Chapter 350- Use my own strength
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Zhan Yue Chapter 350- Use my own strength

  "Nice timing!"

    Hai Yi laughed and his expression was really vicious. Blood power exploded from his body and he swept his moon blade. He formed an inpenetrable defence around his body and he repelled each and every sword. But, if one only defended, one would definitely lose. A few seconds later, his right leggings was shattered and blood spurted out. Then, his left shoulder was hit and another wound appeared.


    Zhang Xiaoshan clenched his fingers and the sword energy gathered into a dozen meter long sword which smashed down on Hai Yi!


    A giant explosion and Hai Yi spat out blood. His armor shattered and he was actually badly injured!

    "Country Head Hai Yi!"

    Another two crowned Eternal Realm experts descended from the sky. One of them had a thin sword and this was Wind Country's head Feng Gang.He laughed coldly, "I didn't expect... The old man guarding the Ancient Battlefield to actually be an Eternal Realm Sword Saint, hahaha.... Good good. It was so tough to find a Sword Saint, today I can finally spar with a true Sword Saint."

    Zhang Xiaoshan opened his right hand and his sword intent spread out, turning into flying swords that hung in the air. He smiled, "Such a greedy and violent spirit, how are you worthy to talk about the sword?"


    Feng Gang hollered and his blade slashed across the sky, "Come, taste my Transformation Sword Technique!"

    That sword disappeared from the sky and one could only hear it slash. Transformation Sword Technique, did he turn the sword energy formless? That sounded amazing!

    "Country Head Feng Gang, I shall help you!"

    Another country head held up a giant machete.

    "Okay, let's kill this arrogant Sword Saint together!"

    In the wind, Zhang Xiaoshan laughed. He was a top sword expert that had seen through everything. He spread his arms and was bathin in sword light. He was fighting two country heads just like that. One of them was even a Sword Saint Grade expert!


    No one expected Zhang Xiaoshan to be the first to hurt their country head.

Moreover, he was fighting two of them alone!

    "Come, wipe out Black Castle!"

    Many people moved and started to attack the gate. Many country head experts were among them and no one could stop them anymore. Under their attacks, the cavalries turned into bones. Even the Elder Hall elders would be running to their deaths if they tried. This battle was too intense and after this, the higher ups of Black Castle would be wiped out?


    Energy surged. Master Ding Heng was using the Wind Cloud Palm Technique to fight two Marquis. Although it was strong, but he was only late Spiritual Ruin Realm. The Marquis were all Late Spiritual Ruin Realm too so it was too tough for him to fight two of them!

    But, Ding Heng was much stronger than before. Last time he was able to fight two Blood Cloak Elders at Mid Spiritual Ruin Realm. If he fought them now, those two would probably get insta killed!


    In the sky, figures flew into the sky. Darkness God Dragon Bloodline power surged. Xuanyuan Yu was fighting four country heads on his own. However, wounds appeared on his shoulder and chest. As for Senior Sister Yun, she was in flames and battling three coutnry heads. Her shirt was dyed red and she was already injured.

    During this battle, each Black Castle member was fighting against stronger enemies. Maybe like what Heaven Hound said, without any actual change in strength, we would just die out slowly.

    But Heaven Hound couldn't be released. My intuition told me that once he was released, he would be no different from them and things might get even worse!



    Two Blood Cloak Elders waved their blades to split a Wind Cloud Platform disciple into two. Their attacks changed to Orange Night and White Bird. I couldn't do much and could only use Gouge to stun one. I shouted, "Attack him and wipe him out!"

    Orange Night and White Bird focused while I used Demon Blade Heaven Swallowing!


    A demon blade shot out from the ground to swallow the Blood Cloak Elder's body. With an elder helping out and White Bird slashing, this Blood Cloak Elder's head was sliced off. I was able to get another 500 points. The legendary support kill!

    But after that kill, a fist descended from above and landed on Orange Night's body. Orange Night sunk into the dirt and was about to turn into meat paste. He was left with 2% health. This was a Marquis expert covered in a golden cape. He mocked, "A puppet dares to be so arrogant?"

    "What if it is a puppet formation?"

