Chapter 369: Challenging Feng Canghai
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Zhan Yue Chapter 369: Challenging Feng Canghai

  "Move aside!"

    Feng Canghai was covered in flames and he spread his hand while shouting towards the Elements players, "No matter the outcome, no one is to interfere. Anyone who goes against it will be kicked out of the guild!"

    I frowned. Since Feng Canghai dared to say that, it meant that he had enough trump cards. One could even say that he was extremely confident and didn't think that I could kill him. On the contrary, he treated this as his god slaying battle. He wanted to wipe out the so-called Seven God to prove his status on the server.

    "Sha sha..."

    On the side, a bunch of people appeared in the mountains. The front was Lin Xi and behind her was Gu Ruyi, Shen Mingxuan, Light Lantern etc. With You was finally here.

    "They actually..."

    Lin Xi's beautiful eyes landed on Feng Canghai and my body, "I didn't expect the two of them to actually fight."


    Shen Mingxuan held her bow and her eyes were filled with laughing, "Dog biting god, we don't need to interfere. We can just enjoy the show here."


    Lin Xi nodded and raised her hand, "Let's just watch, after that, we will enter to level."

    "Yes leader!"

    With You players nodded their heads.

    The Assassin Alliance players walked out one by one. Mundane Slaughter held his dagger and said solemnly, "Little Seven go all out to wipe him out, quash their sharpness. This guild is too arrogant!"

    Moonlight Firefly clenched her fist, "Little Brother Seven, good luck!"

    Beside Moonlight Firefly was a level 88 Assassin called Nine Song who said seriously, "Good luck July Wildfire, do well for us Assassins!"

    "Right, good luck Brother Seven!"

    Apart from that, a bunch of people surrounded Mundane Slaughter and many of their ID's were similar to mine. Among them, October Warm Sun followed my seven eight nine ID. But behind her was an Assassin called Ten Month Birth. Of course, there were some worse ones as I saw a young Assassin called Wet July, this was a little much.

    Having such supporters, my mouth twitched and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.


    "Are you prepared to die?"

    Feng Canghai was bathed in flames and held an orange light sword. His armor was shining super orange and he smiled, "Legendary July Wildfire, it is time to decide who wins. I want to see who is stronger in Linchen County, the top Warrior or the top Assassin!"

    I said loudly, "If that is the case then it should be the battle between Lin Xi and I. What are you doing here?"


    Feng Canghai was so furious that his face turned ashen white.

    On the mountains, Lin Xi's robe danced in the wind. She looked at me and scoff but didn't say anything. My words caused the players around to laugh out loud, especially Mundane Slaughter and the others. They held their stomachs and laughed. I wanted to let him know that amongst the strongest players, I recognised Lin Xi's strength and not him.

    I didn't care that I could beat Feng Canghai, at least in strategy, I had to look down on him. Of course, in battle, I definitely didn't dare to underestimate him. Whoever dared to underestimate someone like him would just be asking for death.


    Feng Canghai dashed through the wind and stabbed with his flame-wrapped sword.

    I frowned and while placing a Bloodthirst Banner down, I moved backward. At the same time, I used Flames. The reason I used Flames and not Darkness Shura was just to probe. If I used my trump card right away, it wouldn't be so easy to defeat him.

    I raised Darkness Dragon Tooth to block the blade. I flicked it upwards and Feng Canghai's sword brushed past my forehead. At that instance, I used my positioning to side step and then slashed his stomach.

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    "En? !"

    Feng Canghai's gaze was cold as he spun about to block the dagger. I used Dark Shadow Jump to get behind him. With a "peng", it dealt 18000+ damage. At the same time, I used Hunter's Edge+Flames of Karma onto him.

    "Sword Energy Armor!"

    Feng Canghai hollered and his body was covered in sword energy. Apart from that, his defence increased by a lot. My six attacks landed on his armor. I only saw a white mist twisting on his surface and ripples spreading across his body. This was actually a passive survivability skill!


