Chapter 357- Second bloom
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Zhan Yue Chapter 357- Second bloom

 "How did you enter Linchen County?"

    Ah Fei's chin was about to touch the ground. He looked around nervously, "Why aren't they attacking you?"


    I was speechless, "Look at my ID color."

    "It is green..."

    "Right, green means ally, I am safe."


    He clenched his fist, "What did you do to actually allow both light and darkness to accept you? Does that mean that your Black Castle identity is still there?"


    I sat on the Great Sage Hall steps and said, "Let's stop talking about such nonsense. I have some equipment without inscriptions, get to work."

    "Okay, bring them all out!"

    I took out all the equipment that I got. Darkness Dragon Tooth, Flame Stepping Cloud Boots, Purple Change Ring etc were still not inscribed. I passed them all to Ah Fei and he rolled his eyes, "Damn, three Legendary Grade equipment? Did you rob some place?"

    No no..."

    I shook my head as I watched him, "I got them from killing demons."

    "That's good."

    He inscribed while smiling, "Listen to music, let me dot his slowly. High grade inscriptions take longer time and the failure rate is quite high."


    I nodded and clicked on some online music websites.


    A few minutes later, a few familiar people appeared. It was Lin Xi with Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi. Lin Xi was dressed well and her body was giving off a super orange glow. Her exquisite armor wrapped around her body and it was really alluring. Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were all top beauties and their equipment grades were high too. One held a bow and one held a staff. They looked like a group of experts.

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    Shen Mingxuan's gaze landed on my body,

"July Wildfire... Why is he in Linchen County? No NPCs are attacking him, isn't he from the Darkness Faction?"

    Lin Xi glanced, "There were two portions of the Blood Expedition, one was the expedition that we were in and the other was Blood Dynasty's war against Black Castle. July Wildfire is from Black Castle so we are allies now. It is not surprising that he can enter Linchen County."

    Gu Ruyi said softly, "Then will he randomly kill people here?"

    "The city is a safezone so no. As for when he exits the city, I am not sure."

    Lin Xi brought the two girls over. She had the White Dragon Sword by her waist, "Grandmaster, it is rare to see your friend and you together!"

    "Ah? ! Hahaha~~"

    Ah Fei's face flushed red, "Yes yes, he is only able to enter the human race city now so he came to see me. But he is shy, so, please forgive him..."

    How was I shy, I was so familiar with the three of them. After all, I saw them every day. I looked at Lin Xi and noticed that she was looking at me with a complicated expression.


    A magical moment of silence.

    A few seconds later, Shen Mingxuan broke the silence, "July Wildfire, do you still remember how you killed me?"

    "I do."

    I nodded and used Shura's low voice, "Why, Shen Mingxuan you are so petty? Be careful that I don't kill you again~~"


    Her body trembled in anger, "Scoff, you really are an evil person~~"

    I nearly laughed. I stood up and said with a righteous voice, "I don't know you and you don't understand me. If you continue sprouting nonsense, I might sue you!"

    "Mingxuan, forget it, stop..."

    Gu Ruyi pulled her hands. She frowned and she looked like she was afraid of me. This made me uncomfortable, was this still the well-behaved Gu Ruyi? Was I so terrifying usually?

    Thinking about it, it was not surprising. The goal of mine every time I came was to kill people and it was not surprising that Gu Ruyi had such an impression.


    Lin Xi smiled, "Let's not fight today, we are here for inscriptions. July Wildfire is his friend so let's give him face."

    I sat on the steps.

    "Oh, the few beauties want level six inscriptions?" Ah Fei smiled.


    Lin Xi nodded, "We got high grade equipment from the event, please help us. This is the payment."

    Lin Xi took out a few pieces of equipment. A super orange and two orange. It was obvious that both Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi got orange gear yesterday. Not bad, after all, orange was still really rare and one could count those in the server with orange gear.

    "Since that is the case then thank you for your patronage!"

    Ah Fei kept his equipment and money and got to work, "My brother has a few too. Please wait for a while, I will be down soon."

    "En en."


    Lin Xi sat on the steps with Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi. They were three meters away from me and she placed her White Dragon Sword on her legs. A moment later, she turned towards me. I was looking at her too so things were quite awkward.


    After a moment of silence, she asked, "July Wildfire, do you want to spar?"

    She actually challenged me?

    I rolled my eyes, "No."

    "Why?" She was shocked.

    "You can't beat me," I said.

    "Is that so?"

    She bit her lips, "If we don't try, how do you know that I can't defeat you..."

    I said, "I am busy and am not free. Are you satisfied with that answer?"

    Ah Fei stared at me, "Be nicer to the girl, stop being so rude you pig!"

    I coughed.

    Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan laughed. Gu Ruyi too covered her mouth and laughed. The atmosphere became much gentler with his words.

    But my words weren't wrong. Although Lin Xi got one more piece of Legendary Grade equipment, but I had three more. Now that I had the Darkness Spiritual Ruin and had the Darkness Shura transformation, that alone gave me an advantage. Her White Star stats were right there and they were crushed by Darkness Shura. Once we fought, I had a 70% chance of winning and might even insta kill her!

    Of course, Lin Xi didn't know that and she didn't need to know. I had treated myself as a member of With You so why would I attack her. I was just lacking a chance to be honest. Once that day comes, I would tell them everything without hesitation. I believe that Lin Xi should forgive me for everything I did?

    But I had been hesitating and searching for that chance. After all, I had OCD and delaying problems. Continue waiting!


    Not long later, my three pieces were inscribed. Darkness Dragon Tooth had a +450 Attack, Flame Stepping Cloud Boots had a +4500 Health while Purple Change Ring had +3% Critical Strike. These few stats were really strong and pushed my stats to a new level.

    Although there weren't any legendary double stats but it was not bad.


    I wore them and left. I said towards Ah Fei, "I shall go level, get to work!"


    I walked outside of the city while Lin Xi frowned at me. She didn't say anything.


    But when I was at the gate, a group walked out from the blacksmith stall and blocked my path. They were from Elements and Feng Canghai was dressed in super orange gear. He smiled, "The sun is rising from the west, friend, how did you enter Linchen County?"

    "Why can't I?"

    I looked at him lazily, "I am a member of Linchen County. White Cloak Prime Minister personally approved me. So what?"

    "Sure sure sure."

    Feng Canghai smiled, "For Seven God to come to Linchen County is our blessing. Not long later the secondary city will open and competition will be huge. For you to join Linchen County will help to increase our competitiveness. So welcome to Linchen County, July Wildfire!"

    I smiled. Feng Canghai was a competitive person and since I squeezed him out of the top three, he even said that I was breaking rules. Now he was being so friendly, this person... If he was faking it, that was just terrifying.

    Moreover, he was most probably faking it!

    "July Wildfire, do you remember me?"

    Behind Feng Canghai, Yun Jian walked out. His gaze was filled with a vengeful tinge, "You should still remember me right? After all, I fought you before."

    I waved, "I don't remember, after all so many have died to me. How can I remember them all?"


    Yun Jian gritted his teeth, "You are so arrogant, be careful not to pay the price for that!"

    "Is that so?"

    I smiled, "Thank you for your words, I will pay attention, then... Guild Leader Feng Canghai, can I head out? You are blocking me."

    "Ah... of course, of course!"

    Feng Canghai pulled the reins of his horse, "Please go ahead."



    The moment I got on the east bridge, Feng Canghai walked towards Great Sage Hall. I heard his voice, "Lin Xi so you are here, what a coincidence..."

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