Chapter 360- White Tree Spirit
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Zhan Yue Chapter 360- White Tree Spirit

  Noon, I continued to hunt Deep Nether Treants in the Forest of the Prophet.

     "Pa ta!"

    At 3:30 pm, when I slashed the bark of a Deep Nether Treant and sliced it into two, while green blood spurted, a green staff dropped. It laid on the grass and streaks of power seeped out of it.


    This staff looked exquisite and one knew that it wasn't ordinary. Although it was green but it might not be a piece of Strong Grade equipment. Based on Illusionary Moon rules, high level equipment was designed by designers so they were more expensive. As such, the designs were more exquisite. For example those white, Strong, Elite equipment was basically very rushed and there was rust on the weapons. As for those above purple, such flaws were impossible. The higher the level, the more exquisite the equipment was. My Darkness Dragon Tooth, Lin Xi's White Dragon Sword were all like that.

    I picked it up and waved it. Orange light shone and my mouth was agape--

    Elder Staff (Legendary Grade)

    Magic Attack: 1000-1250

    Agility: +265

    Magic: +262

    Stamina: +255

    Effect: Spell Vamp +6%

    Effect: Cooldown reduced +10%

    Effect: Rage of the forest, 20% chance of dealing 100% damage when using spells

    Effect: 25% spell penetration

    Effect: Well trained, reduce use level by 15

    Bonus: Raise user's Magic Attack by 105%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 102%

    Introduction: Elder Staff, the treasure of the Deep Nether Treants. This staff was crafted by a human race god smith and during an alliance, it was given to them. Along with the treants appearing, this staff has reappeared in the world.

    Required level: 90


    Well trained? !

    I sucked in a deep breath.

I was delighted that normal monsters could drop super orange equipment. Moreover, this was a top staff. The effects were great too, lowering the level needed by 15% which meant that level 75 players could use it.

    En, I didn't consider Ruyi for this. After all, it was more suited for a rookie like Ah Fei. If he could use it at level 75, his magic damage would be so destructive!

    Thus, I sent the screenshot over to Ah Fei.


    He sent a video, "What is this? Where did you get it, I love it!"

    I was speechless, "You might not believe me but a level 95 basic monster dropped it."

    "Hahaha, really? !"

    He opened his eyes wide, "How lucky must you be!"

    I looked at his level and he was only 65, "Your level is too low. Tell Little Black to level you up if not you won't be able to use it. Get to level 75 and then use this to get to level 90. You can't remain as an inscriber, don't forget your goal of becoming a super mage."

    "That's right!"

    He clenched his fists, "Okay, tell me when you return to the city. I shall ask Little Black to bring me out to train!"



    Right at that moment, Shen Mingxuan's voice spread into the chat, "Wa, latest news, the third Linchen County guild is about to be born!"


    Lin Xi was stunned, "Which guild?"

    "For Dreams!"

    Shen Mingxuan said, "I got the news that ten minutes ago, Wine and Poems led his men to Hedong County and bought a Guild Creation Token. He spent 2.5 million and in just a few minutes they are probably going to create their guild."


    Lin Xi sighed, "Rich players are just different..."

    Gu Ruyi smiled, "Lin Xi we are in no rush. With our clearing speed, sooner or later we will get it."


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Your Charm is so high and it is probably only lower than July Wildfire. I don't believe that we can't get a Guild Creation Token from bosses."


    Lin Xi smiled, "But With You doesn't like us and even have many conflicts with us. I don't think this is a piece of good news."

    "For the near future let's just level up and not cause trouble."


    Lin Xi agreed, "Lu Li is right. Before our guild is created, we should just level."

    I nodded, "But if we don't get a Guild Creation Token we would miss the best chance. A while later, the four secondary cities will open and the time before that is when we get the experts. If we don't create a guild, the remaining players will get swept up."


    Lin Xi felt pity, "But there is nothing we can do about it, this is life."

    "No worries, it will appear."

    "Right Lu Li, what are you doing. Is there a chance of a Guild Creation Token appearing?"


    I laughed, "I am doing a quest and has a chance to kill Treasure Grade bosses. If I am lucky then I might get one. Don't worry, I will give it to With You and not sell it."

    "En, when the time comes I will pay you!"


    In truth, I sold the last one if not Breaking Dawn wouldn't have been able to create their guild. Breaking Dawn Ash and Breaking Dawn Dust wouldn't be so arrogant too.

    No choice, who expected With You to be so unlucky and there not to be a single Guild Creation Token to date?


    A few minutes later, as expected a bell rang in the sky--


    System Notification: Congratulations player Wine and Poems for creating guild For Dreams!

    Shortly after, he posted a recruitment message. He spent 5000 RMB for it--


    System Notification (Player Wine and Poems): Brothers of Linchen County, our For Dreams has finally been established! We are recruiting everyone. Whoever is willing to come will be our brothers. Let's get equipment, fight others altogether. We will have a merit board and those highly ranked will get paid in cash. The highest will get 100 thousand RMB a week! The highest brothers in the year will get a BMW 520! Come, we have started recruiting people from all around. Although this is a game but this time we won't roam around alone. This time, For Dreams, will be a brotherhood!


    As expected from a player with a mine at home!

    Such confidence, was this the reason how he could attract Wang Siyu? No choice, I really couldn't compete with him with this. Father told me to be low profile since young. So even if our family was good, I didn't spend as blatantly as him.

    Of course, if we talked about family, I believed that he had no chance. He didn't even have 1% of my family's wealth.

    Forget it, money was best spent when one earned it themselves.



    I continued until dinner and after dinner. This lasted to 8pm before I finally killed 5000 of them!


    A golden light shone and the music became really intense. The temperature ahead started to decrease and the grass was covered in frost. A giant light formation appeared on the ground and magic started to rise.

    It was here, the Ashen White Treant!

    "Pa ta", I placed Bloodthirst Banners around. No matter how the Ashen White Treant attacked, I had to place more of this to increase my damage and survivability. At the same time, my bloodline power was at 100 which meant that I had 33 minutes of Darkness Shura transformation. During the battle, the bloodline value would increase too so I had around 40 minutes.

    "Si si si~~~"

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    Cold spread in the Forest of the Prophet. In the distance, the treants 300 meters away from me all bowed down. Right ahead, a body started to rise and it was covered in a white and blue tree bark. It was 5 meters tall and was really strong. It had two branches as arms and its head had several withered leaves. It stared at me with its red eyes. It was here, my Boss, the Ashen White Treant!

    Under Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, I was able to see the Boss's stats--

    Ashen White Treant (Legendary Grade Boss)

    Level: 98

    Attack: 18000-20500

    Defence: 12000

    Health: 70000000

    Skill: Vine Arrow Attack, Bind, Spirit Recovery, Ice Domain, Ice Peak

    Introduction: Ashen White Treant, legendary treant leader. It has been asleep for ten thousand years and awakened the deep powers of the frost laws. It can even summon a terrifying ice field attack. Adventurer, if you meet it, it is best to flee.


    I held my daggers and calmed down. I stared at it calmly. Something weird was that this physical monster's skills were all magic damage. Vine Arrow Attack, Bind, Frost Domain, Ice Peak, all of them sounded like magic attacks. For them to be on a physical damage Boss, was this a legendary dual cultivator?

    Forget it, kill it first!

    Kill it!

    Complete the quest and get the blood!

    Get the Guild Creation Token and build With You!

    En, the script had been written!

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