Chapter 362- Ashen White War Helmet
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Zhan Yue Chapter 362- Ashen White War Helmet

 It was just a piece of orange equipment.

    But due to the higher level, the attack upper limit of it was 900 and it was quite decent. There was also the AOE flame dance effect which meant that it was a piece of okay orange equipment. When players went through their third job advancement, this equipment would be considered second grade and could be sold for around 2000 RMB.


    I tossed the spear into my bag and prepared to sell it after heading back. Time to look at the second one which was a pair of boots. When I checked its stats, my eyes were about to go blind. This was actually a piece of Strong Grade equipment! This thing was totally useless and could only be sold to the shops or sold for a dollar to those crafting players who broke down equipment.

    I still tossed it into my bag. I had much space now so I didn't need to fear that I was wasting it.

    At this point, I looked at the third piece of equipment, this was a black helmet. This helmet was mostly leather while it had bits of iron. Inscription light shone and its stats appeared. I was stunned. I didn't expect this to be the biggest gain today!

    Ashen White Helmet (Legendary Grade)

    Type: Leather Armor

    Defence: 925

    Agility: +265

    Stamina: +260

    Strength: +255

    Effect: Damage reduction +8%

    Effect: Precision, accuracy +35%

    Effect: Toughness, raise user's health by 4500

    Effect: Damage increase, Assassin players damage increased by 10%

    Effect: Cold resistance, reduce ice damage by 30%

    Effect: Clear, maintain calm, reduce effect time of stuns, berserk, silence, confusion.

    Bonus: Increase user's attack by 108%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 106%

    Introduction: Ashen White Helmet,

A helmet formed from the spiritual energy of the Ashen White Treant. Once one wears it, one can comprehend the secrets of the ice and have the ability to be resistant to it.

    Required level: 92


    This helmet was a little invincible!

    Before this, I had been using the Treasure Grade Demon Vine Helmet as it had a damage increase effect that increase Godslaying Blade+Backstab by 50%. However, as the level was too low, its stats couldn't compare to this Ashen White Helmet. Moreover, it had damage increase too and increase all damage by 10%. After changing it, although the damage of Godslaying Blade and Backstab reduced, but my main skills would have increased damage!

    Apart from that, this Ashen White Helmet had 6 effects and there was a 30% damage reduction to ice element skills. There was also Clear which reduced crowd control by 15%. All top players realised that the game was focused on accumulation, to increase stats bit by bit. Those unknowing 1% in skills and equipment would often affect the outcome of battles.

    I was delighted and switched the Demon Vine Helmet down. I then used Ashen White Helmet and my stats and combat strength greatly increased--

    July Wildfire (Shadow of the Exiled)

    Level: 92

    Attack: 7184-8532 (+862%)

    Defence: 5483 (+844%)

    Health: 71880

    Critical Strike: 38.84%

    Lifesteal: 26%

    Comprehension: 97

    Charm: 98

    Soul Star: 200

    Contribution point: 43002005

    Combat strength: 23450


    I was delighted. At this point, when I clicked on the combat strength leaderboard, I noticed that I was on it and I was leading--

    1. July Wildfire Shadow of the Exiled Combat strength: 23450

    2. Lin Xi Silver Dawn Combat strength: 19935

    3. Feng Canghai Imperial Warrior Combat strength: 19427

    4. Mundane Slaughter Palace Assassin Combat strength: 18823

    5. Mars River Palace Mage Combat strength: 18799

    6. Wine and Poems Palace Warrior Combat strength: 18626

    7. Old Mountain Palace Archer Combat strength: 18236

    8. Breaking Dawn Ash Palace Warrior Combat strength: 17273

    9. Moonlight Firefly Palace Assassin Combat strength: 17020

    10. Follow Heart Palace Mage Combat strength: 16524


    In the entire Linchen County, my combat strength was the highest and I was a huge chunk higher than Lin Xi! From the combat strength, one could see the current Linchen County situation. There were three Elements kings. Feng Canghai, Mars River and Old Mountain. Their combat strength was all above 18 thousand. Next was Breaking Dawn Ash with 17 thousand. Breaking Dawn was definitely falling behind.

