Chapter 372- Poison Forest
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Zhan Yue Chapter 372- Poison Forest

   Supper, we had porridge.


    Lin Xi tasted the scallop and prawn porridge. After eating two small mouths she placed the spoon down and said seriously, "Feng Canghai and July Wildfire's battle today..."


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Didn't Feng Canghai lose? Are you really interested in that fellow? Are you happy that he lost?"


    Lin Xi frowned, "Feng Canghai had performed to his best but at the last moment, July Wildfire transformed into another form to kill Feng Canghai. I didn't expect that at all."

    "Darkness Transformation."

    Shen Mingxuan said, "I heard that the fellow's basic bloodline had upgraded and now he had awakened the Shura Bloodline. His strength must have increased to a whole new level."

    Lin Xi smiled, "What do you think my chances of beating July Wildfire are now?"

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    "50-50?" Shen Mingxuan said.


    Lin Xi shook her head, "I don't think I even have 40% chance, at most 30%. I saw the recording of their battle and saw that each attack he did after his transformation dealt darkness damage. Feng Canghai's Sword Energy Form increased health and defence but he was still unable to block the darkness effect. In the end, he was pretty much insta killed."

    "Too tragic..."

    Gu Ruyi smiled, "Lin Xi why are you always thinking about battling July Wildfire?"

    "Maybe because we are mortal enemies..."

    Lin Xi said, "At first when July Wildfire was a boss, he killed me and I killed him. At that time I didn't think about much, I was just thinking about killing this crafty player. Although we didn't fight much after, but... I still think that he hates me."

    I nearly spat out the porridge in my mouth, "Why do you think he hates you?"

    "I don't know,

it is just a feeling."

    She looked at me with her beautiful eyes, "I think... Each time we appear together, he will glance at me. He is finding a chance to kill me?"

    I was stunned, "Maybe because you are too pretty?"


    Lin Xi was stunned.

    Shen Mingxuan laughed, "I think Lu Li is right. Guys understand guys better. July Wildfire maybe thinks you are too beautiful and is just taking more looks at you."

    "Is that so?"

    Lin Xi was stunned and bit her lips, her face flushed red slightly.


    I placed my spoon down and had lost my appetite. I had an uncomfortable feeling, what was the meaning of this? I was jealous of myself!?

    Lin Xi looked towards me, "Lu Li, next time he dares to look at me, I will use White Star. You use Self-sacrifice on me and then we take him down. With his Darkness Transformation, I don't have much confidence."


    I nodded and smiled.

    Shen Mingxuan looked at me and then at Lin Xi like she knew something. She laughed and continued to drink her porridge.


    The next day.

    I woke up early and lay on my bed. The birds chirped outside and made me feel like life was great. At the same time, streaks of energy flowed in my body and my eyes felt a little blur. When I focused, there was nothing. I just felt that the energy in my body was really strong like I was ten years younger.

    Forget it, I woke up to buy breakfast.

    Early in the morning, Shen Mingxuan was dressed in a flower dress and she looked really youthful. She didn't bring anything and just held a phone, "Are you ready? Stop wasting time..."

    "Done done, stop rushing me!"


    After heading out, breakfast was the same. Lin Xi and Gu Ruyi wanted bread and soya bean milk and they ate really light stuff. Shen Mingxuan and I wanted pepper soup and dough fritters. After eating, we went online.


    I appeared in Linchen County's square and in the distance, a light shone. Lin Xi appeared and she smiled, "Do you have plans today, do you want to level together?"

    "No need."

    I shook my head, "I want to do skill-related stuff and strengthen my support ability."

    She laughed, "En en, go go. You are the best in With You, you don't need me to level you up and you don't help in any quests. Scoff, if Mingxuan and Ruyi were like this, I would be so free~~"

    I laughed, "Calm down, once my level and combat strength increase, I will help you level them up. Then you can head to level up yourself."


    "Of course."

    "Great, I shall believe you."

    She summoned her mount and jumped up, "Okay I will repair my equipment and buy potions. Go do your stuff."


    I took out a Black Castle City Return Scroll and appeared in front of Blood Pool. The two guards pulled out their swords, "Who are you? I smell a disgusting scent. It is light! Damn, when has a dirty human Paladin entered our Blood Pond?"

    "Don't be nervous!"

    I switched accounts and instantly a golden energy current surged into the ground. My Shura body descended from above and I smiled, "Its me..."

    "So it is young master... Then, just now..."

    "My apparition."

    "Oh so that is the case, young master is indeed wise..."

    "Enough enough!"

    I stopped their praises and entered the hall. At the same time, I clicked on the Poison Refining Technique list. After yesterday's hard work, I had reached level 3 and the new recipe was out--

    Throat Sealer Lv-3" Place poison on a blade and after attacking the target, causing them to lose huge amounts of health. Their health recovery will be reduced by 50% and this lasts for 120 seconds. The exact effect is related to the user's level and Agility. Recipe: Poison arrow wood x1, Flame Rock x2, bottle x1


    Throat Sealer, level 3 poison!

    Moreover, this was a poison that could be rubbed on a weapon so it had more uses. As long as one was a physical job, Assassins could rub on daggers, Warriors on swords, Archers on arrows. Anyways, this poison had many more uses than the Intestine Breaking Powder!

    I sucked in a deep breath and searched the materials on the forums. Flame Rock could be bought in all the city's stores. As for Poison Arrow Wood, there was no news at all so I could only ask the high-grade NPCs. I turned around and saw Senior Sister Yun behind me. She stared at me, "What problem do you have again?"


    I smiled awkwardly, "Senior Sister you have traveled the world for so long, have you seen something called Poison Arrow Wood?"

    "Poison Arrow Wood?"

    She laughed, "Of course, hundred years ago we battled the humans and they used the poison on their arrows. Unfortunately, most of us are undead cultivators and we have no blood so of course, we won't be afraid of poison arrows~~~"

    She laughed.

    I coughed, "Then where can I find it?"

    "I am unsure of the exact location." She nodded, "But I know a place east of the Undying Mountain called Hundred Poison Forest. If I am right, there is definitely Poison Arrow Wood there, but... Hundred Poison Forest fell to the Dimension Legion dozens of years ago and there are many undying beings there. If you really want to go, you need to be careful."

    "En, don't worry!"

    I nodded and smiled, "It won't be so easy for them to kill me."

    "En, go~~"


    I turned around and left. After buying large amounts of Flame Rock, I opened the map. Hundred Poison Forest was not far away but it wasn't too near. If I used the Shura Assassin account, it would take over an hour. Thus, the moment I exited Black Castle, I switched to the Paladin account and summoned the Thousand Mile Moon Foal. I jumped up. In terms of rushing, the Paladin account was stronger!


    In the forest, the horse hoof sounds were very soft.

    I ignored the monsters along the way and just passed through them. Those monsters chased me at first but once I passed their territory they would just turn around. All the monsters had strong territorial instincts.

    Just like that, in 40 minutes I stood in front of a misty forest. This place looked like a cursed map and it was what people called a prohibited land. Unfortunately, I had to enter for my Poison Refining Technique!


    I changed accounts and the shura account descended from above. My daggers shone a cold light and I instantly entered the White Cloak state. I disappeared into the air. By entering the forest in stealth, I would be able to avoid most of the dangers.

    "Sha sha..."

    The decomposing leaves under me gave off a slight crunch. On the sides, the green leaves gave off strong lifeforce. The moment I stepped in, I smelled a disgusting smell and there was a poison mist that was floating around.


    Battle notification: please note, you have stepped into Hundred Poison Forest! Due to the poison mist, you will lose 1% of your health a second, please be careful!


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