Chapter 351- Darkness Shura
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Zhan Yue Chapter 351- Darkness Shura


    A streak of dark lightning flew out and the Marquis that wanted to grab me was forced back. He fell onto a piece of stone and his palm was scorched black, "How... How did this happen?"

    Right, how did that happen?

    I wanted to ask that too!

    Right at that moment, my Spiritual Ruin was filled with life and it was activated. I gained a Spiritual Ruin in advance that only Spiritual Ruin Realm experts could have. At this moment, my Spiritual Ruin seemed much stronger and firm. Forests and grass grew on the ruins and they were growing really quickly!

    Apart from that, the heaven lightning was trembling. The phenomenon that occured before was more apparent. Slowly, a darkness lightning split from the heaven lightning and seeped into the depths of the spiritual ruin. It merged with the spiritual ruin and caused streaks of lightning to combine with the roots. It was totally different now.

    As compared to the spiritual ruin from before, the spiritual ruin now was at least 10 times stronger!

    Right at that moment, a bell rang, it was really loud--


    System notification: Congratulations, your Spiritual Ruin has evolved to Darkness Spiritual Ruin!


    System notification: Congratulations, you have obtained Darkness Spiritual Ruin bloodline, soul star +100, successfully awakened 4th spiritual ruin skill: Darkness!


    At that moment, all my skills. White Cloak, Apprehension, Dark Shadow Jump, Flames of Karma, Hunter's Edge etc all lit up! At the same time, the power in my body surged, this... Was it the feeling of Heaven Lightning merging with my Shura Bloodline?

    I opened the bloodline skill list. After the third Flames transformation was a higher grade transformation skill- Darkness Shura!

    I clicked and the stats were stunning--

    Darkness Shura: Transform into Darkness Shura state, after transformation, Attack+200%, Defence +200%, Health +400%, attack ignores all damage reduction effects. 65% chance of being immune to control, all attacks contain 50% darkness damage. The damage towards NPCs area greatly increased. Each minute transformed consumes 3 points of bloodline power.


    This transformation skill,

was close to invincible!

    At this moment, my bloodline was burning. Along with the Spiritual Ruin awakening, my health bar was full. I held my daggers and looked towards hte Blood Dynasty experts. A horn started to grow and it grew halfway before stopping. This meant that my bloodline was becoming more and more perfect!

    I looked at the enemies in front of me. Without any hesitation, I gritted my teeth! Darkness Shura- Transform!


    A dark golden energy exploded from my body and charged about. Along with a buzzing sound, streaks of darkness lightning wrapped around me. I was wrapped up in a magical power. Streaks of lightning shone and I felt like I had walked out from hell. I was covered in killing intent but I was so handsome!

    Darkness Shura was fierce itself and along with my face which seemed scholarly, the two auras merged together. I was both evil and righteous. My daggers were covered in Darkness Lightning and was surging with killing intent!

    "Junior Brother..."

    In the mess, Senior Sister Yun held her arm that was badly injured. She smiled and just looked at me from afar.

    "July Wildfire..."

    King of Darkness sat up and looked towards me.

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    "Little fellow, you have finally grown..."

    Master Ding Heng looked at me happily.

    But, they were all at the verge of death and many Marquis were trying to kill them.


    A Marquis laughed coldly, "I thought something huge was happening. So it is a brat with Shura bloodline whose bloodline retracted. What is the use, just a Heaven Realm expert, how much Shura power can he use? Come, let me see your ability!"

    I looked up into the sky. Darkness power surged around me as I hollered, "Heaven Hound, protect King of Darkness, Spirit Swallowing Hole Yun, Master and the others. I know that a portion of your power can break out of the Spirit Swallowing Hole. Do it! If not, after I kill them, the first thing I will do is to wipe you out!"


    Heaven Hound was furious, "You brat, are you threatening me?"

    "Why, you don't believe me?" My voice was ice cold.


    He hollered, "I shall accompany you today, scoff!"

