Chapter 358- Gravedigger Association
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Zhan Yue Chapter 358- Gravedigger Association

   Outside of the city, nature here was a sight to behold.


    I walked around, anyways my level was high enough and I wasn't in a rush to level. I could train Orange Night and White Bird. More importantly, I had to fight. Only by fighting could I gain bloodline value. This was what was needed to transform. This time, I had spent 20 minutes in Darkness Shura state and I was only left with less than half.

    Since that was the case, time to head to Red Valley. The monsters there were high leveled and the Flame Deers were easier to kill.

    Thus, I headed towards Red Valley.


    Along the way, Shen Mingxuan sent a voice message, "Scoff. this Feng Canghai is too shameless? Lin Xi, don't you think he is annoying?"


    Lin Xi said gently, "But what can I do, I can't ask him to scram. Wouldn't I be as rude as July Wildfire?"

    I nearly laughed. What did Lin Xi mean, was she just targetting me?

    Gu Ruyi said, "Lin Xi told him that she has no feelings but he still wants to invite us to train together. Weird, do Elements not have any beautiful girls?"

    "They do."

    Shen Mingxuan said, "Moreover, there are many. Didn't Elements have an offline gathering? The few girls that went were really beautiful, some are online famous level."

    I frowned and asked, "Lin Xi did you meet Feng Canghai before offline?"

    "Eh ah..."

    Lin Xi replied, "Last year at a Destiny event. Although I didn't officially attend, but I did go. Feng Canghai was one of the few that saw me."

    "So that is the case..."

    I nodded, "You are so beautiful so it would be weird if he didn't chase you."


    Lin Xi smiled, "Am I really that beautiful?"


    "So..." Shen Mingxuan smiled, "You came to With You because of Lin Xi?"

    "What do you think?"

    I waved, "I was a high level Paladin,

many parties wanted me. So why did I choose With You, of course, it was for Lin Xi! I didn't know you then, hahaha~~~"


    Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were furious.

    Lin Xi giggled, "Okay, where are we going to train?"

    "Red Valley."

    Shen Mingxuan said, "Let's level on Flame Deers to train your Flame Deer. Ruyi and I also want to level our pets. A few days later, these few pets would be able to officially participate in battles."


    Did they want to come too?

    It seemed like I had to head even deeper in.



    A message came from Ah Fei, "Hehehe~~~"

    "What are you laughing at!" I was speechless.

    He continued to smile, "Hahaha~~~ Lin Xi and the others are gone. Looking at Lin Xi from close, she really looks like those... Perfect beauties..."

    "Is that so?"


    He sent an expression and replied, "Right, you have been in With You for so long so have you had any progress? Or you forget your reason to head there? You wanted to make Lin Xi love you and then toss her. Did your heart change?"


    I was speechless, "I don't know, my heart has been in a mess."

    "What mess?"

    He sent an annoyed emoji, "Is it because Lin Xi is not good enough for you? Hahaha, although she is a cripple but maybe it would feel different, haha~~"


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    I laughed, "You really are scum! I am leveling, I am not free to talk nonsense with you."

    "Okay, go, I won't disturb your cultivation."


    After closing the WeChat, I switched to the Paladin account and rode the Thousand Mile Moon Foal forwards. I arrived in Red Valley at my fastest speed.

    Not long later, the valley ahead was covered in red maple trees. I activated Ash Fortress and charged out while being attacked by numerous Flame Birds. After I was out, those birds stopped chasing. They flapped their wings and returned to their nests. I continued forwards and passed the Flame Deer map. After ten more minutes, I was close to the south border of Linchen County.

    Ahead was a bush forest known as the Forest of the Prophet. This was a forest covered with a mist. As compared to the Red Valley's maple forest, there were more signs of life here but it was more solemn and serious.

    I switched accounts and my Shura Assassin landed from above. After awakening Shura Bloodline, my entrance became much cooler. I stepped into Forest of the Prophet. A few steps later, I noticed movement. Many trees started to move and on close look, they were tree spirits!

    Tree spirits, spirits in the form of trees. They were living beings in the Illusionary Moon world. Along with a furious and old voice, a five meter tall spirit walked over, "Young man, you shouldn't have come here. Now you will pay for your recklessness. Die!"

    A vine shot out from the ground towards my chest!


    At this moment, my reaction speed had increased. The attacks were quick but to me, I still felt that they were slow. Maybe it was because my Agility was too high or if there were other reasons. Anyways, without activating my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, I just carried my daggers and avoided this strike!


    The vine stabbed into a piece of stone and pierced through. Such terrifying attack strength!

    At that moment, I turned around and read the stats of this Treant--

    Deep Nether Treant (Legendary Grade Monster)

    Level: 95

    Attack: 10500-13800

    Defence: 9000

    Health: 1300000

    Skill: Vine Arrow Attack, Bind, Spirit Recovery

    Introduction: Deep Nether Treant, a treant that lives deep in nature and it has a really strong life force. It obtains earth power for its own use. At the same time, these treants have strong territorial dominance and swear to kill all invaders. They didn't know that their race had started to spread and they were the invaders instead.


    Not bad!

    Level 95 Super Orange monster, it was suitable for a level 91 player like me. But its Attack and Defence were both high, especially defence that was 9000. Normal players couldn't break through at all. Fortunately, Assassins were great at armor penetration. Moreover, with my equipment, even without the job advantage, I would be able to damage someone with 9000 Defence.


    "Peng", with Soul Star Explosion being used, I used Dark Shadow Jump and that dealt 50 thousand damage. I then used Hunter's Edge+Flames of Karma which brought it down to 50% health. One had to say that the Shura account was too suitable for monsters!

    "Orange Night, White Bird, time to fight!"

    I waved my hand and summoned two puppets. Along with my damage, this Deep Nether Treant was cleared out just like that. With a creak, the branch shattered and green blood spurted out. The treant knelt down and dropped a bunch of gold and experience. Killing monsters here really gave huge rewards!

    "Not bad not bad~~"

    I picked up the gold and looked forwards. The entire forest didn't move at all. This was not the only one right? That shouldn't be it, I continued forwards!

    I held my dagger and sliced vines before continuing. A few steps later, there was someone crying out, "Is... Is there anyone? Save me..."

    Someone was asking for help?

    I used White Cloak and entered stealth. Then I carefully headed towards that sound. I saw a teen in leather armor laying beneath a pile of stone. His legs were under the stone and his arms were bounded on a tombstone.

    That stone was one from an ancient tomb.

    "En? !"

    I walked out and noticed that the words, "Gravedigger Zhang Xiaofei", I was stunned, "Brother what is going on?"


    When he saw me, this NPC was stunned by my Darkness Shura image. But when he saw my Linchen County mark, he understood that I was a player and heaved a sigh of relief. He said, "It sounds embarrassing but I am being punished by a treant."

    "It is indeed."

    I looked at him being bounded, "You... Were digging a grave right?"

    "Right. "

    He was a little awkward, "I am what people call a gravedigger, but... I give the money I get to the poor in Linchen County."

    He begged, "Young adventurer, can you save me? If you do, I will remember your kindness. My Gravedigger Association will also reward you!"

    "There is a Gravedigger Association?"

    I rolled my eyes, "So open?"

    "Yes, it is so open."

    He said, "Save me, I have been trapped for three days and nights and am about to die from hunger and thirst..."


    This seemed like a quest.

    I just accepted it without saying anything.

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