    Battle notification: The player you attacked has triggered Sword Energy Form, defence and health upper limit increased by 5%, lasting 7 seconds.

    Battle notification: The player you attacked has triggered Sword Energy Form, defence and health upper limit increased by 10%, lasting 7 seconds.

    Battle notification: The player you attacked has triggered Sword Energy Form, defence and health upper limit increased by 15%, lasting 7 seconds.



    All of a sudden, his Defence and Health increased by 30%. As long as I continue to attack, his stats could continue stacking. This was?

    No wonder he dared to fight me head on. This was because he got a god-level passive skill like Sword Energy Form.


    I sucked in a cold breath and raised my hand to activate White Cloak. I disappeared. I couldn't continue attacking him, I had to at least wait until the Buff effect dissipated. If not, it was too tough for an Assassin to defeat a Warrior.

    "You want to leave!?"

    He hollered and ice energy exploded from his body. He slashed down from above!

    "Extreme Storm!"

    Huge gold words flashed. This was a skill similar to Lin Xi's Bladestorm. Its damage was too strong and I couldn't take it head on, if not my health would drop by at least 30%!

    Thus, I activated Dark Shadow Jump to jump to a Bloodthirst Banner behind Feng Canghai. In the end, before I stood still, Feng Canghai swept and used Ice Breaker Slash!

    I held up my daggers to block!


    The difference in strength caused me to smash into the bushes behind me.



    Many people sucked in a deep breath, "Feng Canghai is so strong... Even July Wildfire isn't able to fight back."

    "Right, as expected from Feng Canghai, the head of Elements. He is highly ranked in the server and he really is strong!"

    "Today, July Wildfire's legend is about to end. The only legends in Linchen County are Feng Canghai and Lin Xi."

    "Right, it is tough for July Wildfire today."

    In the crowd, even Mundane Slaughter, Moonlight Firefly, October Warm Sun, Nine Song etc looked worried.

    On the mountains, Lin Xi held her White Dragon Sword and looked on with an ice cold gaze. She was really calm and there were no emotions. She looked like she didn't care about the battle at all.



    When I just stood up, a person used Assault. This Intense Flame State caused his stats to increase and it was tough for me to take him down. Along with Sword Energy Armor and Sword Energy Form's double stacking, apart from White Cloak+Annihilation, if not I wouldn't be able to deal much damage.

    Of course, I had one more choice which was Darkness Shura and its 50% darkness damage. This damage couldn't be blocked. But I didn't want to transform. I wanted Feng Canghai to use all his skills. After all, we would battle more in the future and I had to understand what he had.

    When Feng Canghai charged towards me, I side-stepped and dodged it. But along with Assault, his blade energy was really sharp. The attacks of such a player had little to no room to dodge!


    I blocked Feng Canghai's attack. This time I made my mind up to let him stack his Sword Energy Form. Forget it. The moment I blocked, I raised my hand to use Apprehension. Apprehension descended from above and I activated Blood Drawing Blade. It was my turn to attack!


    I raised my dagger and a blood light shone.

    Feng Canghai was standing in Apprehension and allowed it to hit him to stack Sword Energy Form. His Health continued to increase. At the same time, he charged towards the right and the instance that he dodged Gouge, he slashed towards my back with Silence Slash. This was a skill that could silence me for 5 seconds. When facing someone like Feng Canghai, even a 2 second silence was enough to cause me to die.


    Dark Shadow Jump was activated. I appeared behind Feng Canghai and used Backstab+Godslaying Blade. These were the strongest single target skills. I definitely couldn't let him stack Sword Energy Form anymore.


    Feng Canghai laughed coldly and activated Power of the Storm. In 2 seconds, his critical strike increased by 50%. At the same time, he used Wind Chasing Stab+Flame Blade Thrust+Double Hit. This was his strongest combo!

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