would waste our whole morning."


    I pulled the reins and stepped into Fracturing Canyon along with Lin Xi. I stepped on the flaming red soil and a barrier brushed past my body. We officially entered Fracturing Canyon. Everyone was excited as this was a large scale guild mission. Everyone got the quest so this was a great chance!

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    "Be careful."

    Lin Xi raised her head and looked into the sky. The sky was changing and a red breach appeared. Many meteors descended from above and smashed onto the ground, scorching the land. I looked out and there were 7-8 of such areas. The breaches and meteor rain seemed to be random.

    "Be careful."

    I said in the guild channel, "The meteor rain is random, we must try to avoid it, if not... I think that one is enough to insta kill us."


    Light Lantern nodded, "It does look random so pay attention. We can't fully focus on monsters if not we might die."

    Shen Mingxuan burst out laughing, "En, be more careful. The meteor rain isn't fast, it takes at least five seconds. If we notice it right away, we can dodge."


    Lin Xi pulled out her sword and said, "The monsters have appeared, split up into parties and don't go too far."



    There were many figures moving about ahead. They were bent over and wrapped in flames. On their heads was a sharp horn and their blood red eyes started at us. They looked like they could pounce over at any moment and gang up on us.

    Lin Xi and her horse were furthest in front and she shared its stats with the guild. Many players exclaimed the monster's level was so high--

    Hellhound (Legendary Grade Monster)

    Level: 95

    Attack: 10200-12900

    Defence: 8000

    Health: 1200000

    Skill: Berserk, Bite, Slash, Hellflame

    Introduction: Hellhound, an evil spirit from hell. These Hellhounds aren't related to dogs, they are just made up of evil. They are both bloodthirsty and crazy and have strong body powers. Legend has it that one alone could kill ten lions. If you face one, you have to go all out as they are too fast and you won't be able to flee from it.


    "Damn, level 95!"

    People exclaimed, "10 levels higher than me, that is a little too much, it is also a Legendary Grade monster."

    "Right, its Attack is so high too, over a thousand. It has an attack speed skill and two low cooldown skills. Can we even tank them?"

    "Be careful, I think they care more terrifying than the meteor rain!"


    Lin Xi laughed. Right, she definitely came here before and knew the monsters' level before deciding to bring us here. It was a challenge for current level players. Fortunately With You had high standards and those who could join were all strong players.

    "Come, let's split roles."

    Lin Xi smiled, "I will draw the monsters and Lu Li will use Self-sacrifice on me. Light Lotus buff we with your defence skill and give your attack skills to Shen Mingxuan or Gu Ruyi."


    Light Lotus smiled and her fingers tugged at the zither. A loud sound spread out. Spirit Zither Master's buffs were added to Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi.

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