Chapter 359- Braised Fish Rice
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Zhan Yue Chapter 359- Braised Fish Rice

  Zhang Xiaofei looked at the dagger in my hands and his eyes lit up, "So you are an Assassin. To be honest with you, our Gravedigger Association, members are all Assassin. We are hunters of the night but we do it mostly for money while you do it to kill. Since we are from the same family, save me!"

    I smiled, "Don't worry, I won't let you die here. But I have to make things clear that we are not the same, although I am an Assassin but I won't rob graves."


    In his eyes that were filled with gratitude, I slashed the veins on his arms and noticed that they were really tough. Darkness Dragon Tooth only left marks but was unable to slice it. I gritted my teeth, spending 3 bloodline values to enter Darkness Shura transformation. Dark gold energy surged around me and I was wrapped in golden lightning.

    I terrified him and he opened his eyes wide!

    "Ka ka ka!"

    This time, with Darkness Shura transformation, the daggers became much sharper and I was able to slice the vines really quickly. Zhang Xiaofei was free and he rested on the broken tomb.

    "These vines..."

    I kicked them away, "Why are they so tough?"

    "These are not normal vines."

    Zhang Xiaofei glanced, "These are the old vines of the AShen White Treant. Normal blades are unable to slice it. Adventurer, you... Your bloodline is strong, I can sense a terrifying pressure from it."


    I nodded and pushed the stone pressing his legs away, "Now you can leave safely."


    He covered his chest, "If I go now, within three days I will definitely die in Linchen County..."

    "Why?" I was shocked.

    He moved his hand aside, "Because of this..."

    I noticed a small wound on his chest.

It was the size of a fingertip but the blood had turned purple. He laughed bitterly, "I was hit by the vine and this is a poison. Unless I use its blood as the antidote, but that Ashen White Treant..."

    "Ashen White Treant..."

    I frowned, "Is it really strong?"


    He gritted his teeth, "The Ashen White Treant is the ruler of this Forest of the Prophet. The last time when Bahuang Duke sent his army to wipe their treant race out, a Spiritual Ruin Realm wasn't able to defeat it. On the contrary, he was poisoned too and he died within three days."

    I took in a deep breath, "Is the Ashen White Treant so strong?"


    He looked at White Bird and Orange Night, "Even with your strength, you might not be its match."

    "That might not be true."

    I tapped his shoulder, "Wait here, once I kill it, I will naturally bring its blood back for you."

    "Is that true?"

    Zhang Xiaofei was emotional and grabbed my hand, "Young adventurer, thank you. Don't worry, if you can kill it and help me, Gravedigger Association won't treat you badly. I will use my honor to obtain rewards for you, don't worry!"


    Right at that moment, a bell rang, finally a quest was here---


    System notification: You have obtained the main quest Ashen White Treant (SSS Grade)!

    Quest content: Head deep into Forest of the Prophet and after killing at least 5000 Deep Nether Treants, summon the Ashen White Treant and kill it. Bring its blood back and use it to heal Zhang Xiaofei's wound. You will obtain huge rewards!


    Ok, I got the quest!

    But this was definitely going to be an intense battle as I had to kill 5000 Deep Nether Treant to cause the Boss to spawn. If I was not wrong, this Ashen White Treant should be a Legendary Grade boss that was no lower than level 95. This meant that I had to solo a level 95 super orange Boss. Luckily, I could spend the time to gain bloodline power. To kill it, my bloodline power had to be full right?

    I took out a steak and a clean water bag before tossing them to Zhang Xiaofei. I smiled, "Okay, I shall find the antidote. Stay here and don't die."

    "En, don't worry."

    He smiled, "As Gravedigger Association's top gravedigger, I have high survivability. A thousand year zombie king and old zombies aren't able to kill me, much less this Deep Nether Treant."

    "Stop bragging..."

    I dissed deep down but I still smiled, "That is great, I will leave then. Orange Night, White Bird, let's go!"

