Chapter 355- Flame Stepping Cloud Boots
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Zhan Yue Chapter 355- Flame Stepping Cloud Boots

 Time passed little by little and the forums were live streaming the scenes in the east. At this moment, the human players had broken through Blood Dynasty's final stronghold and their troops were being crushed. The moment their backline blew the signal for retreat, that marked the end of the Blood Expedition.

    Dongyang City's human race army had handled ten Country Heads and over a dozen main armies. They helped Black Castle earn a lot of time. If not, with these dozen armies attacking us, Black Castle would have been wiped out long ago!

    Not long later.

    A messenger soldier holding a staff dashed quickly around the Blood Dynasty troops. They exchanged an agreement with Zhenyang Duke Guan Yang to have peace. After the agreement, a loud bell sounded out above. Finally, at 12am, this event was over!


    System Notification: Congratulations courageous warriors, with all your hard work, we have finally defeated the strong enemy. Blood Expedition quest has officially ended! Player July Wildfire is ranked 1st and has obtained rewards: Level +3, Charm+5, Contribution point +20 million, Gold +50000, he has obtained extra reward: Flame Stepping Cloud Boots (Legendary Grade), player Dawn is ranked second, obtained rewards: Level +2, Charm +3, Reputation points +30 million, Gold +30000, obtained extra rewards: Spirit Destruction Bow (Legendary Grade), player Lin Xi is ranked 3rd and obtained rewards: Level +2, Charm +3, Reputation points +20000, Gold +20000, obtained extra rewards: Extreme Flame Bracers (Legendary Grade), the other players in the top 10 are: Fushen thousand blade, Fengxian, Mars River, Old Mountain, Pointless Wind, Bright Moon. All other players will receive rewards based on their points. I hope everyone can continue to work hard to protect the honor of the human race!


    It was over!

    "Shua shua shua", three golden lights descended and I was up to level 91. This meant that I could go for my third job advancement! But, I wanted to look at my equipment first!

    I opened my bag and a pair of red boots lay in a corner. Flames shone around it and it was warm to the touch. The first place reward naturally wouldn't be too disappointing--

    Flame Stepping Cloud Boots (Legendary Grade)

    Type: Leather Armor

    Defence: 1000

    Agility: +255

    Stamina: +252

    Strength: +250

    Effect: Avoidability +60

    Special Effect: Windwalking,

Movement Speed +55%

    Effect: Toughness, raise user's Health by 4500

    Skill: Cloud Ladder, consume 60 special skill value, after use, you can move vertically for 12 seconds, cooldown of 120 minutes

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 105%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 102%

    Introduction: Flame Stepping Cloud Boots, a legendary boots. It is said that after wearing it, one could step up into the sky and go anywhere one likes. A graverobbing Saint Bai Yutang used to wear this.

    Required level: 90


    This... It really was a treasure! Did this mean that once I used it, I would be able to cross terrains that I shouldn't have been able to? For example, dozens of meter tall walls. With my movement speed, I should be able to jump across. As for those mountain ranges, I could cross them too!

    Great item, wear it!

    "Pata", with it around my legs, I felt light as a feather. With these boots, I could quickly head to get my third job advancement!

    "Junior Brother, where are you going?"

    Senior Sister Yun saw me stand up and asked hurriedly.

    "I want to job advance, it is urgent!"

    I said solemnly.


    She laughed, "But you shouldn't be heading to the five location hall right? Don't forget, you are a member of the three divisions. head to the Elder Hall, they will arrange your advancement."


    I used Cloud Ladder Technique and instantly I could touch the space ahead of me. My legs used strength and I flew out. I stepped into space and each step felt as if I was stepping on the ground. I was able to jump about like someone who could use the wind to travel.


    Pang Dalong looked at me and frowned, "He actually learned how to travel in the air already? This kid is not ordinary..."

    "Not ordinary your head!"

    I nearly laughed. Mine was a special skill and not a technique! But as an NPC, they didn't know about all that so there was no point in explaining.


