Chapter 354- Also reported
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Zhan Yue Chapter 354- Also reported

  Clouds wrapped around the mountains and the morning sun pierced through the mist and into the forest.

    After a night of war, the mountain path was covered in blood. A gory stench filled my nose. At that moment, for some reason, things felt really tranquil. Everyone was tired and we were resting against trees.

    I sat on a piece of stone. Behind me was Senior Sister Yun and opposite me was Master Ding Heng.

    The war had ended. Down the mountain, Left General Lin Mu and Right General Bai Jian led the right and left camps back and they were waiting at the waist of the mountain. The despair and serious atmosphere were all gone and what replaced it was the feeling of relief. One could see smiles on the faces of many.

    This battle was really intense and both sides had suffered huge losses!


    But right when Black Castle started to recover, there was an uproar on the forums. My points increased like a storm and I instantly overtook 3000+ players and got to first place. I attracted doubts and curses from many players--

    1. July Wildfire Level 88 Assassin. Points: 890215

    2. Dawn Level 87 Archer. Points: 62445

    3. Lin Xi Level 87 Warrior. Points: 55682

    4. Feng Canghai Level 86 Warrior Points: 52177

    5. Fengxian Level 85 Warrior. Points: 49992

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    6. Mars River Level 85 Mage. Points: 48220

    7. Old Mountain Level 84 Archer. Points: 45272

    8. Fushen Thousand Blade Level 85 Assassin. Points: 44899

    9. Pointless Wind Level 84 Assassin. Points: 42112

    10. Bright Moon Level 83 Archer. Points: 40004


    On the forums,

a post by Feng Canghai reached the top and many people commented--

    Hot Topic: Who is July Wildfire? What is he even doing? --- Poster: Feng Canghai

    Content: Two hours ago, July Wildfire wasn't even in the top ten which meant that he was suppressed and didn't get many points. Why did his points rise in two hours and he is even higher than the nine of us added together? I would like to ask. Is Illusionary Moon's data in a mess. Destiny has to give players an explanation!

    Below, many people replied--

    Hot reply (Player Farming God): Right, I would like to ask. The game company is randomly adjusting data, are you treating players like fools? Likes: 22939

    Hot reply (Player Mars River): This time, Destiny Corporation has to explain to us, if not no one can accept this! Likes: 19902

    Hot reply (Player Lin Songyan): Right, although July Wildfire has a hidden job but from the start, he has been riding above the rules. What is the point of such a player in the game? If this continues, we should just delete our accounts. Destiny can play by yourself! Likes: 18902


    It was obvious that Elements was furious. The reason was that Feng Canghai was originally third but I kicked him down. One must know that the gap between third and fourth was huge. Moreover, the news only reported the IDs of the top three players which would affect his fame.

    A top guild needed fame. As long as Feng Canghai was on the leaderboards, Elements would be famous. Now that Feng Canghai was 4th, it was a little underwhelming. For a guild like Elements that was fighting to be the top, it was a huge blow.

    Apart from Feng Canghai, many people grumbled on the forums. All the players were united and were opposing such a despicable person!


    I scoffed and didn't bother. Not matter what, I spent so much effort to get those points. Even if those players in the east battlefield died, they would lose one level. I was risking my life. If I died to those Country Heads and Marquis, I would be wiped out. Was it the same? Different risks meant different returns. Moreover, I was only able to get first by awakening the Darkness Shura. This was not what others could understand.


    Finally, With You's chat exploded. Shen Mingxuan sent a voice message, "Lin Xi you dropped to third... This July Wildfire is first, his points... Is he cheating?"

    "I saw through it."

    Lin Xi was helpless, "There are two possibilities, he really hacked. The second was that he completed a hidden job storyline so his points increased. If it is the second one then it is understandable."

    Gu Ruyi, "Lin Xi, why are you suddenly... Understanding July Wildfire?"


