Chapter 353- Sword Saint's strike
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Zhan Yue Chapter 353- Sword Saint's strike

  Jin Tairan shook his spear and instantly his blood energy surged forwards. A dragon appeared and all of a sudden, he was suppressing the aura of the entire sky.


    A Country Head said solemnly, "Jin Country Head is using the Flood Dragon Technique!"

    Jin Tairan said solemnly, "I will restrict his attacks. The rest of you, use your strongest formation. We need to wipe this kid out!"


    Jin Tairan hollered and a flood dragon coiled around his spear before smashing towards me. I felt like I couldn't move at all. Could this really restrict me?

    "Junior Brother, be careful!"

    Senior Sister Yun was covered in blood and she used a tree to stumble up. She shouted towards me.

    "You are asking for death!"

    A Blood Cloak Elder hollered in rage and slapped Senior Sister Yun.

    But before that palm landed, a fang appeared from the black shield around her. This Blood Cloak Elder couldn't hurt her and was swallowed instead. His body exploded into a blood rain.


    A Marquis shouted, "Weird, a power has appeared to protect these people who have lost their strength to fight back, is there... Some expert protecting Black Castle?"

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    Another Marquis said solemnly, "Only the ten Dimension Legion Lords have such strength but they promised us and allowed us to take Black Castle down. They are definitely not the ones."

    "Then who would it be?"

    "I have no idea."

    "Scoff, after killing that kid, this power won't last for long. It would just be a matter of time before we shatter Black Castle."


    Right at that moment, King of Darkness looked towards me.

He said, "July Wildfire, be careful of the formations. You can't underestimate their formation attacks!"

    "Understood Your Highness."

    I nodded and grabbed my dagger. Deep in my dantian, the Darkness Spiritual Ruin buzzed. I went all out against Jin Tairan's flood dragon technique and streaks of darkness lightning seeped out of my body. I attacked and annihilated the dragon wrapped around me.

    "How did this happen..."

    Jin Tairan gritted his teeth. My resistance placed huge pressure on him. Not long later, his forehead was covered in sweat. It was obvious that Jin Tairan was not on the level of the King of Darkness. I was borrowing their strength so I had exceeded him. One had to pay a heavy price to trap me!

    On another side, the remaining dozen Country Heads stood in the sky. They chanted and refined their runes. Many talismans hung in front of them. This was a rune even stronger than the Blood Curse Talisman. I could sense the power within. A few seconds later, they started to connect to one another and formed a wall.

    "Come, feel the power of the talisman formation!"

    Among them, a Country Head laughed arrogantly, "This strike will shatter you!"

    I looked at them. My body was at my limit. As time went on and my bloodline power was used, I was getting weaker. Darkness Shura used 3 points each minute so I could only last for 33 minutes. At this point, I had fought for 10!


    The talisman formation flashed and attacked me like a flood!

    At that moment, I used all my power to break free. I punched, using the power within me and the entire Darkness Spiritual Ruin. Streaks of Heaven Lighting charged. After being nurtured in my Spiritual Ruin for so many days, it not only helped me get a Darkness Spiritual Ruin, it also became much stronger!

    "Come on then!"

    This time, I used all my skills and trump card in front of everyone from Black Castle. I didn't lack this Heaven Lightning!


    A golden light charged out of my body and wrapped around my fist. This Heaven LIghtning was now gold. I punched and instantly a golden lightning surged forth!

    "Hong hong hong~~~"

    The golden Heaven Lightning struck the talisman formation! In less than a second, the formation started to break apart. They weren't the match of the heaven lightning. After piercing through, it continued to spread and hit the bodies of the Country Heads. A lower health one cried out and his body exploded!

    "Ah ah ah ah~~"

    They shouted. Like how one killed pigs, after being hit by the Heaven Lightning, they gave off a barbecue smell, like cooked pigs.



    Jin Tairan saw the Country Heads and his face was ashen white. He shook his spear, "If I don't kill you, I swear that I am not a human!"

    "You aren't human!"

    I waved my daggers and charged forwards. At this moment, dozens of Marquis surrounded me and attacked along with Jin Tairan. I had used nearly all my skills and could only activate Blood Drawing Blade+Apprehension. At this point, five Country Heads died to me and numerous Marquis died too. Time to kill them!


    The instance the Darkness Dragon Tooth triggered dragontooth, a Marquis died. I kicked out and another Marquis was killed. But during that time, Jin Tairan left three bone-deep spear thrusts. Moreover, they couldn't heal in a short time and I constantly lost health.

    "He can't survive anymore!"

    The bunch of Marquis was excited.

    Jin Tairan waved his spear, "Wipe him out at once, quick!"

    He thrust his spear and his bloodline power exploded. A flood dragon image appeared and pierced through my chest. I fell downwards and struck the stone steps.

    "Senior Brother July!"

    In the distance, the Wind Cloud Platform shouted and they all looked really nervous.

    I wiped off the blood on my lips and my throat felt sweet. My internal organs were damaged and if I continued, Jin Tairan was going to destroy me!


    Jin Tairan's spear descended once more with blood energy. This strike actually caused a storm. If I couldn't block it, not only me, even the Black Castle disciples around would be hit!

    "Come on then!"

    I stumbled up and looked into space. I looked at my skill column. Right, my special skill value was at 100, it was full. Without hesitation, I used my Super Orange Purple Change Ring skill-- Sword Heart!


    The ring buzzed and the light that shot out formed an image. That person was a beauty in a robe. Her exquisite features attracted one's eyes. The sword in her hand was one with her entire aura and she slashed towards Jin Tairan!

    Sword Heart was here!


    A giant explosion as the sword energy from this was really strong. It passed the storm and entered Jin Tairan's chest. The Jin Country Head was left with less than 30% health and he coughed out blood. He was shocked, "How... How did this happen!"


    Zhang Xiaoshan held his sword and stumbled up, his eyes were filled with amazement, 'That... Was it a Sword Saint's strike? Such thick sword path cultivation... This power is far above me..."

    I was stunned, could Senior Uncle Zhang Xiaoshan understand my special skill?


    Right at that moment, Jin Tairan was worried that I would use Dark Shadow Jump to chase him. He jumped into the sky with his spear. While coughing out blood, he shouted, "Retreat! We have missed the chance to take down Black Castle!"

    "You still want to leave!?"

    I flew into the sky and killed another two Marquis. But at that moment, my power was being sucked dry. King of Darkness, Senior Sister's power had disappeared!

    "Junior Brother, return!"

    Senior Sister Yun understood that, "Don't chase, it is more important to manage our Black Castle troops!"


    I turned around and the moment I landed, I removed the Darkness Shura transformation. I had to be more conservative. In case they really came back, I would be able to fight back a little.


    At this moment, the people around got up. Although they were in a bad state but the Blood Dynasty was retreating like a flood. We... Had won in the end!


    King of Darkness smiled, "We have defended our foundations... Hahaha, this is great..."

    Senior Sister smiled, "En!"

    She stumbled by my side, "You brat, I didn't expect you to awaken the Darkness Shura and save Black Castle. You have turned the tides of this calamity..."

    I nodded, "Actually, I didn't expect this too. Fire Demon Witch destroyed my Spiritual Ruin but in the end, I formed an even stronger one!"

    "En en!"

    Zhang Xiaoshan walked over and said, "Guys, return to heal up. The danger isn't over yet."


    King of Darkness said solemnly, "Everyone, start to heal!"


    I didn't need to heal and just sat beside Senior Sister and Master. No matter what, I had to ensure that they were fine.

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