Chapter 373- Proper guy
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Zhan Yue Chapter 373- Proper guy

   1% per second, it really was venomous. Without healing, one would get poisoned to death in two minutes.



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    I drank a longer-lasting health potion just in case and walked about the forest with my daggers. The trees around all had weird shapes and some of the branches were curved like snakes. Some of the barks had green liquids flowing from them and the ground had streaks of green poison mist. As expected from Hundred Poison Forest.

    "Si si~~~"

    Right ahead, a green colored giant python appeared.

    Poison Python, level 87 Legendary Grade monster, its giant body curled onto the tree and stared at me. It looked like it planned to pounce over and swallow me up. My hair was about to stand on their ends. But this Poison Python definitely wasn't the true killer. My entire Darkness Spiritual Ruin started to buzz to warn me. Not far away, many machine-like grey beings were slowly moving over towards me!

    Poison Bamboo Bug, level 100 Legendary Grade monster!

    At the same time, right above my head, a soft sound was still caught by me. I changed camera vision and saw a huge spider hanging on its thread. It was getting close to my head.

    Poison Spider, level 98 Legendary Grade monster!

    So exciting!

    My hairs were standing on their ends. I really wished that Lin Xi was by my side so that she could understand how exciting this was. She would definitely like it!


    The Poison Python attacked first and it opened its huge mouth to pounce towards me. At the same time, the Bamboo Bug's body was like a spring that was released. It shot towards my arm like a poisonous arrow. Right above me, the spider spat out some web that covered my head!

    It was actually a combined attack, this map wasn't prepared for normal players right?

     "Pa ta!"

    My reaction speed was really quick and I summoned a Bloodthirst Banner when the Poison Python had attacked. I used Dark Shadow Jump over and dodged all three attacks.

I raised my hand and used Apprehension to cover the field. I then charged forwards and used Flames of Karma+Apprehension+Hunter's Edge on the Poison Python and instantly half its health was gone.


    The Poison Spider spat out poison and instantly my body turned green and my health started to drop. Fortunately, my lifesteal effect was high and I continued to wave my daggers. Critical Strikes helped to maintain my health above 80%. At the same time, I summoned Orange Night and White Bird and instantly they slashed the Poison Bamboo Bug. Like slapping a fly, that Poison Bamboo Bug couldn't fight back at all.

    The Poison Bamboo Bug, Poison Python and Spiders all fell down one by one. Especially the Poison Spider, the moment it was killed, its body exploded and turned into a pile of green liquid. Even the gold that it dropped gave off an acidic smell.

    Right at that moment, the wind blew and the plants at the side rustled. When I looked over, there was a material light surging. Did it appear just like that?

    On close look, the plants that were on the old tree were the Poison Arrow Wood!

    It was actually so easy?

    I was delighted and went up to collect. A second later, a leaf appeared in my bag. One could extract poison from these leaves, that was the raw material for the Throat Sealer!

    I raised my head and saw that there were still many of them, rows of them waving in the wind.

    I didn't expect it to be so easy!

    But I thought about it and it did make sense. After all, they were just level 3 materials. Poison Arrow Wood is just a low grade material and there were three high level poison beings guarding it. in truth, it made sense that there were so many.

    Current players had no chance to come into contact with the Poison Arrow Wood. Firstly, the material was on Dimension Legion Territory and secondly, even if players came they wouldn't be able to beat the monsters. I could do so easily didn't mean that others could.

    Just like that, after collecting the Poison Arrow Wood, my bag had 70+ of them already. I wasn't in a rush to collect more. I stood on the spot and took out the Flame Rocks and bottles. After I confirmed to merge them, my body went to work. The Flame Rocks caused a spark that scorched the Poison Arrow Wood and in a blink of an eye, drips of white liquid flowed out into the bottle. The first Throat Sealer was done!


