Chapter 374- Fighting Feng Canghai
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Zhan Yue Chapter 374- Fighting Feng Canghai

 Noon, there weren't many customers at Haidilao.


    After helping Lin Xi to sit down, I asked, "What condiments would you like?"


    She squinted her eyes and looked at me, "What about you?"

    "Small chili, coriander, beef sauce and some vinegar. Same as usual, my recipe." I said.

    She smiled, "Then help me get one set too, please add more vinegar."


    I got up to help make the sauce. Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi opened their eyes wide and objected, "You pig, why didn't you ask us!?"

    "Do the two of you have legs!" I stared.

    Lin Xi burst out laughing, "Go."



    Not long later, the pot started to bubble and that brought out the scent of the various soup bases. The moment I placed down a piece of luncheon meat, I heard a girl shout, "Wa, so handsome. It really is him, he is as handsome as he is in-game!"

    "En, who is it?" Shen Mingxuan frowned and asked.

    Lin Xi looked at her phone and smiled, "Just eat, what are you looking at. We still need to train in the afternoon!"

    "En en."

    Right at that moment, a bunch of people walked across. There were four of them, the one in front was really handsome and he did look familiar. He wore a small suit and his hair danced in the wind. He had a slight smile so no wonder he was so attractive to girls.

    "Feng Canghai!"

    A girl suddnely shouted, "Look, it is Feng Canghai! Isn't he in the Elements base at Shanghai? Why is he eating in Suzhou?"

    "It really is Feng Canghai!"

    Another girl screamed.

    "Feng Canghai?"

    I frowned and Lin Xi didn't even look at me, "It... It won't be such a coincidence right?"

    Right at that moment, Feng Canghai sat down at a table not far from us and smiled at those girls that asked for his signature, "We are just here to eat, sorry... Sorry... Please move aside, sorry..."

    Right at that moment, Feng Canghai glanced and looked at our table. He recognised Gu Ruyi and then started to search. Finally, his eyes landed on Lin Xi. His body shook and he stood up, "Brothers... I think I saw Lin Xi..."


    Beside him, a lazy looking teen that wore glasses opened his eyes, "Such a coincidence?"

    "Let's go take a look."

    With the bunch of female fans surrounding them, Feng Canghai walked over. He stared at Lin Xi and asked carefully, "Lin Xi... All of you are eating here too?"


    Lin Xi nodded calmly, "What a coincidence."

    "Yes, it really is..." Feng Canghai was emotional and smiled, "Let me introduce, this is my great assistant, Elements's deputy Mars River. We call him River. You should know him."

    Mars River was that lazy looking teen but through the glow in his eyes, one knew that he definitely wasn't simple.

    "Hello, Lin Xi."

    Mars River nodded, "En, the thin guy beside me is Old Mountain. He PKed with you before."


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    Old Mountain smiled and then rested his arm on another shoulder, "This foolish-looking guy is Lin Songyan, we call him Old Lin. You should have met him in the game before."

    "En, hello."

    Lin Xi smiled, "My legs aren't good so I won't stand up."

    "That is okay."

    Mars River said, "Just sit, we just came over to say hello."

    "Right, why is the core of Elements in Suzhou?" Lin Xi asked politely.


    Feng Canghai smiled, "We attended a game event in Suzhou Garden and were lazy to eat at their arranged buffet. We didn't expect it to be such a coincidence and for us to actually meet you."


    Lin Xi smiled and started to introduce, "This is Shen Mingxuan, Bright Moon, the beauty in With You with the best body. This is Gu Ruyi, her ID is Follow Heart, she is With You's most beautiful mage. Also, this..."

    Lin Xi looked towards me and her gaze became gentle, "Lu Li, With You's Paladin, his ID is A Little Brother. Although his ID isn't much but he is quite strong. His mechanics, strategy and life skills are really strong, he is really all rounded~~"

    I was touched, Lin Xi used the most words to introduce me!

    "Oh, I know him, I know..."

