Chapter 363- Poison Refining Technique
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Zhan Yue Chapter 363- Poison Refining Technique


    A gory stench entered my nose. Apart from that, there was a decomposing smell. This was a hundred square meter hall and many different people were standing here. There were Assassin, Warriors holding thin swords etc but each of them was pitch black and dressed in nightwalker clothes!


    Since I entered, this group of people all looked over. I returned the gaze fearlessly. Their strengths appeared one by one, some were Heaven Realm, some were Spirit Astral Realm, some were Body Refining Realm. Most of them were Spirit Astral Realm. When I looked at the thin guy at the end of the hall, my Darkness Spiritual Ruin buzzed. This was someone at the initial Spiritual Ruin Realm.

    Zhang Dacheng, Level-100, Legendary Grade, Chairman of the Gravedigger Association!

    Beside him stood Zhang Xiaofei that I had saved not long ago. I understood why he dared to say that he could reward me. So he was the son of the boss!

    "Young man!"

    Zhang Dacheng laughed and slapped my shoulder, "Little Fei has told me everything, I didn't expect that our Linchen County has someone that dares challenge the Ashen White Treant. Great! Are you willing to join our Gravedigger Association?"


    My mouth twitched and I muttered.

    Instantly, the gravediggers stared at me. Some even pulled out their saws, swords, table leg etc. They were filled with killing intent and felt like I insulted the Gravedigger Association.

    "It is okay if you are not willing."

    Zhang Dacheng laughed, "You saved Zhang Xiaofei and saved our association's name. You even killed the Ashen White Treant. No matter what I have to give you enough rewards. Come, all of these are yours but I hope that you will always be by outside, you shall always be with justice!"

    My mouth twitched. These fellows only wanted to dive tombs, they actually dared to talk about justice!

    But the bell released me from all my confusion--


    System notification: Congratulations for completing quest Ashen White Treant (SSS Grade)

obtained 50% experience, 12 million contribution points, charm +2, Gold +8000. Moreover, you have obtained extra rewards, Poison Refining Technique (SSS Grade Skillbook)!


    Poison Refining Technique?

    My heart shook, what kind of technique was that? !

    I opened my bag and noticed a dark gold book laying in a corner. When I looked at it, my heartbeat started to increase. These were really huge rewards!

    Poison Refining Technique (SSS Grade Skillbook): After learning, obtain different levels and types of poison recipes. Required job: Assassin, required level: 90


    Assassins that didn't use poisons and only fought head on wasn't a good Assassin. If July Wildfire was a typical head-on Assassin before, then... In the future, I can use poison! This didn't mean that I became weaker. On the contrary, poison can allow me to kill more experts. This was the true strength of an Assassin!

    I was delighted and nodded, "Thank... Thank you sir!"

    "No worries, go!"

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    Zhang Dacheng looked at me and smiled, "Remember that the doors of our Gravedigger Association is forever open to you. If you want to come back, you can do so anytime. We will always welcome an expert like you!"


    I nodded and smiled towards Zhang Xiaofei before leaving.

    In the next moment, I appeared at the east square. I took out Poison Refining Technique and learned it right away. Instantly, it appeared on my skill list. It was only level 1 and it only showed the level 1 poison recipe--

    Intestine Breaking Powder Lv-1: After use, the target will lose a set amount of health every second. Moreover, their recovery will drop by 30%, lasting for 30 seconds. The effect is related to the user's level and Agility. Recipe: Intestine Breaking Flower x2, Spring water x1, bottlex1


    Level 1 poison seemed a little weak but thinking about it, it wasn't that weak. It could reduce healing by 30%. This poison was useful against bosses. After all, there is no potion and skills used to reduce health recovery. So this Intestine Breaking Powder was unique!

    I sucked in a deep breath, it seemed like I was going to get busy today!

    In the next period of time, I shall focus on raising Poison Refining Technique. The higher the skill level, the stronger my support skills would be. This was undeniable!

    Onto the forums!

    I searched for Breaking Intestine Flower and many posts appeared. One of them asked what the use of the flower that grew at Butterfl Lake was. Did someone need it for potions? This was poison, it seems pretty useless. Many people replied and asked him to swallow it. All the replies were useless but I knew that there was this flower at Butterfly Spring. That was enough!

    Apart from that, Butterfly Spring definitely had spring water. So I had both materials and only lacked the bottle.

    I turned towards the stall and talked to the owner to purchase a bunch of small porcelain bottles. These looked like what those people in dramas used to poison others. This was fantastic.



    A message came from Shen Mingxuan, "It is 10 soon, what do you want to eat, I shall prepare some supper!"

    Gu Ruyi said, "Order something light, I have been eating too much fish and meat..."

    Lin Xi laughed, "Okay, let's eat something light. Order porridge?"

    "Okay, Seafood porridge and pork rib porridge. Do you want any dim sum?" Shen Mingxuan asked.

    "It really is light~~" I dissed.

    Lin Xi giggled, "Lu Li what are you busy with?"

    "I completed a quest and got a support skill. I want to spend some time to level it up."

    "En, good luck!"


    Thus, I switched off WeChat and headed out of the city. I activated quickness and disappeared into the forest.

    Butterfly Spring, a low level training ground that was northeast of Linchen County. It wasn't too far and there were many level 70 Earth Rats. They were great for level 60+ players. The surroundings were great too, it was scenic and there was spring water trickling down. A stream flowed through the forest and covered the stones around in a layer of algae.

    In the cracks, many green plants grew out. This was the Intestine Breaking Flower, a legendary poison. It just seemed quite ordinary.

    I walked forwards to pick them. I picked up seven to eight of them. At that moment, five level 60+ players were stunned. Their party leader's face was ashen white, "July Wildfire... Why are you here?"

    "Collecting herbs."

    I waved the Intestine Breaking Flower in my hands, "Am I disturbing you?"

    "No, as long as you don't kill me then no..."

    "Don't worry, I have no mood to PK, continuing leveling."


    They turned around while I sped up my speed. Although these people weren't enemies but the news would spread and people would know that July Wildfire was here. My enemies wouldn't waste this chance. If Breaking Dawn and For Dreams came, they wouldn't kill me but they would waste my time.

    A few minutes later, all the preparation was done.

    I came to the stream and used the bottle to get spring water. I also activated the Poison Refining Technique. An interface appeared where it showed the various materials!

    Confirm, refine!


    System notification: Congratulations, you have crafted Intestine Breaking Powder Lv-1 x1, skill Poison Refining Technique familiarity +3!


    Success, the first bottle of poison was out!

    I was delighted and placed it into my bag. I continued. On the second one, I failed and only obtained 1 point. The materials disappeared. This was normal. Such support crafting often had failures. Potion Making, Weapon Crafting etc were all the same, only by failing more will one become a master!

    Just like that, success and failure mixed and in a blink of an eye, I had finished the Intestine Breaking Flowers in my hands.


    I walked along Butterfly Spring and turned Intestine Breaking Flowers into poisons. In less than an hour, I had thousands of Intestine Breaking Powder in my bag. But, when I clicked on the skill, it was 40% away from level two. I had to spend another 30 minutes.

    There was nothing to say, I had to work hard.

    At 11:36 pm, when a bell rang, the Poison Refining Technique leveled up!

    I clicked on the skill and noticed that a new recipe appeared below the Poison Refining Technique--

    Poison Wine Lv-2: Use on a 5x5 area, when hit, the target will lose some health. Attack, Magic Attack will reduce by 20%, lasting 45 seconds. The effect is related to one's level and Agility. Recipe: Poison Wine x1, rice wine x2, bottle x1


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