Chapter 347- Let them die quickly
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Zhan Yue Chapter 347- Let them die quickly


    She lifted her hand and used Blistering Flame Finger once more. Flames shot out from her fingers and they were like needles piercing through the night sky. She pierced the head of the second Blood Barbarian Giant and it rolled on the ground. In less than a breath, she attacked three times and another Blood Barbarian Giant fell to the ground.

    Just like that, Senior Sister Yun looked like she was selecting targets. Undying Bird Technique wrapped around her body as she pointed forwards. In a blink of an eye, over twenty Blood Barbarian Giants turned into corpses. Her attack not only stunned the Blood Dynasty members, even Lin Mu and Bai Jian's mouths were agape.



    The Marquis hollered as a cold gaze appeared in his eyes, "Yun Yue you bitch... I, Jin Can will chop your head off today and give it to my country head!"

    Jin Can roared. His body pierced through the sky and turned into a blood colored blade which sliced towards Yun Yue.

    "Are you asking for death?"

    Flames covered the land. Senior Sister Yun used her source power and a phoenix appeared behind his back. This was the Pheonix Technique. As the wings flapped, Jin Can's blade was smacked aside. Right when he fell back, Yun Yue's body disappeared into the flames.


    When she appeared once more, she kicked Jin Can's stomach. The armor caved in and shattered. With that foot, flames started to spurt out and it turned into the claws of a phoenix. The claws grabbed his waist and at the same time, Senior Sister Yun's left hand turned into a cold light that slashed through the sky.


    Blood rain splattered and in the next moment, Jin Can's head flew into the air. Yun Yue grabbed him by his hair and fresh blood scattered. She raised it up and she said towards those from Blood Dynasty with a vicious voice, "I am here, if you want to take down Bright Moon Pass, you have to step over my dead body!"


    In an instance, it felt as if everything in heaven and earth had stopped. It was so quiet that one could even hear the sound of a needle dropping onto the floor. After a few seconds, the undead cavalries roared out. Those from Blood Dynasty were in despair. A marquis was actually insta killed just like that!

    After all,

Jin Can was just late Spiritual Ruin Realm while Yun Yue was at Eternal Realm. The gap was just unimaginable. During the Heaven Crystal Ocean battle, it was just because both sides didn't want to fight and both stepped back. If not, many Marquis would have died that day.

    As I looked at Yun Yue carrying the head, I felt conflicted and had an undescribable feeling.

    Maybe I was used to it, used to the fact that she was my Senior Sister Yun. I was used to her taking care of me such that I forgot her identity. She was the head of the Blood Pond, she was a cruel and vicious demon. In the eyes of people of the world, she was no different from Soora.

    Maybe I was the only one in the world that had felt her warmth. Other people would probably look at her in fear.

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    "Does anyone else want to challenge?"

    Yun Yue tossed Jin Can's head and smiled, "If not then I shall continue fighting. I crave an endless slaughter!"

    Only after a short while did Blood Dynasty members react. A halberd wielding Marquis face was ashen white, "Yun Yue this witch, she really is second in Black Castle... But, she is alone and this is her physical body. How can she block our million-strong army? No, charge. Shatter Bright Moon Pass and kill Yun Yue!"

    "Yes sir!"

    Right at that moment, a thunderous voice spread out in the sky. It was someone with really high cultivation. His words shook the hearts of everyone--

    "Kill Yun Yue, if you get her head, you will become a Marquis."


    "Yes Your Majesty!"

    The Jin Country Marquis, Blood Cloak Elders and generals were all delighted. They looked towards where the voice came from and were all excited, "His Majesty has spoken, great... Kill, shatter Bright Moon Pass and kill Yun Yue!"


    Senior Sister Yun looked into the east, "Jin Country's country head? I will wait for you here."

    "You, are not worthy."

    He replied calmly.

    Yun Yue smiled and her body disappeared. When she appeared, she was already on the city wall. She frowned, "Blood Pond, elites suppress them, we have to defend Bright Moon Pass!"

    "Yes sir!"


    "Junior Brother."

    Senior Sister Yun descended from above and wiped off the blood on her hands. She looked at me gently, "You brat, don't head out on your own. Many young disciples have been killed. Blood Dynasty sent at least hundreds of them and all of them are all experts. Our younger generation experts are about to get wiped out..."

    "Ah? !"

    I gritted my teeth, "No wonder those two Blood Cloak Elders chased me. So that was the case."


    She looked at me and smiled, "But I saw that you did well. Although you lost your cultivation but you used your treasure and the Spirit Crystal Cannon to kill one, scoff... As expected from my disciple!"

    I coughed, "Senior Sister I have a problem to ask you. I don't know if I can, or if it would cause problems."


    She squinted her eyes and smiled, "Speak, I dote on you so much so what if it causes problems?"

    I nodded, "When you killed Jin Can, he was stopped by you and you could have killed him with Blistering Flame Finger. Why did you have to use such a cruel method?"


    She bit her lips, "This is war and we are being surpressed by them. Using such a cruel method to kill their Marquis can shock them and reduce the strength of their attacks. At least, those weaker ones would think about retreating."

    "So that is the case..."

    I nodded and smiled, "Then that is okay."


    She turned around and a few steps later, she turned back, "Junior Brother."

    "What happened?"

    Her eyes were beautiful, "Are you... You don't like me to be so cruel?"

    "That's not it, just..." I wanted to explain but I didn't know how to.

    "That is fine."

    She smiled, "Since you don't then I shall change. I won't use such methods anymore. I shall listen to you and only use Blistering Flame Finger and Phoenix Technique to kill."

    My mouth twitched, "Senior Sister is so kind!"

    She laughed and flew away.


    After which I listened to Senior Sister Yun's words, staying in and not heading out. I just fired Cloud Piercing Arrow from the walls. However, this caused my damage to be much lower and the speed that I was gaining points was far from before. I was happy but the moment I tried to head down, I was targetted by three Blood Cloak Elders and forced to retreat.

    "Damn, what is this?"

    I panted and on my shoulder was a mark left by Blood Cloak Elder. My bone was about to shatter. I was really unhappy. Senior Sister Yun was right, I couldn't head out if not they would focus fire on me. Didn't this mean that I couldn't keep my position.

    At this moment, even if I was unhappy, it was useless. I could only bear with it, after all my strength was so low. I could take risks before as I had White Cloak. However, not this time. If I was slow, I might get killed. Even if I didn't get extinguished, I would lose levels and drop equipment. That was a huge price.


    Just like that, I continued until night and my rank had dropped to 3000+. Dawn was at the top. H was the top Archer on the server. Along with his high level and top equipment, he was one of the strongest players. He inherited from Fang Ge Que and maintained the lead at the top.

    Lin Xi was second, Feng Canghai third. The gap with the back was opening up.

    At this time, apart from being low profile, what could I say?


    I looked at the dense Blood Dynasty army but I couldn't activate Soul Star Explosion+ Unparalleled Shattering to kill them. I was sad. I sighed, "I am being bullied, damn, what can I do, I have no part to play in this event..."

    I was unwilling to accept this but there was nothing I could do.


    Right at that moment, a message came from the With You WeChat group. Lin Xi said, "Prepare to eat! We all have only 20 minutes so be quick! Shen Mingxuan has taken the delivery so Lu Li come up quick!"

    "Come come!"

    I went offline and my stomach was growling. It was 6pm so I was really hungry.

    Forget it, anyways I was so low ranked. Time to eat, eating was the top ideal in life and everything else was fake. Only when one was full would one be able to get assets that belonged to themselves!

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