Chapter 348- Heaven Hound's suggestion
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Zhan Yue Chapter 348- Heaven Hound's suggestion

 Night, 8pm.


    "Hong hong hong~~~"

    Along with streaks of blood energy raining down, Bright Moon Pass was riddled in holes. In just one day, Blood Dynasty at least sent tens of thousands of Bloodthirst Cannonballs onto the pass. Although the Bloodthirst Cannon dealt most damage to humans and their abilities to destroy buildings were just so-so. However, under this relentless attacks, Bright Moon Pass was under huge danger. Especially the outer area of the pass, it was like a beehive and there were holes formed from the cannons. They stretched numerous meters and that greatly affected the stable structure of the Bright Moon Pass.


    Blistering Flame Finger shot through the sky and turned a Blood Cloak Elder nearest to Bright Moon Pass into a ball of flames. Senior Sister Yun's face was filled with exhaustion. She had been fighting on teh frontlines since the start and hadn't stopped at all. Even if she was at Eternal Realm, she would still feel tired.


    Darkness Dragon Tooth slashed across and dealt the Dragontooth effect on the head of a Blood Dynasty shield soldier, dealing 100 thousand damage and insta killing him. I retreated and landed beside Senior Sister Yun. I looked at the torn and tattered Bright Moon Pass and said, "Senior Sister, Bright Moon Pass can't be saved. Their attacks are too strong and we are running out of ammo."

    "Hold on for a while longer..."

    She looked towards the distance, "Sir Lin Mu, how much firepower do we have left?"

    "Not much!"

    Lin Mu slashed at a Blood Dynasty soldier and said solemnly, "I counted just now and half of our Spirit Crystal Cannons have been destroyed by their Bloodthirst Cannons. We have less than 5 thousand Spirit Crystal Cannonballs and based on teh current speed, we can't last any longer than an hour."


    Senior Sister Yun's body shook and she rested on the railings. She frowned, "Our stamina and spiritual power is running out. If this continues, we will all die in Bright Moon Pass!"

    "Then what? !"

    In the distance, Right General Bai Jian rode a weird beast and held a spear in his hands. He charged about the crowd and each spear would cause a storm and kill a bunch of people. He charged while shouting, "These evil thieves from Blood Dynasty have been bullying us time after time.

Now, we won't show weakness at all and fight them to the death!"

    "Okay, fight them to the death!"

    Yun Yue nodded and expressed her determination.


    But, right at that moment, a black hawk descended from above and turned into a human. He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. This was the Black Castle's scout and the right of his face was in a mess.

    "What happened?" Yun Yue asked huriedly.

    "Lady, not good... Not good..."

    The scout touched the huge hole in his chest, "They... They have crossed the south of Undying Mountain Range. Large amounts of Blood Dynasty troops are at Black Castle and many country heads are there. They are attacking the city protection formation... King of Darkness Hall has given orders to give up on Bright Moon Pass and return to assist Black Castle!"


    The scout crushed the jade talisman in his hands and King of Darkness appeared. He stood in the wind and said solemnly, "Return, fight them to the death in Black Castle!"

    "Yes, I have received the order!"

    Yun Yue, Lin Mu, Bai Jian etc all nodded. Lin Mu raised his sword, "First Army remain here and fight till the end. Rest of you return and assist Black Castle!"

    "Yes sir!"


    "Time to go!"

    Senior Sister Yun Yue grabbed my arm and said, "We shall return first!"


    I was carried towards Black Castle once again but before I arrived, I could see many blood colored horses. Numerous Blood Dynasty cavalries had surrounded Black Castle. Many blood hawks circled the sky like bloodthirsty scavenger.

    "Do you still want to return to Black Castle? !"

    In the sky, there was a thunderous voice. A person with a crown appeared and the blood energy in his body was really thick. His eyes were filled with killing intent, "Yun Yue? You won't be able to return, die outside!"

    He slapped and instantly space around started to crack. The entire space twisted. This palm was probably at Eternal Realm strength!


