Chapter 352- Killing Feng Gang
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Zhan Yue Chapter 352- Killing Feng Gang

   "As you wish, you animal!"

    This country head was calm and his old face was filled with rage, "I just need one more to kill you!"

    I frowned. Country heads weren't so easily killed. His name was golden then he was past the red of Legendary Grade and Chaotic Grade. He was a gold colored Boss, the legendary Shanhai Grade Boss, the same grade as Heaven Hound!

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    Of course, this was only this version. Whether or not the NPCs would get weaker or stronger would change for the next patch. As time went on, some people will get stronger while some would remain the same.



    The country head attacked, punching me. Blood energy surged towards my face!

    Shifang Flame Spiral Eye activated!

    In an instance, this country head who was originally so terrifying strong became really slow. I saw a chance and used Dark Shadow Jump to get behind him. My daggers intersected and were covered in darkness lightning. I used Backstab+Godslaying Blade+Hunter's Edge+Flames of Karma!

    "Peng peng peng~~"

    A blue dagger pierced through his body but as he was a Shanhai Grade Boss, his health bar was longer than the Marquis. He looked like he had 500 million and after taking my combo, he only lost 50% of his health. He turned around and raged, "You brat, you... You dare to kill me?"

    "I am killing you, you dogshit emperor!"

    I shouted and waved my daggers. I used White Cloak+Annihilation to take down another 100 million health. My bloodline power exploded and I knee-ed him on his chin. This country head cried and flew outwards.

    I raised my hand and used Cloud Piercing Arrow!


    This arrow pierced his head and instantly he died like a dog, turning into a corpse!


    System notification: Congratulations on killing a country head, event points +100000!


    One head,

100 thousand points, that was just so shameless!

    I was stunned. At the same time, I felt an urge to kill. I looked at the remaining 14 country heads and frowned, "Are all of you still watching? Come altogether, I don't have time!"

    "You are asking for death!"

    Wind Country Head Feng Gang hollered, his sword shining cold, "Country Heads, how can we allow such a brat to be so arrogant? Attack together. He is buffed by Xuanyuan Yu, Yun Yue, Zhang Xiaoshan etc. Even if we attack together it won't be embarrassing. After killing him, we can crush Black Castle!"

    "Very good, attack!"

    In the next moment, a bunch of country head experts descended from above!

    My blood boiled. After my Spiritual Ruin was destroyed, I thought that I would never reach the top again. I didn't expect my spiritual ruin to awaken. After evolving it into the Darkness Spiritual Ruin, my first battle was so intense. Guys all wanted to rule the world and fight battles. My first battle was one that was at the very top!

    "Come on then!"

    My body was covered in flashing darkness and lightning. I charged into the sky and used Apprehension. Then I slashed with my daggers like a spinning top. My attack speed buff was on full display. In Apprehension, a bunch of country heads used their own skills but their health started to drop. They were too strong and Apprehension couldn't insta kill them.


    A country head's blood colored palm slapped my shoulder and then my stomach felt cold from Feng Gang's sword. My head was also slashed and instantly my health dropped to 30%!

    I was too arrogant!

    I quickly activated the skill-- Hellfire Body! Damage reduction 90%. At the same time, I used Blood Drawing Blade and activated my combo towards one country head!

    Separated by water!


    Golden energy surged and forced the country heads back. Only the health of the person attacked started to drop and instantly, he was down to low health!

    "Ah? !"

    His gaze turned cold and he retreated, "Country heads protect me!"

    "No one will be able to protect you!"

    I used Dark Shadow Jump beside him and raised my hand. With him as the beginning, I used Dragon Will towards the country heads behind him!


    Dragons roared and the space around twisted. An Eternal Realm expert using Dragon Will was totally different. Streaks of dragon energy swept forwards and instantly the country heads all spat out fresh blood. Their health started to drop and their faces turned green. Some jumped out and were in a mess. This palm showed them how strong I was!

    This Country Head who took it head on gulped and his chest was pierced through. My war achievements had another country head expert!


