Chapter 366- With You
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Zhan Yue Chapter 366- With You

 Noon, White Leaf Forest.


    Under my stealth state, although there were many people here, but no one could notice me. The Stealth effect of an Assassin was linked to Agility. When stepping across the same piece of land, Assassins with high Agility would make lesser sound and the changes to the environment would be tougher to notice. My Agility was definitely top of the server so only a handful of people in the server could notice my tracks.

    Just like that, I pulled out the only poisonous feather on the crane and in the blink of an eye, a pile of feathers appeared in my bag. More and more players headed towards White Leaf Forest and very quickly, I could see traces of Elements, Breaking Dawn and For Dreams. Naturally, most of them were players without guilds. Linchen County had millions of players and only a small amount of them officially joined guilds.

    This was the reason why With You had to be set up quickly. Guilds set up quickly would be able to recruit the better players now. After all, many second and third rate experts were waiting for With You. But the more they wait, they might waver and join guilds like Elements and Breaking Dawn.

    Once they joined a guild, there would be many rewards and experience. The guild contribution points could be used to exchange for prizes. Anyways, to get stronger, one had to join a strong guild.

    Thus, I looked forward to With You being built while gathering crane feathers. I was really pumped up.


    At 3pm, a message came from Lin Xi, "Lu Li what are you doing? Why haven't you made a noise?"

    "I am busy doing a quest!"

    I casually said, "I might kill a Boss soon, anyways I am very busy~~"

    She giggled, "Okay, get busy, I will level with Ruyi and Mingxuan."



    Afternoon, at around 4pm, I got a message from Ah Fei, "Done, 10 thousand Intestine Breaking Flower is in my storage. Call me when you are back. Roughly when will that be?"

    I looked at the amount of Crane Feathers, "Half an hour."


    Fengxian wanted 8000 level 2 Crane Wine,

I had 3500 in storage so I needed 4500 more. There was a chance of failing with 4500 Crane Wine so I needed at least 8000 feathers.

    Half an hour later, I reached my goal. 8000 feathers stacked into 80 groups, 100 per group. I was satisfied and took out the city return scroll.


    The moment I tried to return back to the city, I appeared in front of a leveling party. The Archer stumbled, "Damn... July Wildfire?"


    I smiled and my body disappeared into the teleportation formation.

    In the next moment, I appeared in Linchen County. I sent Ah Fei a message, "Okay, come to the granary to hand the Intestine Breaking Flower to me."


    A few seconds later, Ah Fei appeared and handed the 10 thousand Intestine Breaking Flower over. I placed them all into my bag as my Ancient Bracelet provided so much space. I stored all the Crane Feathers in the storage and then bought large amounts of bottles. I then stepped in front of the fountain at the side of the east square's Great Sage Hall.

    The fountain had a war goddess statue holding a sword. Her beautiful face was filled with fighting spirit and she stepped down on rocks. So the fountain was used by her to wash her legs?

    That was fine, water a goddess used to wash her legs should be okay.

    I started to refine by the water and instantly many sets of Intestine Breaking Powder appeared in my bag. My success rate was higher than before due to the fact that my skill was level two. One could imagine that if Poison Refining Technique reached level 10, the success rate of Crane Wine should be close to 100%.

    I combined bulks of them and 20 minutes later, 7500+ Intestine Breaking Powder appeared in my bag. Apart from giving to Winds of Battle, I had 2500 extra. I could use them slowly. I returned to the storage and after storing all of them, I took out the materials of Crane Wine. I merged while talking to the owner of the shop to purchase rice wine.

    The time it took to get level 2 poison was longer and only after 40 minutes did I consume all the crane feathers. I looked at my bag and I had 6200+ of them. Along with the 3500 in the storage, I exceeded the amount needed.

    I heaved a sigh of relief and after an hour, my head felt heavy. Such a production job wasn't for everyone. The reason why Ah Fei was able to inscribe every day was due to his patience. No matter what, it should be good training for him.

    I opened the message system and sent Fengxian a message, "Done, send your men over. But I have a condition."

    "What?" He was stunned.

