Chapter 361- Countering enemy
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Zhan Yue Chapter 361- Countering enemy

 "You will pay for your arrogance young man!"


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    The Ashen White Treant stared at me with its red eyes and started to move. Ice rose up around it, "The dynasty of ice has arrived, you will be shattered in the extreme cold!"

    "You really have a lot of nonsense~~"

    I laughed and kept White Bird and Orange Night before using Soul Star Explosion. I was like a bolt of lightning that charged behind the Boss. I used Godslaying Blade+Backstab+Mist Slash and instantly, damage numbers rose up--





    The damage wasn't high and it wasn't much for a 70 million health Boss. To kill it alone with such damage meant that I had to cut through his health regeneration. Maybe his Spirit Recovery was also a healing skill. If I did not attack fast enough, my damage might not be enough!

    "You are asking for death!"

    A Vine Arrow Attack shot out from the ground at my stomach. It was really quick!

    But I wasn't slow. My left leg stepped on the ground and I spun. Instantly, it flew along my chest and chin. At the same time, I slid towards its body and arrived behind it. I raised my daggers and used Hunter's Edge+Flames of Karma!

    "Peng peng peng!"

    As I slashed, the Ashen White Treant's health started to drop. With two skills, its health bar was obviously reducing. I raised my hand and used Apprehension. The instant that it slapped down, I used Dark Shadow Jump to jump away. This time I jumped on a Bloodthirst Banner behind it. After jumping, I used Backstab+Godslaying Blade which enraged it.


    Although the Ashen White Treant's skills were strong but as long as I avoided it and used my mobility with Bloodthirst Banner+Dark Shadow Jump, I had a chance. In truth, it was really easy to do that.


    I was distracted.

Two Vine Arrow Attacks landed on my body and I had two holes in me. I dropped 80 thousand health. Fortunately, I had Soul Star Explosion and my health was at 140 thousand which meant that I wasn't dead! But I was terrified by that. I used Blood Drawing Blade and then used Separated by water to gain back the health!

    "Die, die!"

    The Ashen White Treant waved its arms and magic power surged around it, "No one can flee from my attacks!"

    Frost vines spread out from below!


    I was stunned. It was the same bind. The Deep Nether Treant was at one location so they were easy to dodge but Ashen White Treant's one was an entire area. That was so shameless!

    My mind buzzed and I had no choice but to be unreasonable too. The moment I was about to be bound, I used White Cloak!


    The two second Miss effect allowed me to pass through and a huge Miss appeared above my head. I used the skill to dodge the Boss's sure kill attack. I also waved Darkness Dragon Tooth and used Annihilation!

    Along with the sound of Darkness Dragon Tooth piercing through the wind, the moment the dagger was about to land, a power surged into my hands. Dragontooth was triggered!

    White Cloak + Annihilation!


    Two shocking numbers jumped out--




    Two attacks both triggered a critical strike which dealt 10 times damage. But White Cloak+Annihilation was slightly stronger so it dealt higher damage. To a Legendary Grade Boss, to deal so much damage was just shocking. After all, on those videos online, Elements, Legend, Winds of Battle etc posted videos of them killing bosses. When they dealt 20 thousand damage, players would be amazed. If my video was released, I might get reported again as my damage was just unreasonable.

    Even Lin Xi couldn't deal such damage!

    After 40 minutes, the Ashen White Treant's health dropped to 50% and I had a chance of beating it!

    "Come, the cold storm, it is time to punish everything-- Frost Domain!"

    Right as the Ashen White Treant shouted and casted his spell, I used Dark Shadow Jump. I raised my hand and used Gouge+Demon Tribulation. Unfortunately, both of them missed. The Boss was 7 levels higher than me and there was a huge level of suppression. In the next moment, a storm descended from above, like a storm that I had never seen before.

    I couldn't wait any longer!

    I used the power deep in my bloodline, Darkness Transformation!


    A golden energy wave shot out from within my body and dark clouds wrapped around me. The clouds had streaks of lightning shining in it and increased my killing intent. At this moment, my aura was above that of the Ashen White Treant!


    I used Blood Drawing Blade and followed it up with Flames of Karma+Hunter's Edge+Separated by water. Dense damage numbers rose up from the Boss's head and brought me back to full health. However, it wasn't stable and it started to rise and drop. I had to continue attacking!

    "Die! You small ant, feel the despair of the mountains-- Ice Peak!"

    It was here once more!

    Ashen White Treant waved its hand and coldness surged towards me like a flood. There was a giant explosion and sharp ice bits broke out from below me, dealing 40 thousand damage. At the same time, I was knocked up. The Ashen White Treant roared again and a second ice peak rose up to deal another 40 thousand damage. The third, fourth one appeared and this entire region was like an ice peak!

    This skill seemed really invincible!

    With Darkness Shura transformation, my health increased by 500% and I had six times more health than usual. 400 thousand health, that meant that I could tank it!

    But this showed that without the transformation, this skill would have insta killed me. Of course, I could use Paladin to return to the city in an invincible state. I was confident in my hand speed.

    Just like that, I ate the entire skill before landing. I was left with 40% health. I turned into a streak of light and appeared behind the Ashen White Treant. Since I had used Darkness Shura, I could only go all out. Bloodthirst Banner's buff also gave me the ability to do so.

    After using Hunter's Edge+Flames of Karma, I instantly arrived behind the Boss. I hid in its vision dead ends and attacked. The lightning shone around me and each attack had darkness lightning effect. Unknowingly, I scorched the bark of the Ashen White Treant. After Darkness Dragon Tooth slashed it, it started to bleed blue. Right, this was the blood that I needed!

    No rush, slowly. After it was dead, I would get all the blood I needed!


    The truth proved that Darkness Shura's bloodline transformation was too strong. I didn't need to use any skills and could just slash the boss just like that. I didn't even need Bloodthirst Banner and Dark Shadow Jump. I could tank the Boss, relying on my 26% lifesteal to remain healthy.

    Just like that, after the Boss used Ice Peak for the sixth time, his health was near to empty. I triggered a dragontooth attack and his giant body exploded. His body started to break down and he looked at me with unwillingness, "The treant race will never fall, you wait and see! I will return!"


    He exploded and dropped a pile of gold. There was a bag of blue blood. At the same time, experience swarmed me and helped me level up!

    I flipped through the spoils of war and after collecting the gold, I didn't notice a shining gold token. Guild Creation Token.... The drop rate was too controlled and since purple Bosses appeared, the entire Linchen County only had 2. That was just too much!

    But although there wasn't any, but there were three pieces of equipment and a blue skill book. Just one look and one knew that the book wouldn't be simple. As for equipment, there was a red spear and a mage boots. There was also a black helmet. I was looking forwards to seeing the stats of the spear.

    I held it in hand and it felt heavy. After all, I was an Assassin and not a Warrior. I could barely hold the weapon out. I waved the spear and was stunned, I had thought too much--

    Undying Flame Spear (Unique Grade)

    Attack: 545-900

    Strength: +193

    Agility: +195

    Stamina: +190

    Effect: Precision, accuracy +30%

    Effect: Lifesteal +3.5%

    Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +20%

    Effect: Flame dance, 25% chance of triggering, deal flame dance to surrounding targets to deal large amounts of damage.

    Effect: Armor Penetration, ignore 20% of Defence

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 85%

    Bonus: Raise user's defence by 83%

    Introduction: Undying Flame Spear, a treasure left from a dynasty's treasury. After ten thousand years of war, this treasure can finally appear in the world again.

    Required level: 92


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