    Apart from that, Assassin Alliance was special. Although there weren't many of them but their combat strength was really high. Mundane Slaughter was in the top 5 while Moonlight Firefly was ranked 9th. Next was With You's Ruyi. In truth, only With You could battle with Elements.

    Of course, this was because I recognised myself as one of them. If not with just Lin Xi and Gu Ruyi, they weren't strong enough.

    If... I told Lin Xi I was July Wildfire, what would she think? Would she be happy that such an Assassin joined With You, or would she be angry that I lied to her?

    In truth, because of that, I was hesitant to tell it to her. The price was huge. I either remained or had to leave.

    Forget it, let's not think about this. There was one more item, that skill book that was covered in ice energy!


    A golden light shone from the skill book and lit my eyes up. This was a super Mage technique!

    Ice Peak (SS Grade skillbook): Summon ice magic to deal a relentless ice peak attack in a region, last for 7 seconds, cooldown of 60 seconds. Required level: 90. Required job: Mage.


    This was a spell custom made for Gu Ruyi. She had many pieces of equipment that increased spell damage. Her staff was also ice element and the damage she caused with this skill would definitely be above Ice Soul Dragon Roar. Moreover, I saw this skill being used and it was the strongest AOE spell to date!

     "Pa ta!"

    I tossed it into my bag and picked up the blood. I returned and it was time to hand over the quest!


    Forest, within a bunch of messy vines, Zhang Xiaofei sat there. His face was green and the poison on his chest got worse. He was on his dying breaths. When he saw me, energy filled his body, "Adventurer, you are back!"


    I took out the blood, "I have dealt with the Ashen White Treant. This is the blood, should I help you?"

    "You... You really killed the Ashen White Treant? I heard that even Spiritual Ruin Realm experts can't defeat it!"

    "What nonsense, do you want it?"

    "Yes yes yes, come. I even saw my father that had died many years ago. If you didn't return, I would have really died."


    I sank down and placed the blood on his wound. Blue blood swept the purple poison and in two minutes, blood appeared around his wound. This medicine was perfect!

    "That is great!"

    Zhang Xiaofei jumped up and that terrified me. He was delighted, "Great, I have healed. Young adventurer, I shall wait for you in Linchen County. Come find me at the Gravedigger Association, I shall give you huge rewards!"


    In a blink of an eye, his body disappeared. I took out the City Return Scroll and with a white light, I appeared in Linchen County. Really great, my Assassin account could use the city return scroll of a human city!


    Gravedigger Association!

    I opened the map and didn't find the association. I summoned the system elf and she flew out. She smiled, "Master, you have not called me for a long time!"

    "Right, I have been busy."

    I smiled awkwardly, "Little Shu, I have something to ask you. Do you know where the Gravedigger Association is?"

    "I know."

    The little secretary smiled, "When my elf sisters and I are playing, I heard them mention this. Scoff, these people live off digging tombs and were hunted by Bahuang Duke. Now they don't dare to work openly so they are in the Dragon Heart Bar basement."


    I was speechless, "Thank you Little Shu!"

    "En en, it is great that I can help Master!"

    I recalled her and headed towards the bar. There was only one bar as it was a small county. When I entered, a dense beer smell surged towards my nose. Ahead was a cold mercenary who stared at me. I looked calmly at him and my aura won. After all, the outer appearance of the Darkness Shura was too outstanding and I looked like an expert. This mercenary stepped aside!

    Was this the world of the strong? !

    I sucked in a deep breath and my heart was filled with delight!


    I walked to the end and headed a floor down. The wooden floor smelled like it was decomposing. The first underground floor was the storage and wine barrels and vegetables were placed here. At the end was a small door that shone and on it was a shovel carved on it. I was more sure that this was the place.

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    I knocked and a small door opened.. "Who are you looking for?"

    "Zhang Xiaofei!"

    "He has been waiting for you! Come in, the guy in stealth."

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