    A shocking dog woof spread in the distance and streaks of dark energy surged from the ground. They formed barriers around the important Black Castle members and immuned them from damage.

    "You brat, I can only last for a while, do what you must!" Heaven Hound woofed.

    "Thank you!"

    I looked into the sky and with the Darkness Shura state, I was really confident. I used Dark Shadow Jump to get in front of him and that dealt 100 thousand damage. This was just one normal Dark Shadow Jump. Was this the damage increase towards storyline NPCs?



    Godslaying Blade!

    Flames of Karma!

    All of a sudden, I used my four big skills. This Marquis's health started to drop and one combo took down close to 10% of health. One must know that he was a red boss!

    But the gap in stats and strength was apparent. In the next second, he slapped, "Die you ant!"

    I used my daggers to block!


    My chest shook and I fell to the ground. I stepped on the stone and left a long mark on the ground. After turning into the Darkness Shura, even the fighting scenes and aura was different. I really looked like an expert!



    In the distance, King of Darkness knelt on the ground and panted, "July Wildfire is too weak and isn't the match of those Spiritual Ruin Realm experts... Come, let's lend him our strength, let's hope he... Can become our hope, the spark to protect Black Castle!"

    Afer saying that, King of Darkness raised his hand and pure blood energy flew over into my body. I felt like god was helping me and my strength instantly increased to Eternal Realm. I was confident and it made me feel like I could look down on the world. I even felt like I could solo Marquis and even Country Heads!

    "Junior Brother, it is up to you!"

    Strength Yun raised her palm and a red pure energy surged into my body. My power became even thicker!

    "July Wildfire!"

    Zhang Xiaoshan held his thin blade and raised his left hand, "Senior Uncle will also lend you my strength, go and battle!"

    A pure sword path energy surged into my body and instantly three Eternal Realm king powers were loaned to me. The lightning power around me grew stronger and it felt like it was about to sweep everything.

    "We are here too!"

    Master Ding Heng, Lin Fengnian, Pang Dalong, Long Guo etc elders loaned me their strength. Light entered my body and I felt like I was about to explode from power!

    "En? !"

    In the sky, that Marquis laughed coldly, "You want to battle Blood Dynasty just like that? Die!"

    He descended from above and his palms shone blood red like a mountain was pressing down.


    I raised my hand and stomped on the ground. "Peng", I flew into the air and stabbed. With a "pu", lightning glow shone and that Marquis was split into two!


    I counted, en, right. 100 million damage. Instantly, this Marquis was killed!


    System notification: Congratulations, you have killed a Marquis, event points +10000!


    One strike 10 thousand?

    I opened my eyes wide in disbelief. Although I didn't get much experience and no equipment due to the fact that I was in the storyline mode. But the event points was still given to me. This meant that I, who was ranked 8000+ had a chance of getting to the top?

    I was delighted and wind started to blow beneath my feet. After obtaining Eternal Realm strength, I was able to fly. I appeared behind a Marquis and sliced his waist. With a crack, I sliced him by the waist and my points increased once more!

    "Damn, how did this kid..."

    The Marquis were all stunned.

    'Charge and kill him!" Someone suggested.


    Dozens of Marquis descended and they dealt shocking attacks from all directions. I looked at them and my lightning glow shone bright. My daggers disappeared and I opened my fingers towards the front to use my strongest AOE technique- Apprehension!


    Apprehension... changed! The current Apprehension wasn't only 40 yards, it covered half the sky. Darkness LIghtning and the golden storm swept and instantly, the bunch of Marquis entered the range and they cried out in pain!

    "Peng peng peng!"

    The darkness lightning and power came from my Heaven Lightning. With the Eternal realm power it wasn't weak at all. Apprehension caused many 50 million damage numbers. The Marquis weren't able to dodge at all and were turned into a bunch of dismembered corpses!

    In the end, one Apprehension killed dozens of Marquis!


    Blood rain and corpses landed. I stood proudly in the sky and reached out at one country head, "It is your turn."

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