Chapter 367- Reducing arrogance
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Zhan Yue Chapter 367- Reducing arrogance

Below Lin Xi's name were the words With You and at the same time, her role as Guild Leader.

Although we weren't the first guild, we weren't even in the top 20 in the entire server, but Lin Xi was still really happy. Her snow white face was filled with a smile.

"Come, all join the guild."

She recruited all of us one by one and then said, "Oh, this Guild Creation Token... Lu Li found it. He is the greatest helper, so, is everyone okay if I make him the Deputy Guild Leader?"


Light Lotus smiled, "Brother Lu Li has both character and strength, he is able to carry that title."


Lin Xi changed my position to deputy and then smiled, "I shall give the other spot to Shen Mingxuan. In the future, the internal matters of the guild will be left to her."

"En en."

Light Lantern smiled, "Shen Mingxuan is so beautiful and can, sure..."

The deputy guild leader's emblem appeared below Shen Mingxuan's ID. I glanced at my own and laughed, "I didn't expect... I am actually on the same level as you..."

I laughed, "In the future, I will serve the guild with all my heart!"

"That's right!"

Shen Mingxuan laughed and hugged Lin Xi's shoulder, "I promised Lin Xi to play this game with her. We don't ask to be the strongest but no one can bully us!"


Light Lantern gritted her teeth, "In the future, no one can bully us. Bully one of us and you bully the whole With You. We will attack them together!"

Lin Xi covered her mouth and laughed, "We sound like a cult. Okay, the rest of you, Ruyi, Light Lantern, Light Lotus, Light Frost, the four of you will be Commanders, the rest will be Captains. Commanders and Captains all have the power to recruit people. Let's start to accept people? Level 1 guild can accept 100 people so let's fill them up and then head to level up the guild!"


Everyone nodded our heads.

After which, Lin Xi spent 5000 RMB to send a system message--


System Notification (Player Lin Xi shouts): With You has been built! At this point, I represent With You to recruit members. As we are a level 1 guild so we have strict conditions. We want all jobs but you need to be level 85 and your combat strength must exceed 12 thousand. People with hidden jobs and hidden skills have priority! We have players online recruiting so come, join With You!

We are Hosted Novel, find us on google.


After the bell rang, Lin Xi looked at me nervously, "How is my writing?"

"Simple, not bad." I said.

She laughed.

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "It is 5pm, since we have formed a guild, shouldn't we head out to celebrate. I have booked Haidilao."

Lin Xi laughed, "Since that is the case then let's head out for dinner."


Light Lantern said, "We eat dinner late so we shall accept people first. We can switch when all of you return."

"En en!"


Everyone went offline while I wasted a City Return Scroll to come to the east square. I walked in front of Ah Fei and sent him a message, "Look at my role!"


Ah Fei raised his head, "You became deputy?"

"Aren't I strong?"

"Hahhaha, strong, it seems like you have found your way into their hearts, you have obtained Lin Xi's heart!"

"No, I am going to eat, continue to work here. When I have the chance I will pull you in."


He laughed, "Isn't it easy for me to enter?

Do I need you? Hahaha, just by my identity as the only Inscriber, Lin Xi might personally invite me. Maybe she would kick you because of me and make me the deputy!"

"If you do that then I will kick you right now!"

"Are you even a human, go and eat!"



The hotpot today was different from usual. Usually, we ate very slowly but today we were all excited to recruit people and bring our new members to raise guild levels and open new lands. In just half an hour we finished and before the young worker made the noodles we had already paid the bill.

After rushing to the studio, we went back online.


My Paladin account appeared in the city and on it was the Deputy Guild Leader emblem. For some reason, I felt satisfied when I looked at it. At that moment, the guild emblem appeared and it was an image of a translucent deer antler. This was our studio's logo and it seemed like Lin Xi had uploaded it.


Lin Xi said, "I am recruiting in the east square, Mingxuan head to the south, Light Family are in the west, so... Lu Li you head to the north with Ruyi?"