    Lin Xi smiled, "Think about it, from the start to now, has July Wildfire been low profile? His style has been to suppress the experts right? But this event was different. His rankings were at 3000+. Think about it, how could he be 3000+. So I guess that he was planning something. In the end, I was right. His rankings got to first so I am not surprised."

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "You are standing on July Wildfire's side now?'


    Lin Xi explained, "It is because... I am also a hidden job so I can understand this. Illusionary Moon is like this, the settings are special and everything is possible. If you follow the game, attack and defence systems, game rules, this game is so different."


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "I can understand but I still reported him. What about you?"

    Lin Xi smiled, "I reported too..."

    I, "..."


    Time passed little by little. On the mountain path, the elders carried different runes and spiritual stones. Lin Fengnian was injured but he led the elders to repair the formation. As long as it was repaired, even if Blood Dynasty returned, they won't be of much threat.

    Moreover, Blood Dynasty lost 5 Country Heads and dozens of Marquis. They wouldn't even dare to turn around. More importantly, they were shocked by my strength and they didn't dare to return.

    Not far away, King of Darkness was helped down by his disciple Li Yang. He sat in front of Senior Sister and I. His injuries were much better and blood recovered to his face, "This is when Black Castle is at our weakest. Any country would be able to easily wipe us out."

    "Master, how can that be true?"

    Li Yang was shocked and looked towards me with a complicated gaze. He was filled with respect and jealousy, "Junior Brother July Wildfire has awakened the Darkness Shura and even if they come again, with Junior Brother, what do we fear?"

    "It is different."

    King of Darkness shook his head, "Although his bloodline is one of the king bloodlines, but... His cultivation is too low. Even if his strength recovered, he is just Heaven Realm. At this moment, we can't loan him strength too."


    Senior Sister Yun nodded, "Junior Brother's strength was just one off."


    Li Yang was shocked. Zhou Ya frowned, "Right, why?"

    King of Darkness said calmly, "His Spiritual Ruin was destroyed but he absorbed large amounts of energy including all sorts of medicine and Heaven Crystal Ocean's heaven crystals. This made his energy ocean hundreds of times larger. The moment he awakened the Darkness Spiritual Ruin, his soul power and Darkness Spiritual Ruin reached an unprecedented level. Like space being filled by air, it could absorb large amounts of power. At this time, he could borrow our Eternal Realm strength. But now that it was recovering and adjusting to his strength and realm, if we loan him power, his body would explode.

    I was shocked but felt like King of Darkness was right. Senior Sister Yun nodded, "So this was Junior Brother's lucky break and also ours. Without that, we would have been wiped."


    King of Darkness nodded and looked at me in amazement, "Little fellow, you killed five Country Heads and dozens of Marquis. Within hundreds of years, apart from a true genius, if not no one can overtake your achievements!"

    On the side, Lin Mu and Bai Jian were stunned, "This kid... Actually, killed five Country Heads? Oh my god, is that true?"

    "Naturally it is true."

    Senior Sister Yun smiled, "The memory crystal recorded everything. If you don't believe, you can slowly observe the exciting battle!"


    The two generals looked at me differently and they were much more respectful.

    I felt like I needed to be more humble, "I relied fully on King of Darkness, Senior Sister Yun, Senior Uncle Zhang Xiaoshan etc. If not, with my Darkness Shura bloodline and Heaven Realm, I couldn't even kill the Blood Cloak Elders. The credit is not fully mine."

    Everyone smiled. At this moment, Black Castle was united like never before.

    But not far away, Li Yang and Zhou Ya looked at me differently. When they heard that I couldn't borrow others' power, they smiled happily. It seemed like they still didn't like me and were even filled with animosity.

    That didn't matter. If they dared to do anything, I would wipe them out. Anyways I had awakened the Darkness Shura Bloodline. My realm and skills had returned. It would be too easy to use the Darkness Shura state to kill both of them!

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