Chapter 356- Double identity
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Zhan Yue Chapter 356- Double identity

  Next morning.

    I woke up early and headed to buy breakfast with Shen Mingxuan.

    The old uncle teased us, "Eh, Lu Li has a new girlfriend to buy breakfast with?"

    My face flushed red and I didn't reply. Shen Mingxuan smiled, 'En, my turn today. Uncle, do you think I am prettier than his last girlfriend?"

    "As for this..."

    The uncle smiled and didn't offend either, "Your body is nice, the last one is cute. You are both nice to look at, this kid's taste is not bad."

    Shen Mingxuan giggled, "You haven't seen his other girlfriend. She is the prettiest out of all of us. If you have the chance to see her, you would realise."

    The uncle was stunned. While passing the fried fritter, he expressed that he didn't believe that there was anyone prettier. Shen Mingxuan was as happy as a fool while I rolled my eyes. Anyways, to be honest, if you talked about being shameless, Shen Mingxuan was definitely top. Gu Ruyi and Lin Xi had no way to compete with her.


    After breakfast, I went online.


    I appeared within Blood Pond. This time Senior Sister didn't need to cook medicine for me. She was cross legged on the white jade bed. She glanced at me, "Senior Sister is cultivating, do whatever you want."


    I stepped out and came to Precious Treasure Pavilion. Instantly, the people in Precious Treasure Pavilion were really polite to me and many of them greeted me. Some older disciples also started to call me Senior Brother. I remember that before this, all of them called me Junior Brother.

    Scoff, although Black Castle had its own rules, but in the end, it was a place where the laws of the jungle were important. As long as one was the same generation, the stronger one would be the Senior Brother. I was not far away from becoming the Senior Brother of the three divisions.

    "Little Brother July Wildfire, what would you like to purchase?"

    This time, an even more beautiful attendant was here to save me. She hugged my arm and rested herself on me. Not far away, Pang Dalong sat on the resting chair on the second floor and glanced over. Like he was asking me what I thought about this attendant.

My face flushed red and I nodded to express that she was my type!

    I came to the stands.

    I looked at my contribution points and I currently had 30 million. However, I couldn't afford Legendary Grade equipment. As for high grade skills, I wasn't in a rush. I clicked the food column and noticed that there were top quality beef, lamb, deer etc. There was even spirit deer meat that cost 10 thousand contribution points for 500 grams.

    I bought a large bunch. Some were soya sauce marinated, some in spices. I also spent tens of thousands to exchange for a few vases of wine. All of them were placed in my bag and I just walked out.

    The attendant sent me away respectfully. Although I didn't spend much, but I was a VIP so she had no choice. I got famous during the mountain gate battle and in many hearts, I was Black Castle's savior. If I didn't appear, everyone would have been wiped out.


    Just like that, I came to the Spirit Swallowing Hole and an undead cavalry said solemnly, "Spirit Swallowing Hole is a prohibited area, you can't enter."

    I waved, "King of Darkness allows me to go to any place I want."

    "Please enter!"

    He was really direct and decisive. He was a real talent!

    I came to the Spirit Swallowing Hole and activated my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. A golden current formed vines and allowed me to enter the hole.

    In the darkness, Heaven Hound was resting on the ground.

    When I landed, he opened an eye lazily, "Why are you here?"

    "Thank you."

    I raised a hand and many leaves appeared. I took out a large amount of meat and placed a vase of good wine in front of Heaven Hound, "Brother Dog, thank you for your help. Without you, King of Darkness and Senior Sister would be harmed. I really thank you."

    "If you do then let me out!" He scoffed.

    "No, that is a separate matter."

    I smiled, "It is too risky to let you out and I don't dare to take that risk. However, I am really grateful, so... Let's drink?"


    He scoffed and an invisible power raised the jug. He opened his mouth and gulped down, "It... Has been tens of thousands of years since I tasted something like this."

    "Then drink more."

    I waved and gave him another jug

    Heaven Hound scoffed coldly and actually turned into human form. He was a human teen, only his brows were filled with vengeful energy and he had a tail on his back.

    "Eh? !"

    I was stunned, "I didn't expect Brother Dog to be so young?"


    He opened his eyes wide and bit on a piece of deer meat. He drank half a bowl of wine and smiled, "Although I have lived for tens of thousands of years but to a Heaven Hound, I am still a beautiful teen okay?"

    "Teen I admit, as for beautiful..."

    I sighed, "In terms of looks, you are worse than me!"

    I flicked the hair on my forehead.

    Instantly, Heaven Hound was furious, "Are you here to piss me off?"

    "No, I came here to drink with you to thank you."

    I tapped bowls with him, "If not for you, I definitely won't be able to do it myself."

    "Good that you know."

    He swallowed another mouthful of meat and drank another bowl. He looked at me, "Kid, be honest, are you really not planning to let me out?"


    I shook my head, "The price to pay is too huge so I have to be careful, I want.... Once the time is right, I will let you out."

    "When is the time right?"

    "Even if you do whatever you want, I can still suppress you."


    He frowned, "So when you are able to defeat me?"


    "Then... I would probably spend the rest of my life here."

    "No, can you have some confidence in me?"

    "It isn't that I am not confident in you but I am too confident in myself."

    "Damn, just drink. Can you stop acting cool?"

    "Hahaha, drink!"

    He mocked himself, "If I was like before, if you dare say something like that, I would bite your head. Who knew..."

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    "If I don't have the formation, you would have already done that!"

    "Hahaha, you don't have to expose me. Come brother, let's drink!"



    In the end, I only drank half a jug of wine while the rest was cleared out by Heaven Hound. He was a little drunk and just rested on the stone and fell asleep. I summoned the vines, heading out of the Spirit Swallowing Hole and back onto the path.

    Just when I was thinking about what to do, a figure descended. It was Master Ding Heng, "Little fellow, the humans sent a message over and they want to meet you."

    "Oh? Great."

    I followed Ding Heng to the Darkness God Hall. A human race envoy faced the darkness faction experts. When he saw me, he smiled, "July Wildfire, I am here on behalf of the lord. The humans have removed the wanted notice on you, you can move in and out freely."


    I was stunned and delighted, "That... Thank you!"

    "There is no need to!"

    He raised his hand and passed a spirit jade with a dragon carved on it to me, "This is a token from the Prime Minister. With this, you can move about the human land. This represents your identity."

    "Okay, thank you!"

    After taking it, a bell rang in my ears--


    System notification: Congratulations, you have obtained Light Faction identity!


    It seemed like from now onwards, I could move into the human race city! Speaking of which, this White Cloak Prime Minister was amazing and saw my potential right away!

    No, this was a piece of good news and I had to let Ah Fei know!

    Thus, after saying goodbye to the envoy, I changed accounts and returned to the city. I headed into the Great Sage Hall and switched to my Darkness Shura account. My name was green as I appeared and I just walked out.

    Instantly, the players all looked at me in shock. After all, I looked too different from others and was like a demon. Especially my two horns. No matter what, I didn't look like a player. Moreover, I was on all sorts of posters and everyone knew about me.

    On the side, everyone discussed--

    "Damn, July Wildfire?"

    "Isn't he from the Darkness Faction? How can he appear here, moreover... His name is green, we can't fight him. What happened?"

    "July Wildfire is a part of the Light Faction now? Weird!


    Right at that moment, I came to Ah Fei and laughed, "Hello my friend that is busy earning money!"


    Ah Fei raised his head and he was shocked.

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