Chapter 364- Crane Poison Source
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Zhan Yue Chapter 364- Crane Poison Source

  A new poison appeared!

    This was a group attack speed debuff and it had a huge use in party PKs. One must know that the decrease in attack affected overall attack and it was different from the 20% that equipment increased. That was a rise in basic stats while the poison was an overall decrease. Anyways, the moment I used this Poison Wine, it was enough to cause a bunch of people to become noobs.

    I sucked in a deep breath and I was filled with delight. This Poison Refining Technique was really useful!


    Right at that moment, Lin Xi sent a message, "Delivery is here!"

    "Understood, head offline to eat!"

    "En en!"

    I went offline and headed to the entrance to take the claypot porridge from the delivery boy. I then moved my helmet up to eat supper with everyone. In the end after supper, I wasn't tired and kept thinking about Poison Refining Technique. Thus, I decided to go online and play for a while more before sleeping!

    A white light flickered in front of me as I appeared around Butterfly Spring. I had to find new ingredients. Moreover, my bag had 2000 bottles of Intestine Breaking Poison and I needed to clear some space. I noticed that Ah Fei was still online and he was helping a beautiful player inscribe her breastplate. He inscribed while also staring at her chest. Who knew how many times this guy would fail because of this.

    I walked forwards and sent him the screenshot, "Take a look at this."


    He was stunned, "Damn... Poison? How did you get it, did NPCs gift it to you?"

    "No, I refined it myself."

    "You know how to refine poisons? Or... Is Poison Refining a hidden skill?"

    "Yes, can't I get hidden skills?"

    "You really are an expert!"

    He smiled, "This isn't much use in PK but it is great in boss fighting. Reduce the Boss's recovery by 30%, that is something the guilds will crave."


    I nodded, "So I would ask you,

how much should I sell it for. After all, it is a consumable and one has to use another one after 45 seconds."


    He opened his mouth, "You are actually asking me..."

    "Right, you are the top Inscriber in the server so you should understand Linchen County's market better right? So I am asking you, how much should I sell one bottle?"


    He was delighted, "Okay, I think that this is a crucial stage in the guild's Legendary Grade Boss clearing. Whoever gets more Orange gear would be stronger so there is a huge need for this poison. Let's charge 10G per bottle!"


    I nodded, "Then let's charge 100G."

    "Wait, I said 10G!"


    "Damn... HAHAHA~~~"

    Ah Fei shouted towards me, "Good luck! The two of us are the top Inscriber and top Poison Refiner, twin geniuses. We are invincible! Hahaha~~~"

    A beautiful Warrior saw us talking and for some reason, her face flushed red.


    I came to the auction NPC and placed 2000 Intestine Breaking Flower on the racks, each one for 100G. I allowed people to buy it in bulk. If I sold them all, that would be 200 thousand gold. Based on the current 1:1 RMB rate, that was 200 thousand RMB. If I could sell it all, that was just amazing.

    If one was fated, it was just so easy to earn money!

    After placing all of them up for sale, I recalled that I hadn't done something so I returned. I passed the Elder Staff to Ah Fei and he was so delighted he nearly fainted. After which I headed deep in the Great Sage Hall and turned into my Paladin account. I asked in the With You chat, "Ruyi, are you asleep?"

    "Why!" Shen Mingxuan asked.

    Lin Xi was also fierce, "Right, why are you asking Ruyi if she is awake so late at night? What do you want to do!"

    "No no no..."

    I smiled and explained, "I have something to give Ruyi, if you don't believe me then take a look at this. My quest dropped it and I forgot to mention it during dinner, so..."

    I sent the Ice Peak skill screenshot into the chat.

    Instantly, Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan sent a stunned expression.


    Shen Mingxuan was speechless, "Why do you give it to Ruyi and not me..."

    I smiled, "If you job change to Mage then I shall give it to you. I treat both of you equally."

    Lin Xi giggled, "Ruyi is bathing, wait for a moment."


    I stood within the city and searched for the level 2 recipe. I searched the entire forums and didn't see anything. I had no choice, I had to head to Black Castle. Senior Sister should know where to find the poison. After all, these were my connections and I had to use them logically.

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    After 10 minutes, a white light shone in the teleportation formation ahead. Ruyi appeared and charged right at me, "That... Ice Peak, are you really giving it to me?"

    "If not!"

    I passed the skill book to her and smiled, "Ruyi, I shall go get busy, go and sleep."


    She looked at me with her beautiful eyes, "Lu Li, thank you! Then I shall head to the job advancement training area to train the skill."



    I headed deep into the Great Sage Hall and changed accounts before using the Black Castle City Return Scroll.

    Blood Pond, main hall.


    My beautiful Senior Sister was resting on the white jade bed. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes and smiled, "Poison? That... Isn't that the one that the human race use to kill concubines?"

    "Eh ah..."

    I nodded and smiled, "I am studying Poison Refining Technique so I need to know where to get it. I need a large amount too."

    "Poison Refining Technique... There is such an evil technique?"

    She glanced at me and dissed, "It comes from a Poison Bird's wings, as long as you get those wings, you can get the poison. As for the bird... I saw it once it seems like... It is west of Linchen County at a place called White Leaf Forest. The nests of the Poison Bird are there, maybe you will find the answers there."


    I nodded and smiled, "Thank you Senior Sister!"


    She smiled and looked as I left. After I left, I used the City Return Scroll to head to Linchen County. I searched the map for White Leaf Forest and headed towards it. White Leaf Forest was at the west and it wasn't a high grade map. This meant that the poison wasn't hard to get. After all, even if it was rare, it was just a level 2 poison.


    Ten minutes later.

    White Leaf Forest, a forest covered in white leaves. It looked like one had entered a white ocean. Although the leaves weren't green but they had strong life force. In the forest, groups of birds flew around. There was a Fire Crane, a level 85 Unique Grade monster. There were many players leveling here.

    On the ground were many of their corpses that stacked up.

    Thus, I walked forwards and picked one up. I saw one of the feathers shining so I peeled it off. The system started to show that it was the Fire Crane Feather that could give 1 Crane Poison!


    I was delighted and didn't expect it to be so simple. Right when I was pulling feathers, I heard a voice, "July Wildfire, what are you doing here!?"

    That voice was familiar.

    I tossed the fire crane onto the ground and placed the feather into my bag. I raised my head and saw someone familiar. It was Fenghua Sizhan, For Dreams's top Mage. He was level 86 now and he was training with his team. For them to target level 85 Fire Cranes did make sense.

    "Collect materials."

    I spread my hands and two cold streaks of light flashed in my palms. I smiled, "Why, am I disturbing you?"


    Fenghua Sizhan said calmly, "This is a public map, you dare?"

    I slapped my Linchen County's badge and said, "I am Linchen County's player so why can't I come?"

    A For Dreams Assassin said coldly, "The Fire Cranes you picked up were killed by us and they belong to us. What gives you to right to take them away?"

    "I can leave them."

    I smiled, "Then take the Fire Crane corpses then. Do you know how to use them? Make them into soup? Don't forget, they are poisonous."


    In the distance, a few players laughed out and one even shouted, "Seven God, For Dreams is too arrogant, teach them a lesson. Hahaha~~~"


    I frowned, these people were just stirring trouble!

    But I didn't spend time here to kill noobs. So, I was trying not to fight.


    I ignored them and entered stealth. After which, the Fire Crane corpses disappeared one by one and when they appeared once more, they lost a feather. Fenghua Sizhan's expression was really ugly as they didn't know where I was. This meant that they were training in a minefield and they could get killed at any moment.

    They were the ones feeling bad this time.

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