    Feng Canghai smiled and opened his hand towards me, "Lu Li, we met a few times and even nearly fought because of Yun Jian. I remember you."

    I shook hands with him and felt energy seep in from his palm. Was he trying to test y cultivation?

    I frowned. My Blazing Sun energy turned into gentle energy that appeared around my palm. I easily quashed his strength.


    Shock appeared on his face and then he smiled, "Lu Li, hello!"

    "Hello, Guild Leader Feng Canghai."

    I smiled and didn't say anything.

    Feng Canghai retracted his hand, "I have a deep impression of you. We nearly fought because of that brat Yun Jian. Your mechanics are quick but your goals are not certain. You have not shown the advantage of the Paladin. If you could use your shield to strike once more, I might even retreat. But that is okay, mechanics and skills can be trained. With Lin Xi beside you, it shouldn't be tough."

    Lin Xi frowned and was a little angry but I stopped her. I looked at Feng Canghai and smiled, "I saw Guild Leader Feng's battle with July Wildfire. As a Warrior when fighting an Assassin, Guild Leader Feng really did well but you were too anxious. You revealed all your trump cards too early and July Wildfire suppressed your Sword Energy Form and defeated you. It was such a waste."


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Not bad, not bad..."

    After I finished, Feng Canghai's expression was a little ugly and he said awkwardly, "I didn't perform to my skill level yesterday, if not the situation would be different."

    "Lu Li!"

    Old Mountain couldn't take it, "You are too arrogant, what gives you the rights to comment on Feng Canghai's tactics and mechanics?"


    The few girls were furious and looked at me with hate. A 75 kg girl said, "Well said, even if you are in With You, you are just Lin Xi's Paladin, what gives you the right to comment on Feng Canghai?"


    A yellow shirt girl scoffed, "look in the mirror, how are you on the same level as Feng Canghai? Who are you?"

    Lin Xi was totally furious. She smacked the table and looked at those girls, "Lu Li is With You's top Paladin and he might be the best Paladin in the server. Each Boss run is done by him and myself. He does have the right to comment on Feng Canghai's strategy. As for you girls what rank are all of you. You are commenting on a top Paladin, who are all of you?"

    This was the first time I heard Lin Xi get so angry and my heart felt warm.

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Lin Xi is one of the top players, her ranking isn't lower than Feng Canghai, she has the right to comment on Feng Canghai right? You heard it! Okay, go and eat, save some face for yourselves."

    "Sorry Feng Canghai."

    Lin Xi smiled, "If I said anything wrongly please forgive me, I was just angry."

    "En en."

    Feng Canghai nodded, "Then... Enjoy your meal, we are going to order."



    Feng Canghai and the others went back to their table and the few starry-eyed girls also left. They didn't even ask for the signature. Lin Xi's scolding made all of them well behaved. After all, they knew their ability, to compete with Lin Xi was too much for them. There was no comparison at all.

    "You were having fun competing against Feng Canghai just now~~"

    Lin Xi smiled and asked me.

    I touched my nose, "Did I cause trouble?"


    She smiled, "You have set up a silent start to the competition between Elements and us. But this is not your fault. Feng Canghai's words are filled with needles and I could hear them. Moreover, I think your comments were right. He was too anxious if not he wouldn't have lost so badly."

    I nodded. I was wondering, of course, I knew that Feng Canghai was weak. No one could comment better than me on this. After all, I was the one that defeated him yesterday!


    After dinner, we left first and I was sent to say goodbye. Although Old Mountain looked like he wanted to fight, but Mars River smiled lazily, "Lu Li don't mind it, our Brother Mountain is just like that. His temper is very fiery and he doesn't have a brain. If we have a chance I will treat you to a meal to apologise!"

    "En, I can understand."

    I nodded and smiled, "Then we are going to leave. Enjoy your meal."


    I pushed Lin Xi into the lift and went down.

    I didn't expect that I was fighting them yesterday and today I had to greet them with a smile. Humans had to be so fake sometimes.

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