    Elder Hall was located beside the Darkness God Hall that King of Darkness was at. The structure was a little ancient and after I stepped in, an Elder welcomed me, "July Wildfire, you are here."

    "Yes, Elder."

    I nodded and smiled, "I would like to job advance."

    "Okay, follow me."

    He brought me in and came to an even higher ranked Elder. This was the 3rd Elder, a merciful looking old man who smiled, "July Wildfire, you have done so well and protected the foundations of Black Castle. What request do you have, I will try to satisfy you. Do you need cultivation materials or techniques?"


    I smiled, "Elder, I want to job advance and hope that you don't make things hard. Can you let me advance at the fastest possible speed?"

    In truth, not only was I heading for the job advancement. based on the system rewards, Dawn, Lin Xi, Feng Canghai etc were all level 90. I had to be quick and try to get the reward!


    3rd Elder smiled, "You just need to pay 5000 gold. Or rather, you can not pay and complete an average difficulty quest. You choose."

    "I will pay!"

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    Without hesitation!

    I took out 5000G and tossed it to him. A golden light wrapped my body and felt like I was transforming. 3rd Elder looked at me with his merciful gaze, "Congratulations little fellow, you are now a high rade Assassin and you are the Shadow of the Exiled, do well. Black Castle is proud of you!"


    I was stunned, my title was the same. Was the system not giving me a new one? But on my personal interface, there was a mark. As I was a hidden job player, my job should be Shadow of the Exiled and it wouldn't change. This was relative to the normal player titles: Imperial Warrior, Imperial Archer, Imperial Mage, Imperial Musician etc.

    Right at that moment, a bell came. I was the first to undergo the 3rd job change--


    System Notification: Congratulations player Seven ** Flame, for becoming the first to complete the 3rd job advancement, obtained rewards: Charm +3, Contribution points +20 million, Gold +10000!


    The rewards were decent. To use 5000G for that was a huge win. Moreover, Charm was something that money couldn't buy. Overall, Illusionary Moon depended on both Charm and combat strength. The difference was that Combat strength could be increased through buying equipment and skill books while Charm was personal.

    In other words, someone like Wine and Poems could spend money to let his Combat strength catch up to Lin Xi but in terms of charm, he would never catch up.

    "He got it again!"

    Lin Xi was furious, "I was fast enough... In the end, July Wildfire got it first!"

    "Don't be angry, don't be angry~~"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "I ordered hotpot, let's eat it to vent our anger okay?"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Okay okay okay~~~"

    With You's three girls were all the same, they would be okay after eating.

    "Lu Li go get the delivery, it is here." Shen Mingxuan said.


    I dropped the game matters. This battle had helped me claim everything that I had lost. Next would be me killing an endless group of players!


    Offline, I took my helmet to grab the delivery.

    The moment I got the delivery, the guy looked at my helmet and his expression changed, "Glory... Glory Helmet?"

    My face flushed red, he could tell?

    "No... Actually not..."

    I looked embarrassed, "Actually, I painted it myself..."

    "Wow, your painting skills are good!"

    He nodded and smiled, "Enjoy your meal."

    "En, thank you."

    I looked as he left and sucked in a deep breath. It was so hard for one to be low profile!


    I turned around and walked to the second floor to eat with everyone.

    Late at night, after placing the heating packet, we waited for the hotpot to be ready.

    "Today's gains are decent."

    Lin Xi rested on the sofa lazily and smiled, "I got 3rd, Bright Moon also got into the top 10. Ruyi was 17th. Light Lantern, Light Frost etc are top 100. Light Lotus is in the top 500. Everyone has done well. Lu Li what about you?"

    "Not bad, I leveled twice."

    "Wow, so fast?"

    "Of course, I can level again tomorrow."

    "Not bad... Get to level 90, I heard that if you don't go for the job advancement you won't be able to learn high level skills."

    "En, when the time comes."

    In a short while, the small hotpot started to bubble. That was the sound of joy.

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