    "Yes Master!"

    Orange Night's voice was really calm while White Bird didn't care at all. She just walked alongside me with the broken sword.


    Forest of the Prophet, the morning mist wrapped around the wilderness. Although it was in the morning but the sun was unable to shine through. Who knew when the sun could. Right ahead, many giant bodies were moving. They were all Deep Nether Treant and the quest had officially begun!

    The quest was to kill 5000 of them so I couldn't do so one by one. I had to gather them and use Apprehension, Dragon Will, Ice Boomerang Blade etc AOE skills. That would increase the efficiency. As for Orange Night and White Bird, they had AOE skills too like Giant Dragon Storm, God Dragon Descends, Lightning Blade etc.

    But, the Deep Nether Treants were so strong and one Vine Arrow Attack would deal 10 thousand damage. I could get insta killed easily so I had to test it out slowly.

    The first time, I drew two here and with my avoiding their attacks, we killed them easily.

    The second time, I drew three over. This time it was a little tough as I had to dodge three binds. Along with the two puppets helping, it wasn't too tough.

    The third was to challenge four. This was difficult and I had to rely on Orange Night to tank. But it was still okay as he had lifesteal and could self recover.

    At the 4th time, I attracted 5 of them. There was a huge amount of pressure as vines flew about and binds were al over. Even with my movement I still found it hard. With White Star and Orange Night as well as my 26% lifetsteal, I was able to kill them without Soul Star Explosion and Blood Drawing Blade.


    Thus, each time I attracted 5 Deep Nether Treants over to kill. Orange Night and White Bird's experience bars started to increase. As for me, I was level 91 so the leveling speed was much slower. This was normal. If not, if I could level many times a day, the game progression would become uncontrollable. This would be a calamity for any game company.

    Destiny was an expert at this and naturally knew what they were doing!

    Just like that, I continued until noon and I only managed to kill 1000+ of them. There was a beep and I received a message from Lin Xi, "Delivery is here~~"

    "I know, I shall take it. Time to eat!"


    I went offline and the delivery boy was outside. I took the rice and then went upstairs.

    On the second floor, the lift was nearly finished. Only the decorations weren't done, Moreover, the lift could be used.

    "Three days."

    Shen Mingxuan looked outside and smiled, "At most three days and the lift can be used. Moreover, I told them to help us level out the uneven spots on the ground floor. Like that, Lin Xi would be able to move about on her own."

    Lin Xi squinted her eyes, "Thank you!"

    "Why are you being so polite~~"

    Shen Mingxuan hugged her and smiled, "I know you don't like being pushed around and want to control your life right?"

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    Lin Xi didn't deny and smiled, "That is normal. If you can't walk, you won't hope for others to look at you differently. If I could walk, I don't want anyone to help me."

    I laughed, "En, your dream will come true soon. Right, how is your training in the morning?"

    "Not bad.."

    Lin Xi smiled, "My Flame Deer is level 62 and should be able to chase up to me in three days. Those people who try to bully me are going to get hit!"

    She looked at me, "What about you Lu Li? Did you gain anything?"

    "Not much, I am just killing monsters and leveling."

    "En, good luck!"

    She opened the rice box and smiled, "Chicken drumstick rice, who wants it?"

    "Me me me~~~"

    Shen Mingxuan raised her hand and her chests started to bounce.

    "Diced chicken strips? Whose?"

    "Me me me~~~"

    Gu Ruyi raised her hand and her small face was flushed red.

    "Then this..."

    Lin Xi opened another, "Who ordered the more expensive braised fish rice? Why is he eating something that costs 5 dollars more than the rest of us!"

    "Mine!" I raised my hand.

    Shen Mingxuan said, "Why? He is just shameless and wanted to eat it..."

    Lin Xi giggled, "That is okay, Lu Li's value is far more than the braised fish rice!"

    I think Lin Xi was right but then it sounded wrong too. As such, I didn't reply to her.

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