    "Keep it a secret."

    I smiled, "You can only say that you spent gold to purchase it from me and not say that you used the Guild Creation Token to trade for it. Only the two of us can know this. If you agree then I can trade with you."


    He said solemnly, "Luckily I didn't tell my brothers about this, if not I wouldn't be able to agree to this."

    "Okay, head over, I will wait for you at the east storage of Linchen County."


    Not long later, streaks of white light flashed in the teleportation formation. Winds of Battle Fengxian walked at the front and on his back was a flame-wrapped sword. He looked really serious and those low level players from Linchen County trembled.

    "Damn... Is that Fengxian? Damn, one of the strongest players... Why is he here in Linchen County?"

    "Tsk tsk, the person in the storage is July Wildfire!"

    "Wow, July Wildfire knows Fengxian? What a meeting of giants!"

    "Is there a huge deal? !"


    A bunch of people whispered to one another. Fengxian walked over and opened the trade, "Trade me first, I can carry 250 sets."


    In the end, when I sent 2500 bottles of Crane Wine over, I saw him place a golden token on the trading column. I confirmed it.

    "Pa ta", the Guild Creation Token appeared in my bag.

    I was stunned, just the first batch and he actually gave the Guild Creation Token to me? Fengxian, this person really was direct!

    "You traded it over just like that?"

    I smiled and asked.

    He shrugged, "I trust you brother."


    I nodded, "Let the others trade me."

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    Thus, Winds of Battle's other members traded me. After I traded 5000 Intestine Breaking Powder and 8000 Crane Wine over, I added another 1000 Crane Wine.


    Fengxian was stunned, "Brother, you gave 1000 more?'

    "I know, it is a gift."

    I smiled, "You seem nice, we can be friends."

    "Hahhaa, thank you!"

    He sent a friend request. After I passed it, he said seriously, "Since you treat me as a friend, I will treat you as a friend too. If you need help, I won't dare say I can get all my Winds of Battle brothers to help but I will definitely brave flames for you!"

    "That is enough for me. Let's go, I need to get busy too."



    After Fengxian led the Winds of Battle members away, I used a Black Castle City Return Scroll to leave Linchen County. The moment I entered Black Castle, I switched to the human race account and then used a Linchen County scroll. Thus, my Paladin account appeared in the teleportation formation and it formed an illusion.

    Very good, I shall use this method to switch accounts in the future. Safe, convenient and I only spent 20G. That was a small amount and it wasn't much.

    "Lin Xi!"

    I said something in the With You chat.


    She replied quickly, "Why Lu Li?"

    "I soloed a Treasure Grade Boss, look what dropped."

    I directly sent the screenshot to the chat.

    "Wa!" Lin Xi was shocked.

    "Damn!" Shen Mingxuan was shocked too.

    "Ah!" Gu Ruyi didn't know what to say.

    "How... How?" After five seconds, Lin Xi finally came back to her senses. She smiled, "Lu Li you really got a Guild Creation Token! Ah~~~ That is great!"

    "I knew it!"

    I laughed, "I am With You's lucky king, am I right? Are the few of you outside? Come back, invite the Light Family members, let's form our guild!"

    "En en!"


    A few seconds later, three beauties appeared in my field of sight. Lin Xi led Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi over. Shortly after, Light Lantern, Light Lotus and Light Frost brought 7-8 Light Family people over. Over 10 of us, were the only With You members. We walked towards the city lord manor.

    On the throne sat a strong expert filled with killing intent. It was Bahuang Marquis Lin Huang!


    A guard said, "This adventurer said that she wants to create a guild, she would like Marquis to approve it!"

    "Oh? !"

    Lin Huang stood up and looked at Lin Xi, "Young adventurer, have you brought the Guild Creation Token and 10 thousand gold?"


    Lin Xi passed the Guild Creation Token and gold over.

    "Very good!"

    Lin Huang smiled and accepted both, "Speak, what would you like to name your guild?"

    Lin Xi carefully typed.

    In the next moment, a bell rang in the skies--


    System Notification: Congratulations player Lin Xi for creating the guild With You!

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