    Senior Sister Yun pushed me behind her and she headed face forwards. A phoenix appeared around her and she opened her right hand. Flames wrapped around her fingers and she smashed right into the country head's palm.


    There was a loud explosion and my mind went bank. I even suspected whether or not I was going deaf. After that palm, Senior Sister Yun didn't move. Instead, the Country Head was sent back by dozens of meters. In the blink of an eye, Senior Sister Yun brought me into the safe zone.


    Above the mountain gate, numerous Black Castle experts stood in the sky. King of Darkness Xuanyuan Yu, Master Ding Heng, Zhang Xiaoshan, Pang Dalong etc were all here. There were also many elders here. Now, all that Black Castle could do was to defend the mountain. With the mountain gate here, Black Castle would survive, if not, today would be our last day.

    "Lady Yun Yue!"

    King of Darkness looked as we flew over and joy appeared in his eyes, "It is great that you can return."


    Senior Sister Yun nodded, "But your highness, they have sent many Country Heads. I think the right and left general as well as their troops won't be able to return. We can only rely on the troops here to fight."

    "En, I know."

    King of Darkness smiled, "That is okay, Blood Dynasty has always wanted to wipe us out. Why not we end everything today. Even if we all die today, we will hold our heads high. We won't be their food!"


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    The undead cavalries pulled out their blades, "Fight to the death. We shall follow your highness and face death. We will never be defeated!"

    All of a sudden, everyone's blood boiled.

    Among them, Two Balls and Dong Yuanbai appeared. They were pumped up as they looked at the troops outside. The gap was huge and that was something we had to admit.

    Blood Dynasty had 29 countries and just 3-5 of them could suppress us. Now, 15 of them were here and all their country heads were too. Blood Dynasty sent more than half of their strength to wipe us out. Apart from those sent to defend their own lands, only a third of them were sent to defend the humans from Dongyang City. One could see how eager they were to destroy Black Castle.


    "Xuanyuan Yu, are you ready? !"

    Sword energies smashed onto the world ender and caused the entire mountain range to shake. The person who slashed laughed coldly, "Do you still remember me, Feng Gang?"

    "Bastard, of course."

    King of Darkness said solemnly, "You are cruel and I didn't expect someone like you to actually become the Wind Country Head, scoff.... If I knew, I would have sliced off your head hundred years ago!"

    "Too late!"

    Feng Gang laughed coldly, "I shall make you pay for the humiliation from that year. I want you to watch as everything you have built is turned into dust! Attack, destroy the formation at your fastest speed!"

    "Yes, Your Majesty!"

    Outside the city, Bloodthirst Cannons fired.


    "Your Highness..."

    Lin Fengnian frowned, "They sent large amounts of machines and humans to attack. Our mountain protecting formation can't last for too long. Not long later, the formation will be broken and they will destroy us."

    "I know."

    Xuanyuan Yu was calm, "But there is nothing we can do. After the city protection formation wastes a portion of their power, we will go all out against them here? This might be the last time I fight with all of you, this life... It is my honor to be able to meet all of you."

    Everyone was touched.

    Yun Yue bit her lips, "King of Darkness, we will head to death together, we won't feel lonely at all."


    Master Ding Heng said solemnly, "Blood Dynasty... It won't be so easy for them to take down Black Castle. We shall fight them to the death!"

    "More of them killed is a win."

    Lin Fengnian smiled, "I have spent so much time on puppets and formations and I can finally use them."

    The elders clenched their fists and their faces were covered in rage. As a strong cultivator, for them to be attacked just like that was a huge insult. Moreover, we all saw Black Castle as our home. At this point, everyone was determined to fight to the death!


    Right at that moment, a voice rang in my ears--

    "Hi, if you let me out, maybe... I will help Black Castle end this crisis and help you destroy the Blood Dynasty troops."

    Heaven Hound?

    I shook, I didn't expect him to speak now.

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