Chapter 368: Flames State
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Zhan Yue Chapter 368: Flames State

I sucked in a deep breath and suppressed the rage in my heart. I sent a message to Lin Xi, "Lin Xi, my friend needs my help, I think I am going to be absent today~~"

"En en!"

She smiled, "That is okay, I am here. Don't worry and go help your friend."

"En, okay."

Lin Xi really was easy to talk to now.

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In the next moment, I used the City Return Scroll to switch accounts. My Shura account appeared in the city and I used Quickness before heading out towards Red Valley. At the same time I sent a message to Mundane Slaughter, "Mundane Slaughter, how is it at Red Valley, I am on my way."

"We are still fighting."

His voice was really muffled and chaotic, one could even hear sounds of skills exploding, "Damn, Feng Canghai is prepared. He obtained a treasure called Tooth of Flames, it is an artifact refined from the tooth of an ancient fire dragon and has its own bloodline power. He can use a transformation called Intense Flame. I tried to sneak attack a few times but failed and even lost a level!"

I glanced and saw that Mundane Slaughter had dropped out of the top ten of the Level Ranking Board. I took a deep breath and said solemnly, "Hold on, I will be there right away. Don't fight them head on and try to sneak attack them and restrict them. Wait for me and then we will counter!"

"Ok, come quickly! Firefly is about to die."


Just like that, I continued to run and tried to reach Red Valley at my fastest speed. At full speed, due to my great equipment, although my movement speed couldn't compare to the Paladin account but it wouldn't be much weaker.


20 minutes later, arrived at Red Valley!

The moment I stepped in, I heard the sound of Flame Birds chirping all over. There was also the sound of skills being used. More and more Elements players appeared all around. Their frontlines were heavy cavalry and the backline were the ranged players that were slowly pushing forwards. On the spaces around, scattered Assassin Alliance players were hunting.

White Cloak!

My body sunk down and I entered White Cloak state. I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and saw many people walking in the darkness. One of them was Moonlight Firefly that only had 24% health. Moreover, her mana was all used up. Behind her was someone chasing, it was Yun Jian!


Yun Jian held his daggers and his body was bathing in the Priest's recovery magic. He smiled, "We gave you face but you didn't want it. I don't know what you are doing, are you made of gold? You actually dare to challenge our leveling squad along with Mundane Slaughter, you are just asking for death. Don't blame me for being heartless!"


Moonlight Firefly was in forced stealth and she shouted in rage.


Yun Jian laughed and pounced forth. She was like an eagle swooping for prey. He opened his palms and an Ice Boomerang Blade revealed Moonlight Firefly. He then used Gouge towards her neck and shouted, "Die, let's see how you can continue acting!"


Right when Yun Jian was about to hit, I used Dark Shadow Jump and jumped behind an Archer near to Yun Jian. I activated Unparalleled Shattering so that Archer collapsed and 40000 damage popped up on his head. I waved my daggers and used Flames of Karma on Yun Jian's back!






The final hit had critically struck. During the third attack, Yun Jian's health was already empty. One skill and Yun Jian was wiped out!


Battle notification: As you killed a player,

Swallow Soul effect has been triggered, all stats +1%!


Yun Jian scoffed and then he knelt onto the ground. He didn't even know who killed him.

"Brother Seven..."

Moonlight Firefly thought that she was dead but in the next moment, she saw me in front of her. Her eyes swelled up with tears.

"Leave quick! Find a chance to heal!"

I flashed past her and tossed her aside. At the same time, I looked towards the Elements members and smiled, "Feng Canghai, Old Mountain, we meet again!"

"July Wildfire, are you being nosy?" Feng Canghai held his sword. Before this, they were polite to me but they weren't polite anymore.


Old Mountain said seriously, "This is between Elements and Assassin Alliance, why are you butting in. Do you think that Elements won't dare to touch you?"

I laughed, "Didn't you touch Assassin Alliance to test me? Why act like you are a good person. If you want to fight then bring it on! Feng Canghai, I really want to see. Apart from Lin Xi, how strong is the other strongest player in Linchen County is!"