    A black star pattern shone and black vines wrapped the Marquis. Lin Fengnian appeared from the side.

    "Senior Uncle Lin!"

    I was delighted.

    He held a formation rune stone and his mouth twitched, "You brat, I didn't expect there to be a day when I save you!"

    'Scoff, just this formation?"

    The Marquis laughed out loud as blood colored energy waves surged from his body, "You are scratching my itch?"

    "That might not be the case?"

    Lin Fengnian laughed coldly and shattered two pieces of stone. Two more formations formed around the Marquis and tied him up. Lin Fengnian ordered and many figures appeared. They were all puppets and the strongest one was grade seven. Dozens of puppets sliced towards the Marquis and dealt really high damage.


    The Marquis hollered, "Even if I die, I will drag you down!"

    He exploded and the blood energy waves was like a nuclear bomb which scattered the puppets. The moment he exploded himself, he punched and Lin Fengnian flew out. His chest caved in and his bones were probably all shattered.

    "I... Killed a Marquis, it is worth it... Worth..."

    "Senior Uncle Lin!"

    I dashed over and noticed that he was dying. I had no chance to save him. Should I change into my Paladin to heal him? No use, he was a Necromancer. If I used Holy Light, he would die right away!

    "How can I save you Senior Uncle? !" I was anxious.

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    "You... you..."

    He pointed at White Bird, "Return her to me and I won't die!"

    "Senior Uncle, rest in peace then."

    I placed him down and charged towards the battlefield.



    A fist exploded in the sky and Dong Yuanbai's body rolled out. A Blood Cloak Elder descended from above and slapped Dong Yuanbai's chest. He spat out blood and who knew if he was dead or alive. A Marquis slashed on the other side and Two Balls knelt onto the ground. Blood spurted out from his stomach.

    Were they dead?

    I held my dagger and looked as people I was familiar with fell one by one.

    With three Marquis suppressing him, Master Ding Heng was stabbed and he fell into the wilderness. On the other side, Senior Sister Yun was covered in blood. One palm caused her to fall into the mountain gate. She smashed into the stone steps and who knew if she was dead or alive.

    On the other side, the Darkness God Dragon Bloodline was suppressed. Under the attacks of the country heads, Xuanyuan Yu's arm was broken. He still fought with one arm and in a blink of an eye, he was kicked and he fell towards the ground. The bones in his body had shattered.

    Zhang Xiaoshan was badly injured too. Although a Sword Saint was strong, but he was facing a bunch of Eternal Realm kings and was surpressed.

    A bunch of elders were killed.

    Everything was over.



    A Marquis puncehd my stomach and he laughed coldly, "Hahhaa~~ July Wildfire. I heard that you are Black Castle's top pride, Yun Yue's personal disciple. You don't look like much, you are just trash. An ant like you deserve to die!"

    Another Country Head laughed coldly, "Why don't you kill him? Men, find Xuanyuan Yu, Yun Yue, Zhang Xiaoshan, Ding Heng, Lin Fengnian's corpses, I want to hang them up!"

    "Hang them up? !"

    My mind buzzed and I hollered in rage, "They have already died and you want to insult them in public? !"

    "Blood Dynasty is the winner so we can do whatever we want to them."

    He looked at them coldly, "Scoff, Shura Bloodline... But you are a joke. Just die, what pride, what genius, those are just nonsense!"


    At this moment, Heaven Hound's voice appeared in my mind once more, "Let me ask you once more, unlock my seal and I will help you wipe them out. What do you think about this trade?"


    I hollered. Rage and my injuries caused a certain power in my body to awaken. My body started to burn up and the flames were actually dark. I shouted word by word, "I will use my own strength... To protect them!"


    A giant explosion and my body felt like it was about to explode. Streaks of lightning spread around the Spiritual Ruin. The entire Spiritual Ruin looked like it was coming alive. Life energy surged and Heaven Crystal Ocean's power, Celestial Turtle Fruit's power were all surging out. The Spiritual Ruin trembled and the Heaven Lightning that hid in the spiritual ruins turned into a lightning glow which charged out of my body. They merged with the clouds around. This power was unbelievably strong!

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