I stepped into the teleportation formation and teleported to the north gate. After a white flash of light, Gu Ruyi appeared in front of me. Her face flushed red and she said, "Lu Li, recruit people... How do we do that?"


I got close to the city gate and set up a store. It was called "With You Recruiting new members" and then said towards Gu Ruyi, "Come, stand by my side. Your stall title will be "level 85 and combat strength >12000, hidden job and beautiful girls first."


She changed the store name and stood beside me. She then stared, "why beautiful girls first?"

I explained, "Beautiful girls are the sign of righteousness and strength. The more beauties in a guild, naturally it can attract more experts. This is a really deep thing, Ruyi you don't understand."

She smiled, "Then we will only invite perverts?"

"What... Why?" My tongue was tied.

She looked at me seriously, "Lu Li are you pervert too?"

"Of course not!"

I rolled my eyes, "No, I am not, Ruyi stop talking nonsense..."

She pouted and grumbled, "You even said beauties first... Are Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and I not enough? Moreover, Light Lotus and Light Frost look good too..."

I had nothing to say.

Right at that moment, a paladin rode over and her eyes were filled with excitement, "With You is still recruiting right?"

"En, yes. We still have 59 spots, we have high recruitment requirements." I said.

He nodded his head, "I am level 86, combat strength is 12.9 thousand, I totally fit the requirements. Can you accept me? Also, after joining With You, can I add Lin Xi as my friend?"

I glanced at him, "Your goal in joining With You is not simple ya?"


He smiled awkwardly, "It is logical for one to want your idol as your friend right, but no matter what, I would like to join With You and fight alongside you! Do you agree, beautiful Follow Heart?"

Gu Ruyi smiled, "Then... We shall recruit you!"

"Thank you, thank you!"

Very quickly, the icon of Paladin appeared above the Paladin's head. I said, "Brother, don't run around, we are about to do an event. We lack a healer so remember to join!"


He nodded and smiled, "The guild said that the boss is at the east gate, I shall go take a look!"


I looked at his backview and touched my nose, "He seems like he is here to chase Lin Xi."

"Why, are you jealous?" Gu Ruyi burst out laughing.

"No, why will I be jealous!" My heart shook, it didn't feel good for someone to guess correctly.

Gu Ruyi looked at me with her deep eyes and smiled, "Actually it is okay to accept someone like that. After all, although their reason is to get close to Lin Xi but the longer they are here, they will realise that it is impossible to get Lin Xi. They will give up and then serve the guild. Is that the case?"

I looked at her in shock, "Ruyi, you are not stupid at all?"

Her face flushed red and she burst out laughing, "I... I am not stupid at all okay!"

"Okay okay okay..."

I laughed and didn't continue.


Just like that, we continued until 8pm when the guild finally recruited 100 people. Moreover, all of us were level 85 and above, we were gathering many elites.


Lin Xi said in the guild channel, "Prepare for the first guild activity. repair equipment and buy potions. Meet in the east and then prepare to head out. We are heading to Red Valley to level!"


Everyone replied, we were all waiting for that moment.

But, right at that moment, "di" a message came from Ah Fei, "Ah Fei, is Mundane Slaughter and Moonlight Firefly familiar with you?"

"En, they helped me, why?" I asked.

"I heard that Moonlight Firefly and Elements's Yun Jian clashed. Then Mundane Slaughter led Assassin Alliance's hundreds of people over. But ten minutes ago, Feng Canghai, Old Mountain etc led the Elements elites over. Feng Canghai said that he wanted to wipe out Assassin Alliance there and kill them. He wanted to stop them from interfering in Linchen County matters."


I frowned, "What does Feng Canghai mean, did he refer to them helping me?"

"Isn't that obvious?"

Ah Fei said, "Feng Canghai looks like he is wiping out Assassin Alliance but in truth, he wants to slap you. He wants to tell them that whoever helps July Wildfire will get wiped out by Elements!"

"I understand."

I smiled, "I know what to do."

"Hehe, do you need me to call Little Black and Little Bell?"

"No need, if you go over you will burden."

"Damn... Your sister! Can you be less honest! ! !"

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