"As you wish!"

Feng Canghai raised his sword and smiled, "I hope you can last until the point when I attack!"

"Don't worry!"

I smiled, "How will I disappoint you?"

I retreated and used White Cloak once more. I stepped into the darkness and only left a slight breeze. At the same time, I told Mundane Slaughter, "Mundane Slaughter, recover first. I shall charge alone. Later all of you charge with me. If we don't bite off a layer of meat from their bodies, we won't stop!"


Mundane Slaughter smiled, "I have the exact intentions!"



Lin Songyan's eyes flashed cold as he walked forwards, "Heavy armored players spread out and keep 3 yards between you. Avoid Apprehension's range. Once Apprehension is used, players use your movement speed techniques to move aside to reduce losses. Mages follow up and make our battle region a place where he can't hide!"


Everyone replied solemnly. Elements was definitely one of the strongest in the country and they even felt like they were being managed like an army. Today, they at least sent 1000 people over. A few hundred of them was enough to threaten Assassin Alliance.

Assassins were good at assassination. If they faced a true army, there was nothing they could do.

Of course, I might be an exception.


I stepped on the ground and charged towards the crowd. "Peng", I smashed onto Lin Songyan's shield and spread my right hand. White Cloak+Dragon Will exploded at the heavy armored players. The dragon roar along with a dragon shaped palm energy surged forwards and dealt many shocking damage numbers in the crowd!

Instantly, more than half of them were insta killed. Only some high health Paladins with damage reduction survived.


Everyone was shocked, "He used White Cloak and Dragon Will!"

"July Wildfire you jerk!"

Lin Songyan shouted in rage. His sword with the Judgement skill slashed forth. I smiled while dodging, "Old Lin, I will deal with you when I am free, I shall let you live for a while longer."


Before Lin Songyan's Judgement landed, I had already used Dark Shadow Jump to jump away. I insta killed a low health Paladin and instantly my skill cooldown was refreshed. I jumped to another low health Paladin and the skill was still refreshed. I was too quick and in just a second I killed three players. Those low health players were terrified and fled all around.


A mage shouted in rage, "We can't let him continue jumping, use a control spell!"

Right at that moment, I used Dark Shadow Jump to insta kill a retreating Paladin. I then raised my head, the Apprehension that they were looking forward too was finally here. What they didn't expect was that I had sent it to the ranged players and not the heavy cavalry.


Feng Canghai's blade slashed and with a buzz, his blade pierced through the wind like a poisonous snake!


The instance when it was about to hit my chest, I turned into an afterimage as I jumped to a low health Archer. I smiled towards Feng Canghai, "Don't be anxious, you will be next!"

"You are asking for death!"

Feng Canghai turned around and used Assault.

I jumped to the next target but I was slightly slow. Blood spurted from my shoulder and I lost 12000 health. I was still hit by Feng Canghai.

But I healed up from attacking his men. While I used Dark Shadow Jump, I followed it up with Flames of Karma, Hunter's Edge etc skills. Moreover, I avoided Feng Canghai, Old Mountain and Lin Songyan, focusing solely on his little brothers!

No other reason, just to stack Swallow Soul stats!

Right when I killed the next Assassin, a familiar voice rang out once more and it was stacked really high--


Battle notification: As you killed a target player, Swallow Soul has been triggered, all stats +102%!


Unknowingly, I had already killed 102 of his brothers!

I think I could fight him head on now!


Darkness energy surged and my daggers were covered in blood. The Elements players around were terrified and they retreated. In front of me stood Feng Canghai, Old Mountain and Lin Songyan. I pointed my dagger forwards, "Feng Canghai, do you dare to fight me head on?"

"Why won't I?"

Feng Canghai's gaze was ice cold and smiled, "You finally decided not to flee?"


I smiled, "I just think that I can casually crush you!"

"July Wildfire, you are too arrogant!"

Feng Canghai gritted his teeth and his eyes were filled with killing intent, "Come, let me see how strong you are!"

After saying that, Feng Canghai's chest was covered in flames. A flame cage covered his body and he entered the legendary Intense Flame State.

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