Chapter 370: Moonlight Firefly's compensation
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Zhan Yue Chapter 370: Moonlight Firefly's compensation

    This Wind Chasing Stab was fast and accurate and I couldn't dodge it!

    I activated my skill- Hellfire Body!

    All of a sudden, I entered 90% damage reduction state. I was stunned by Wind Chasing Stab and shortly after, Flame Blade Thrust and Double Hit landed on my body. My health started to drop. Flames gave me double health and instantly I was left with less than 30% health!

    Not good, Feng Canghai's Intense Flame State definitely had true damage. It ignored my damage reduction if not he definitely wouldn't be able to remove 80 thousand of my health!


    "This is all?"

    Feng Canghai smiled. He felt like he was most probably going to win this battle.


    I charged towards the left and used my Agility advantage to try to charge into his blind spot. As long as I entered that, he would end up in my tempo.

    But Feng Canghai wasn't someone that would let others easily find his back. He retreated and slashed, easily solving the situation.

    I smiled, the moment he slashed, Darkness Dragon Tooth shone red. I used Dark Shadow Jump towards him. That caught him off guard and instantly, Darkness Dragon Tooth's Gouge landed on his face!

    Gouge success!

    White Cloak!


    I used my strongest killing move on Feng Canghai. The dagger slashed across his armor and dealt the Annihilation effect. A huge damage number rose up--


    It was obvious that Intense Flame State had damage resistance if not this would definitely deal 6 digits. But this still terrified him and his health nearly reached the bottom!

    "Very good!"

    His armor shone with lifeforce and he activated the skill. With a buzz, he healed himself by 50%. This was after Intense Flame State and Sword Energy Form.

His 50% health was at 110 thousand. All of a sudden, he had entered a relatively safe state.

    "You have no more energy!"

    He hollered and flashed across my shoulder. An energy current exploded, his S grade combo was here!


    Four huge words appeared in the wind. I used my SS Grade combo without hesitation.

    Separated by water!


    The energy waves of the two combos crashed and hit on both of our bodies. At the same time, Feng Canghai's Sword Energy Form had stacked to 200%. Each attack would help him increase his survivability but I had no choice. I couldn't just stop right!


    He got close and wanted to use Extreme Storm!

    At that moment, my gaze was calm. There was no need to hide anything. Truth proved that I in Flames couldn't defeat Feng Canghai. The gap in strength was obvious and the main reason was due to the Sword Energy Form. This was a natural counter to Assassins!


    I jumped towards the back and entered Darkness Shura. Dark clouds wrapped around me and I was like a demon god. At the same time, streaks of lightning buzzed around me. My daggers also had a dark lightning effect.

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    "Ah? !"

    The instance that Feng Canghai used Extreme Storm, he raised his head and his expression changed!

    Dark Shadow Jump!



    As expected from Darkness Shura, it dealt 40 thousand damage right away. I turned around and used Dragon Will on Feng Canghai's back. With a "peng", a golden dragon pierced through his chest. At the same time, it dealt 60 thousand damage!

    Dragon Will's damage to players was fall lower than that of to NPCs but this kind of damage was enough. One must know that Feng Canghai's current defence had increased by 5 times due to Sword Energy Armor and Sword Energy Form. It was good that I could break through, much less deal 100 thousand damage!

    "Now, you can still block?"

    My voice was cold. THe instance that Feng Canghai turned around, I used Hunter's Edge+Flames of Karma to pierce through his body. In the next second, the head of Elements, one of the strongest players on the server knelt down in front of me. At the same time, he dropped a shining ring. It was super orange, keep it!

    I raised my hand and the ring entered my hands.

    "Not good!"

    Old Mountain shouted, "Boss Feng's Windchasing Ring has been picked by him!"


    Lin Songyan shouted, "Head over together and wipe out July Wildfire!"

    The true war was finally here!

    I laughed, "I was waiting for you to be angry. Come, all of you come, I will wipe all of you out!"


