Chapter 371- Telling the truth
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Zhan Yue Chapter 371- Telling the truth

 "Haha don't worry, I won't force you to join Assassin Alliance!"

    Mundane Slaughter smiled, "We can talk about it when you want to come, oh right... You were so handsome when you wiped out Feng Canghai. To say the truth, Feng Canghai has been deemed as the top of the server many times. There were so many challenges to the throne but only Lin Xi and Dawn could battle Feng Canghai but they all admitted they were slightly weaker. Who knew that you would be able to trash him, hahaha~~"

    "The main reason is due to stats."

    I said seriously, "But his Sword Energy Armor and Sword Energy Form are really strong and it counters physical attacks and attack speed jobs. Normal Assassins won't stand a chance against him."


    Moonlight Firefly frowned, "I was the first to battle him and his Sword Energy Form reached 100%+. He got tankier and tankier and in the end, one combo killed me."

    Nine Song said, "His armor has a short CD recovery skill that can heal 50% of his health. The cooldown is around 10 minutes and he could spam it. Sword Energy Form at the skill is perfect. If not, he wouldn't have dared to provoke us like that."

    Moonlight Firefly looked at me and smiled, "Brother Seven, your transformation was so handsome and you looked so strong. Feng Canghai had no way to fight back at all..."

    "Darkness Transformation."

    I didn't want to hide so much from them, "I got it recently and it is really strong but Feng Canghai definitely didn't expect me to have that trump card so he used all his skills, if not... I think he would be able to resist for a while longer."


    Mundane Slaughter laughed and looked at my bracelet, "Are you... Like Feng Canghai, you have a stacking effect, if not... I think that even with your transformation you won't be able to defeat him."

    "Right, haha~~"

    I showed them the Swallow Soul effect and everyone was stunned.

    "500%+ all effect increase?"

    Mundane Slaughter said, "What is your health now?"

    "If I don't transform then around 400 thousand,

after transformation a million."


    He frowned, "Your defence and attack are through the roofs right?"


    I nodded and smiled, "Unfortunately it isn't permanent and it would disappear when I go offline."

    "En, if not it would be too unbalanced."

    "What are all of you planning next?" I asked.

    Mundane Slaughter pointed, "Our names are all red and I plan to find a place to level to around 12."


    Moonlight Firefly recalled something, "Brother Seven since you have your buff, why not... Follow us, we shall kill a super hard quest's Boss. With your stats, you can solo it. We have been stuck at this Boss for a long time..."


    I was stunned and smiled, "What Boss?"

    "Not far from here, you will know when you are there!"

    "En en!"


    Just like that, I followed them towards the west. Assassin Alliance had helped me so much today and they suffered heavy losses. Many of them lost levels before I had arrived. Helping them kill a Boss would be my repayment to them.

    Ahead was a forest and in it was a shining red stone giant. He looked at all of us and said, "Bunch of losers, you still dare to come and die?"

    Blood Demon Stone Monster, level 97 Legendary Grade Boss!

    No wonder Assassin Alliance couldn't handle it. They lacked heavy tanks and didn't have ranged and healing. It was normal for them to be unable to kill it.

    "What a waste, the quest started so I can't share it with you." Mundane Slaughter waved.

    I pulled out my daggers and smiled, "It is okay, I am just helping all of you and I would get some experience. Moreover, my level is so high so I don't lack the experience."

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    Mundane Slaughter waved, "Brothers move aside, let Seven solo it. We don't need to die for no reason. Also, give the experience to him, we just need the quest items. After all, we can't make Seven work for nothing right? Hahaha~~~~"

    Everyone laughed.

    I summoned a few Bloodthirst Banners and jumped over. All sorts of skills flew around and I started to kill the Boss. I realised that my worries were excessive. My resistance and defence was too high so the Blood Demon Stone Monster only dealt 4 digits of damage to me. I didn't even need Blood Drawing Blade and I could kill him.


    The Blood Demon Stone Monster roared in rage and his palm attack caused scenes that looked like a blood mountain was appearing. It smashed onto my head and this time it did hurt, dealing 30 thousand damage. But I had 400 thousand health so it wasn't much. One Hunter's Edge and I healed back. Each attack of mine dealt 70-80 thousand. once I used skills, White Cloak+Annihilation could deal a million. Flames of Karma was also a million. Anyways, the Boss's health started to drop.


    This was a rare chance. Usually, it was impossible to stack Swallow Soul to 500+%. Even if I wanted to, did I have to find players to kill? Moreover, such a skill system definitely had bug protection. For example, if I killed low level accounts, the Swallow Soul value wouldn't increase.

    Thus, in less than two minutes, a Legendary Grade Boss was killed by me and it dropped a super orange bracers. It was just armor so I left it for them. as for experience, I took it all. Mundane Slaughter sliced off its head and smiled, "We got the quest item. Firefly, Sun, head to the forest to level."


    They retreated.

    All of a sudden, only Mundane Slaughter and I were left.


    His eyes were filled with sincerity, "Isn't it great to fight together with us today. Look, our Assassin Alliance has cute girls like Firefly and Sun. Not only can we fight, you can get a beautiful wife. Are they not cute?"

    I was a little awkward, "They are cute, but... Brother are you trying to tempt me like that?"

    "Haha, no no."

    He smiled, "I am just saying. You see that we are all so happy. Although you are strong but you are alone, there will only be benefits for joining us. We are all Assassins so once you join, we can be lawless and set flames to people. That is so joyous, don't you agree?"

    "Fan Chen, I have my own problems and I have my own worries." I said.


    He frowned, "What is it, can you tell it to me?"


    I looked around and saw that apart from Mundane Slaughter and I, there was no one else, "What you see might be shocking, prepare yourself."

    "Don't worry, I have seen everything. Tell me."


    I nodded and switch accounts, a golden light swept my body. The Shura Assassin disappeared and what replaced it was a Human Paladin with With You's guild emblem.


    Mundane Slaughter retreated and his expression changed, "You... You... You are With You's Paladin?"


    I nodded, "I have two accounts, do you understand? I am from With You and Lin Xi is nice to me. Naturally, I can't betray With You."

    "So that is the case..."

    Mundane Slaughter understood, "Then... Paladin is in With You and Assassin joins Assassin Alliance?"


    I shook my head, "My Assassin will join With You too, this won't change."


    He sighed, "Forget it, no wonder. If it was anyone else, I might fight, but Lin Xi... She is worth you sacrificing."

    I tapped his shoulder, "No matter where I am, it doesn't affect our friendship right? Like today, if you have problems, I will naturally use my Assassin account to help."


    He nodded, "That is true!"

    "Okay, go level and wash off your name. Remember to keep it a secret, Lin Xi doesn't know!"

    "Don't worry! Are you not washing your name?

    "No need, my name is red to players, I just need to be able to enter the city safely."



    Thus, along with my 500% Swallow Soul effect, I walked around and didn't see any Boss to challenge. I felt a little lonely.

    At 11, I received a message from Lin Xi, "Lu Li take the delivery, time to eat supper!"


    I looked at my 5 times stats increase but still went offline reluctantly. Forget it, I would be able to fight in the future. After all, the Assassin account was strong and it wasn't difficult to get 5 times stats again. Elements and other guilds would give it to me. Breaking Dawn and For Dreams would be much simpler.



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