    In the sky, a figure descended. This was Jin Country Head Jin Tairan. The Coiling Dragon Spear in his hands were covered in blood energy waves. It descended from the sky like a poisonous snake, "Today, I will kill you!"

    "Do you have the ability!?"

    I was so arrogant that I forgot what my surname was. Why would I care which Country Head you was? But Jin Tairan's spear was very vicious and I couldn't take it head on! In the blink of an eye, I pulled and opened the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map. I blocked the spear and at the same time, I used Dark Shadow Jump to appear behind him. I used Hunter's Edge+Flames of Karma to cause his armor to shatter!


    Above me, a formless sword energy descended. My Darkness Spiritual Ruin started to buzz and I sensed danger. This was Feng Gang's sword!

    I rolled out to avoid his sword while waving Darkness Dragon Tooth to use Staggering Blow!


    Feng Gang was a top expert but he was still stunned by me. His head had a stunned mark. He stopped in mid air and there was nothing he could do. The reason was that I had strength now on the level of Eternal Realm experts so I could stun him!

    I didn't care about him, I had to kill Jin Tairan first!


    I used Darkness Shura and slashed my lightning daggers on Jin Tairan's body. Not only did I have the skill system advantage, I also had stats. My strength was similar to King of Darkness+ Darkness Shura. Naturally, I was able to suppress Jin Tairan!

    "Save Jin Country Head!"

    Many country heads charged over.

    But, they forgot about how terrifying Apprehension was. Or rather, they didn't know how quick its cooldown was!

    The instance everyone was here, I retreated and smiled. I waved and used Apprehension once more!

    "Ah ah ah ah..."

    The bunch of Country Heads cried as they were attacked. I counter attacked, aiming at a low health country head and using Godslaying Blade+Annihilation. Then I used Dark Shadow Jump to kill him!


    With Dark Shadow Jump's force, this Country Head's chest exploded. He spat out fresh blood and lost his life force.

    War achievements updated, third Country Head!

    "July Wildfire, even if you die ten thousand times, you won't be able to pay for this!"

    Jin Tairan's eyes turned red as he waved his Coiling Dragon Spear. He formed a blood spiral that smashed towards my back, "I want to kill you!"

    "Bring it on!"

    The moment he used that move, I disappeared from the spot. I used Dark Shadow Jump to appear in front of Feng Gang. I dodged Jin Tairan's skill while focusing my attacks on Feng Gang.

    But Feng Gang was courageous and counter attacked. His bloodline power climbed and his eyes flushed red, "Such a great battle. I like this feeling. Come you kid, use your head and life to help me breakthrough!"

    He hollered, "Frost Spirit Bloodline, Grade Nine, open!"

    Instantly, his aura increased by at least a fold. His spear was covered in frost energy currents and he smiled, "July Wildfire, you are going to die today!"


    His sword flew over. Along with it stabbing at me, everything around me was frozen. Snowflakes floated in the sky and my arms were also starting to freeze. What was this?

    It seemed like Feng Gang was using his strongest move!

    I had to break this!

    I gritted my teeth. Although I couldn't move but my special skills were still shining. I used the skill-- Demon Blade Heaven Swallowing!


    A handsome person charged out from above me. It was Guards Army General Feng Jixing. He held the demon blade and slashed with rage, "With my hot blood, kill all evil spirits!"


    All of a sudden, that heat pushed aside the frost effect. At the same time, that blade energy swallowed Feng Gang's body and one blade took down 200 million health. I used Dark Shadow Jump!

    "Ah? !"

    Feng Gang was shocked. He didn't expect that my skill would break his sword. He wanted to leave but Dark Shadow Jump pierced his body. After I pierced through, Feng Gang's body started to explode from the darkness lightning!

    My points updated, I had killed the 4th Country Head!

    Moreover, this was the Wind Country Head!

    Below, the Wind Country experts were sad, some teens even cried, "How did this happen... His Majesty actually... died... How did this happen..."


    "He died... He died..."

    Jin Tairan's body shivered and his eyes were filled with killing intent, "How... How can I let you spoil Blood Dynasty's plans!? You shall die today!"

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