Chapter 365- Fast person and fast words
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Zhan Yue Chapter 365- Fast person and fast words

 Until 2 am, with such a method, I had collected at least 7000 feathers. As this was a public map, the people leveling here were basically all 80+ players. The top rate players in Linchen County were all around level 80+ so this map was very popular and so the materials that I got were a lot too. If I killed and got them myself, I wouldn't even get so many from a full night.

    Back to the city!


    Linchen County in the wee hours of the morning was really quiet and there weren't many people on the streets.

    I found the grocer in the alley and talked to him before buying another bunch of porcelain bottles. I also bought large amounts of rice wine and sat at the corner. I summoned the Poison Refining Technique interface and started to refine the poison.


    System notification: Congratulations, you have crafted Crane Wine Lv-2 x1, skill Poison Refining Technique familiarity +3!


    Success, the first bottle of poison was completed! The product was a bottle covered by a red cloth. It was exactly the same as the poison used in those dramas. When I selected it, the bottle became a grenade and the 5x5 area ahead turned into the toss effect. I tossed it and the bottle exploded. But as the area was empty, no one was hit.

    Okay, I knew how to use it.

    Thus, I didn't think too much and sat at the corner alone, refining bottle after bottle. However, it wasn't so easy to get to level three. After half an hour, I crafted a total of 4000 bottles. Even when my storage was about to max out, the skill familiarity was only 50%. It seemed like I had to head to White Leaf Forest once more to get to level 3. Forget it, it was late, time to sleep!

    I looked at the inventory of Crane Wine and thought about it. Time to head to the auction and toss 500 out. I then summoned the little secretary to head offline.

    Late at night, the moment I touched the pillow, I fell back asleep.

    The next day.

    When I woke up, I looked at my phone and it was already 10:30. No one in the studio called me. I rested at the head of the bed and didn't want to get up. There was no message on my phone so I typed into the group chat, "Sorry, I slept late so I overslept today..."

    "I know~~~"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Ruyi said,

You were online until 3 am so we didn't call you in the morning. Why not you sleep a while more. Let's eat lunch after an hour."


    "Lazy pig..."

    I smiled and asked, "What are all of you doing?"

    "Levelling up."

    Shen Mingxuan said, "Ruyi was training her Ice Peak. Oh right, something happened in Linchen County yesterday. Someone sold 2000 bottles of lvl 1 Intestine Breaking Powder and someone bought it. I even heard that many from other counties came. Anyways, this poison is too popular!"


    Gu Ruyi said, "Intestine Breaking Powder has a 30% heal reduction, it is great at killing Bosses. I woke up early and bought a bottle...

    Lin Xi laughed, "Silly Ruyi, it can only last for 45 seconds so one bottle is useless. If we want to use it, we need at least 10. But it really is expensive, 100 per bottle. What a scam!"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "I heard that the person who sold it is famous, he is July Wildfire!"


    Lin Xi was stunned, "August End is an Inscriber and if July Wildfire is a Poison Refiner... Where did these bunch of people even come from..."


    Shen Mingxuan said, "Many people suspect that July Wildfire and August End are related to the company. If not how could they get such good jobs? Maybe they have people in Destiny who got bribed by them. Moreover, the chance is really high!"

    She sounded really serious.

    I nearly laughed. Shen Mingxuan looked like a serious beauty but now that I got close to her, I realised that she was more and more foolish.

    "Anyways, many people want to purchase it to reduce the time to kill Bosses. It would give parties more chances to hunt bosses which is why this poison is so popular."

    Lin Xi sent a voice message, "Moreover, I heard that July Wildfire sold 500 bottles of level 2 Crane Wine, it is a poison that could reduce target's attack. It is a PK weapon and it was also swept up. Only one person sells poison in the entire server, it is so easy to earn money!"

    This can't be?

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    I was stunned, did I really get rich?

    It seemed like the appearance of the Poison Refining Technique meant that my account became much richer like Ah Fei. I would even be able to earn money more easily. The 2000 Intestine Breaking Powder meant that I earned 200 thousand RMB overnight. What kind of efficiency was that?