    After confirming, I pointed at the Darkness Dragon Tooth as the target. Another Flame Rock appeared. I burnt while dripping the liquid onto the blade. Not long later, the blade shone light blue. It looked really poisonous. This effect could only last for two minutes. In the end, it was just a quick use item.

    Head off, continue to search for more!


    I headed forwards and this time two Poison Pythons and three spiders appeared. There were no bamboo bugs but it was still dangerous. I didn't think much and used Soul Star Explosion. I charged in with my daggers and slashed with Darkness Dragon Tooth. Each attack left a poison effect. Not only did it poison them, but it also reduced their healing too.

    Moreover, it was great killing monsters like that as I gained bloodline value. After the five were killed, bloodline value+1. At the same time, these monsters were guarding many Poison Arrow Wood.

    Just like that, I continued until noon. I spent the time killing monsters in Hundred Poison Forest, collecting and refining. At noon, my bag already had 1000+ bottles of Throat Sealers!


    A message came from Lin Xi, "Prepare to eat, go offline in five minutes. We are heading out to eat hotpot."

    "Oh, great!"

    I looked at the pile of Throat Sealers in my bag and felt a sense of achievement. I picked up one and sent it to Mundane Slaughter, "How is this?"


    He sucked in a deep breath and his face nearly turned green, "Are you dipping weapons in poison? You... Actually, made it? Damn..."


    I nodded my head, "If an Assassin places poison on his blade, the PK efficiency will be quite high, especially against heavily armored players. If we restrict their recovery, it would be easy to kill them. Moreover, its poison effect is decent, do you want some?"

    "Of course but it is expensive right?"


    I laughed, "I will give you a batch for free!"

    "What are you saying, that can't do..." He laughed too.

    "What is there to feel bad about." I said seriously, "No matter what, we are on the same side. I actually used this Throat Sealer to gain skill level so I didn't plan to let it flow into the market, so... I shall give them all to Assassin Alliance. Don't sell it and just use it yourselves."



    Mundane Slaughter was excited, "Then I shall thank you on behalf of Nine Song and the others. We have been player-killing a lot recently. Elements backed down but Breaking Dawn jumped out. With Throat Sealer, our advantage will become more apparent."


    I nodded my head and smiled, "As an Assassin, don't fight with them head on. You should kill them and then move away. Kill a few and then leave. Don't battle with their balanced teams."

    "En en, when will you give them to me?"

    "Don't be anxious, I will call you when I am back in the city. That would be at night, you should go level first."



    I went offline and after placing the helmet down, I went to drive.

    The elevator was working now and from the transparent glass, I could see Lin Xi and the others. I walked forwards and asked, "Do you need help?"

    "What do you think?"

    Shen Mingxuan glanced at me, "I will hug Lin Xi then you help to support. If I continue to hug her like this, my hips are going to become so round."

    "That is good, you will look firmer!" I said.

    "Firm your head!"

    Shen Mingxuan hugged Lin Xi up the car but she twisted her leg and fell into the car. I headed forwards and bent down to hug Lin Xi that was about to fall down.


    Lin Xi exclaimed and fell into my arms. She hugged onto my neck and just hung there. Her face was filled with shock.

    "Are you okay?" I asked.

    "No worries."

    She looked at the side, "Mingxuan are you okay?"


    Shen Mingxuan helped herself up and frowned, "I shouldn't have worn this pair of shoes, I am fine... Lin Xi did you fall?"


    Lin Xi shook her head and hugged my neck. Her face flushed red, "Luckily Lu Li caught me."

    I was a little awkward and helped her in right away. I felt softness on my palm which led me to wonder where my hand was. Very quickly I saw Shen Mingxuan give a teasing smile, "Scoff, haven't you been waiting for this chance for a long time?"


    My face turned red, "I am a proper guy!"

    Lin Xi laughed, "Proper guy drive the car. I am a little hungry. Mingxuan get up, I will help you rub your knees. It has turned red."



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