    Mundane Slaughter smiled, "Brothers, We can't let Little Seven charge alone. Charge and take Elements down. Even if we can't take them down, we will make them regret!"


    We charged into the space and prepared to assassinate them.

    I was the only Assassin not in stealth as I was still in Darkness Shura State. I used Dark Shadow Jump to jump in front of Old Mountain, "Mountain, long time no see!"

    "I am only..."

    His mouth twitched, "What are you calling me! You..."

    Before he said anything, I used Annihilation+ Godslaying Blade to insta kill him. I was just too strong under this state. After killing Old Mountain, I healed by 50 thousand health. Even without Blood Drawing Blade, my basic lifesteal was enough for me to fight with them!


    After killing Old Mountain, I used Apprehension on the crowd. I then chased Lin Songyan and finally used Dark Shadow Jump to kill him. Then I fought alongside Mundane Slaughter. Not long later, my Ancient Bracelet shone brightly. Swallow Soul had stacked to 359%, I had already killed 359 Elements players.

    Today, Feng Canghai wanted to teach me a lesson but he didn't expect me to wipe them out. When Swallow Soul had stacked so much, I was pretty much invincible.


    On the mountains, With You was planning to leave.

    "Lin Xi!"

    An Elements Archer shouted, "Is With You not going to do anything? Don't forget, we wiped out July Wildfire together. Are you going to watch him do this?"

    Lin Xi said, "He was an NPC now he is a player. This is between Elements and him, With You won't interfere."


    The Archer was furious.

    Shen Mingxuan held her bow, "Why, you want to drag us down?"

    "I didn't mean that, but..."

    "No buts."

    Lin Xi turned around, "We should go level, don't forget that we want to level the guild today."

    "Yes leader!"

    The bunch replied.


    With You was gone and there weren't many people around. Most of them were afraid that Assassin Alliance would be too bloodthirsty and end up killing them too. Moreover, I felt that Mundane Slaughter might do that. After all, he was just a middle aged man and he was pumped up.

    A while later, Feng Canghai returned. My bloodline value was low and if I continued to transform and finish my bloodline value, I might get killed. I sent Mundane Slaughter a message, "Let's stop. Force stealth and leave, anyways Elements has lost face this time!"


    "Leave first, I will hold up the rear."

    "We meet on the west?"


    I used Dark Shadow Jump to kill a bunch of them. When Feng Canghai used Intense Flame State and chased, I used White Cloak to disappear into the forest. I killed enough today and my Swallow Soul had stacked to 500%. If I transformed, I had 1 million health. My Attack and Defence were also too high, I even felt that it was a little too much.


    West of Red Valley.

    In a quiet forest, I walked out from White Cloak state. I smiled, "Okay, come out, no one is chasing."


    Mundane Slaughter walked out and smiled, "Little Seven, you can see us?"



    "I won't tell you, it is a secret!"


    Moonlight Firefly walked out and smiled, "Thank you Little Brother Seven!"

    Nine Song smiled, "Right, thanks to July Wildfire, if not we won't be Elements's match."

    "Feng Canghai is too strong."

    Moonlight Firefly frowned, "If not for him being strong, I wouldn't lose two levels."

    "Is that so?"

    I looked at her level and took out Feng Canghai's ring, "Windchasing Ring, super orange, level 86 equipment. You can wear it. Since Feng Canghai killed you twice, this is compensation."

    "Ah? !"

    Moonlight Firefly was stunned, "But... But... I didn't do anything!"

    "It is okay."

    I smiled, "My two rings have skills and I don't have any use for this. Just keep this."


    Mundane Slaughter nodded, "Seven is so nice, maybe he will join us soon right? Haha, accept it, it is okay. Seven is one of us."

    "En, okay then..."

    She accepted it happily.

    I said, "Although I fought alongside all of you but I didn't decide to join Assassin Alliance. I have to make that clear."

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