    As long as no second Poison Refiner appears, I would earn so much!

    But... Money didn't mean much to me. I couldn't spend all my time doing inscribing like Ah Fei. After all my combat strength was so high and it was a waste if I didn't head out to fight.


    Just like that, I laid down for a while more. At noon, I ate with everyone before heading online.


    My Shura account appeared in Linchen County.

    I took a look and there was a bunch of notifications in my inbox. They were basically notifications of successful sales. As expected, the 2000 Intestine Breaking Powder and 500 Crane Wine were all sold and I earned 300 thousand. After deducting fees, I also obtained over 200 thousand. It was such a huge win!

    I sent the money into my account and instantly felt that the money was so pointless.

    At that moment, I received a message from a familiar stranger. It was Hedong County Winds of Battle Guild Leader Fengxian, "July Wildfire are you there?"

    "Yes, why?"

    "Haha, naturally I have something to ask you."

    He opened the voice message and smiled, "Did you refine the Intestine Breaking Powder and Crane Wine?"


    I nodded, "Why"

    "I would like to purchase in bulk."

    He smiled, "I want a thousand Intestine Breaking Powder and 2000 Crane Wine."


    I laughed, "Your requirement from Crane Wine actually exceeds Intestine Breaking Powder, no wonder people say that Winds of Battle love to fight and cause the surrounding guilds to be unable to raise their heads. Is there a point?"


    He laughed, "It is a game, isn't it all about fighting? At least to me, it is like that. Since it is the game, aren't those people flirting and dating inside fools? So, my principle is to find joy in fighting. So do we have a deal?"

    "No." I shook my head.

    "Wh... Why?"

    He was stunned, "I can pay more, 10% more than the price you posted it for. Is that okay?"

    "No need."

    I smiled, "No need, that is because I didn't plan on using it to earn money. I will control the amount of poison that flows into the market and I won't accept preorders."

    "You... You don't lack money?"



    He laughed, "Okay, so it is a brother that doesn't lack money. Do you have other needs? We can trade items, equipment, skill books, treasures? Or do you have enemies? Our Winds of Battle can crush them and complete your strategic requests."

    "No need."

    I smiled, "If I have any enemy I can kill them myself!"


    He was a little awkward, "Right right right, after all, you are July Wildfire... Do you really not have any needs?"

    "Needs, I do have. I need a Guild Creation Token, but it is so popular, do you have one?" I casually asked and didn't have any hope at all.

    "Speaking of which, I really have one. It dropped at 8 am." He said.

    "Damn, really? !"


    He was serious, "But now you are the one that needs something from me so I want to change the trade conditions."

    I laughed, "Come come come, you suggest, I will welcome you."


    He nodded, "I can give it to you but you need to provide Winds of Battle... 5000 bottles of Intestine Breaking Powder, 8000 Crane Wine. If you agree, then we have a deal."

    I thought about it. Intestine Breaking Powder was easy, I just needed people to collect Intestine Breaking Flower. As for Crane Wine, I had 3500 in my bag and since I had to increase the skill level, I had to head to White Leaf Forest once more. I nodded, "Deal, I will make preparations. I will need time until 5 pm, when the time comes, send someone with more bag space to collect from me."

    "Okay, I will bring a party over!"

    "Okay, that's a deal!"

    "En en!"


    Fengxian was such a quick person.

    Next, I had to prepare things. I stepped in front of Ah Fei, "Help me do something."


    "Ask Little Black for help to collect 10 thousand Intestine Breaking Flower at Butterfly Spring, I will pay them. Collect them all into your storage and just spend money to buy more storage space, okay?"


    I handed 10 thousand RMB to him, "Give this to Little Black. Treat it as me buying a few hotpot meals for them."

    "Don't, we are all so close."

    "I have to give it to them, I can't make them help us for nothing."

    "En, okay."

    After telling him everything, I headed towards White Leaf Forest with my daggers.

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