Chapter 349- Path of the sword
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Zhan Yue Chapter 349- Path of the sword

But the Heaven Hound was cruel and deceitful. Asking Heaven Hound to help was just one asking for trouble. If he was released, apart from the fact that he might not be the match of those country heads, even if he could, after chasing them away, he might massacre Black Castle. After all, we sealed him for so long and it was impossible that he didn't vent his frustration.

    "No need."

    I shook my head and replied, "I shall solve my own problem."

    "Do you have that ability?"

    Heaven Hound mocked, "Don't forget that you have lost your cultivation. Your only power is the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. Know your worth. Once you release me, I will thank you and help you wipe out those bugs. If you don't help me remove the seals then what is the use of your celestial eye?"

    I frowned, "Brother Dog, know your place. Don't think that just because we are in trouble that you have a chance. Let me tell you that I am living well. Someone might help you unlock the seals but if I die, Shifang Flame Spiral Eye will be gone along with me. You can just wait an eternity in the Spirit Swallowing Hole."


    He was slightly angry, "You brat, why can't you give a little chance?"

    "Because I am not stupid."

    "Hahaha~~ Okay, I shall wait for you to mess up and when you beg me, I will humiliate you. Wait for it kid!"


    I laughed coldly and ignored him.


    Not long later, there was an explosion in the sky. A person flew up into the sky and waved a spear. He dealt a shocking attack towards the formation and with that giant explosion, that spear actually pierced through the formation. The blood colored energy continued to spread and corrupt the runes. The entire formation started to flicker.

    "Not good!"

    King of Darkness said solemnly, "The world ender is breaking down faster than I thought. Prepare to fight!"

    "Yes Your Highness!"

    Everyone pulled out their weapons.

I held my daggers and sunk down to enter stealth. I felt powerless. Although I couldn't do much in such a battle even if I had my Spiritual Ruin, but without those skills, I felt even worse. I was like a leaf in a furious ocean, I wasn't able to do anything at all.


    The entire formation started to breakdown. Instantly, the Blood Dynasty army flooded in with their cavalries at the front. They charged across the wilderness over towards us.

    "Good fellow!"

    Two Balls raged and streaks of bloodline power exploded from around him. A Purgatory Lion iamge appeared behind him, "Come, let's go all out!"


    Dong Yuanbai waved his sword and charged out with the young disciples.

    I charged too and released Orange Night and White Bird, "The strategy is the same, kill while maintaining health. This might be our final battle. Orange Night, White Bird, I am honored to know all of you!"


    Orange Night's voice was solemn, "To be able to fight alongside you is my honor!"

    White Bird held the broken blade and looked at me with her beautiful eyes, "Lu Li, this won't be our final battle, I promise, it won't be..."

    My heart shook. I looked at her and smiled, "Fight White Bird!"




    Orange Night attacked first and swept with his spear. Giant Dragon Storm and God Dragon Descends were used to swing a bunch of cavalries into the sky. My dagger shone cold and I slashed forwards. White Bird used Lightning Blade and scorched the monsters in the sky. In a blink of an eye, it was a messy fight.


    In the wind, King of Darkness saw me release the two puppets for the first time. He smiled, "This kid... He really has many interesting tactics..."

    Senior Sister smiled and pushed her chests forwards, "My Junior Brother is naturally strong!"

    Master Ding Heng rubbed his moustache, "Come, the final battle. I didn't expect it to come so quickly!"



    In the sky, a blood storm descended from above. He pushed his spear down which gave off an aura that took away one's breath. The target was King of Darkness. No one expected that their country head expert would attack King of Darkness right away.

    "Jin Tairan!"

    King of Darkness hollered and Darkness God Dragon Bloodline spurted forth. He punched at his spear and with a giant explosion, energy rippled. The shockwave swept the land and many were forced to raise their arms to block the wind.

