Chapter 375- Thrill of the hunt
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Zhan Yue Chapter 375- Thrill of the hunt

 Along the way.


    "I didn't expect that we would meet Elements." Shen Mingxuan looked outside and said, "Some people might shine in game but only when we see them in real life will we know what they are like, scoff... Perfect Warrior Feng Canghai is just so-so. He is just a little handsome but he is too arrogant."

    "It is normal for such a person to be a little more arrogant."

    I drove while saying, "Feng Canghai is a relatively decent person and he pays attention to his image. I can tell from the way he acts."

    Lin Xi smiled, "Fortunately July Wildfire won yesterday, if not, July Wildfire's reputation would be stepped to the bottom. Elements will use all methods to cause debate such that July Wildfire becomes useless."

    "Such a cunning guy is too terrifying..."

    Shen Mingxuan smiled and looked towards Gu Ruyi, "Ruyi do you see it? People like Feng Canghai are handsome and talented but he would still attack people. You need to open your eyes when you find a boyfriend and avoid someone like him."


    Gu Ruyi hugged her arms and looked lazily at her, "Feng Canghai has so many good girls so he shouldn't notice me... Moreover, Feng Canghai likes Lin Xi, anyone can see that..."

    Lin Xi smiled, "I don't like him."

    Shen Mingxuan, "..."

    I, "..."

    When we were about to reach the studio, Lin Xi smiled, "Lu Li will you join us at night?"

    "Nope, I still need to get materials..."


    Her voice was a little sad. She smiled, "I will remember this, I have not been rejected so many times in life... I am a petty person!"

    I nearly spat out blood, "This... This... How is it even the same matter? I have a quest, if not I will definitely join all of you!"

    She laughed, "I don't care,

I am remembering this!"

    "Okay okay."

    I drove into the villa while saying, "I will follow you tomorrow!"

    "Okay, if you reject me tomorrow, I will kick you from your role. Anyways, the guild will get to level 2 and we won't lack people after expanding!"



    Night, went online.


    The Shura account appeared in Hundred Poison Forest and ahead, a poison spider was staring at me. It then launched a poison needle attack. I raised my hand and my daggers slipped into my arms. I used Soul Star Explosion and along with Orange Night and White Bird, we killed the few monsters.

    Further ahead, after clearing out another batch, another bunch of Poison Arrow Wood appeared.

    I continued to collect, refine and do what production players do.

    Unknowingly, two hours passed. At 9pm, Shen Mingxuan's voice spread out from the With You chat, "Latest news, the battle in Hedong County has ended."


    Lin Xi smiled, "Was there a battle?"

    "Right, a large scale guild war."

    Shen Mingxuan said, "There are many guilds there and Winds of Battle are the strongest. But they aren't that strong. From 2pm, they battled around a high level map. They fought against six other guilds and it lasted until now."

    "Six factions attacking Light Peak?" Lin Xi laughed.

    Shen Mingxuan burst into a laugh too, "Similar. Winds of Battle is too strong and other guilds have to work together to snatch some resources. This battle lasted close to a week but this afternoon, the situation got better."

    I asked, "Who won?"

    "Winds of Battle."

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "The forums are in a mess now. Who knew how did Winds of Battle end up with so many Intestine Breaking Powder and Poison Wine. Especially Poison Wine, it reduced damage and health. Winds of Battle tossed it like it was free so how could the other six guilds handle it. They started to collapse at 7pm. After two hours, Winds of Battle has started to clear them out."


    Lin Xi said, "Has July Wildfire started to sell it to them?"

    "Seems like it."

    Shen Mingxuan said, "Currently, July Wildfire is the only poison refiner. I think in the future, the guild he joins will have endless poisons. It will affect the strength of the group."


    Lin Xi said, "Unfortunately, our With You won't be able to get poison from July Wildfire."

    "That might not be true?"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "July Wildfire is August End's brother and since August End is willing to inscribe equipment for us, we might have a chance. I will talk to August End, maybe we can get some from him. as for July Wildfire.... Forget it, he doesn't really like you."

    Lin Xi gave a sad expression, "I shouldn't have fought him, who knew that this would happen..."

    I laughed, "Don't worry, maybe other poison refiners will appear. The poison is an open resource, they definitely wouldn't let one person monopolise the market."



    Just like that, I continued to refine poison. At 11 pm, after a day of hard work, I had 12000+ Throat Sealer. One could say that I could fill the entire market up. If they appeared, maybe I could earn millions!

    Unfortunately, I didn't want money, there was also no need to let level 3 poison appear on the market.

    I looked at the skill familiarity and I needed 35% more to level. It was too tough. It seemed like I needed another 6 hours to get there. No rush, I had to clear my bag first.


    I sent a message to Mundane Slaughter, "Meet you in the east square?"

    "Ok, I am coming!"

    When I appeared in the east square, Mundane Slaughter appeared. He laughed, "You are finally done?"

    "En, head to the storage, your bag space might not be enough."

    "How much do you have, I don't have enough storage?"

    He was stunned but still followed me over. Once we reached, I opened the trading function and asked, "How many empty spaces do you have?"

    "240, currently."


    I nodded and entered 240 sets, each set was 10 so there was a total of 2400. I traded right away.


    Mundane Slaughter was stunned, "So many?"

    "En, store it. There is more."


    His face was filled with joy. After storing them, he traded once more and I sent another 240 sets to him. After three times, his face started to sweat, "The storage is full!"

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    "Spend money to open a second and third one!"


    He wasn't stingy and spent gold to open storage. He then traded me and in a short while, I sent him 12000 of them, leaving a few hundred for myself. I clapped and smiled, "Okay, the produce from today are all here, split them to the brothers of Assassin Alliance and tell them to rub it on their weapons before they fight players. Apart from that, don't leak this. I don't want to see a single bottle on the market."

    "Don't worry!"

    He slapped his chest, "You trust me and I trust my brothers, no one will sell any on the market, but... Hehehe, Breaking Dawn will be unlucky."


    I laughed, "The Throat Sealer is really strong especially for Assassins. A full agility Assassin can kill a person with one blade and can see the opponent's heath drop while in stealth. It is like a poisonous snake striking prey. Biting once and then waiting for the prey to die."


    Mundane Slaughter laughed, "I love that description! Don't we Assassins love this? Killing people without showing ourselves, treating all enemies as prey and enjoying the thrill of the hunt!'


    I nodded, "I am going to rest. Enjoy the game, don't let those Breaking Dawn grandsons live."



    The moment I turned around, I received a message from Ah Fei, "Ah Li do you want to head out, I am in the bar. Come!"


    I rejected, "Shen Mingxuan has bought delivery and I am eating supper with them before sleeping!"


    He laughed, "You are just eating with them, you don't have to talk about sleeping."


    I rolled my eyes, "You are heading to the bar with Little Qian?"

    "Nope, she is leveling with Little Black at home. I found an excuse to head out. That girl I showed you previously, I will definitely take her home today!"


    I was silent for a few seconds, "A dog still eats shit..."

    "Damn, you can choose not to come, why are you attacking me, really..."

    "Go and play, I am tired, I don't want to head out."


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