    Jin Tairan, the Head of Jin Country, Eternal Realm expert. He used a Coiling Dragon Spear. The strike to destroy the city protecting formation should be from him. Jin Country was said to be the strongest in Blood Dynasty so this Jin Tairan was probably the strongest Eternal Realm expert there. For him to think about suppressing King of Darkness right away, one could see how confident he was!

    "An Eternal Realm battle is so interesting. How about I join in? !"

    Another person with strong aura appeared. He wore a crown and was bathing in lightning light. Under Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, his name appeared. Lei Hun, Country Head of Lightning Country. He was a Chaotic Realm Super Red Boss. Lei Hun descended from above and when he was planning to punch King of Darkness, Senior Sister Yun appeared.


    The lightning fist and Senior Sister Yun's Blistering Flame Finger clashed and she smiled, "You want to fight two against one? I didn't expect the country heads to lack confidence!"

    "Yun Yue!?"

    Lei Hun laughed and opened his palm. Lightning light wrapped about, "Great, I wanted to see how strong your Phoenix Technique is. Come, have a taste of Flash Palm Technique!"

    Speaking of which, his slap caused lightning to spread forth.


    Senior Sister Yun's body shook as she used the Phoenix Technique. Her white skin started to turn translucent and a flame deep in her body started to flow. She sliced and a phoenix appeared around her body to clash with his palm. The color of the sky changed and all of a sudden, they looked like they were even.


    Another country head expert appeared. Ocean Country Head Hai Yi. He held a moon blade and laughed coldly, "Two country heads manage to tie down your strongest King of Darkness and Yun Yue. We still have 13 more, what can you use to block?"

    "We are using our bodies, of course we can block!"

    Three elders charged up and their palm energies turned into rumbling death power which charged towards Hai Yi.


    He laughed and slashed, using his Eternal King Power. This blade wiped out those three elders.


    Hai Yi laughed, "Come, let me wipe out you ants!"

    A streak of light descended from above!

    At this moment, none of the elders could stop him at all. One blade from an Eternal Realm King was just too strong. One could say that no Spiritual Ruin Realm expert could block it. Even Lin Mu and Bai Jian wouldn't be able to do so!


    The elders fought back but were killed. Their bodies were sliced into two and their blood rained down.

    "Ants are just ants!"

    Hai Yi mocked, "Come, let me send all of you down!"

    He slashed once more and the blade covered the land like he was about to split the gate. At this moment, King of Darkness and Yun Yue were both in trouble and no one could save the gate.

    "Move aside!"

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    Right at that moment, an old voice spread from behind. Everyone noticed an old figure in a dirty white robe. He held a black staff. It was Zhang Xiaoshan who guarded the Ancient Battlefield.

    I heard Master say that the only one I couldn't offend in the five outer locations was Zhang Xiaoshan. His few disciples could sweep the outer five locations and that was enough to show his strength, was... He able to block Country Head experts? This can't be?


    Right at that moment, a buzz shook my eardrums. Zhang Xiaoshan stepped into the sky and his body started to heal up and turn strong. The staff in his hands ringed and the black shell started to peel off to reveal a cold glow. In a blink of an eye, this staff actually turned into a cold and fierce sword!

    Zhang Xiaoshan's gaze became solemn and he said calmly, "I have not used this sword in a long time, who knows if it is rusty or not!"


    The blade rang and he slashed casually into the sky. It actually caused the space to twist. Energy surged and hit Hai Yi's blade energy, splitting it into two.

    "En? !"

    Hai Yi was shocked, "Another Eternal Realm? ! Moreover he is a sword expert?"

    Not only him, we were shocked too. No one expected Zhang Xiaoshan to be a hidden Eternal Realm king!

    "You won't understand the sword path."

    Zhang Xiaoshan's blade flew out of his hands. He used a hand sign and his eyes were filled with coldness, "My Ten Thousand Heavy Sword will kill all evil!"

    "Pu pu pu---"

    In the sky, his blade turned into numerous streak of sword light to descend. They descended on the Ocean Country Country Head like rain.

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