Chapter 346- Blood Barbarian Giant
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Zhan Yue Chapter 346- Blood Barbarian Giant

   "Spirit Crystal Cannon, fire!"

    On the city walls, the undead cavalry in charge gave an order and three Spirit Crystal Cannons fired at once. Three flame lights shone and forced the other Blood Cloak Elder back.


    He walked forwards excitedly and smiled, "Spirit Crystal Cannons really can kill Blood Cloak Elders. Although I am just a below average undead cavalry but I was actually able to kill a Blood Cloak Elder. This is such an unexpected feat, all this is due to sir's genius!"

    "What genius..."

    I said, "I had no choice!"

    He laughed out loud, "Anyways, I am impressed by sir's decision making!"

    "Just focus on defending the city."

    "Yes sir!"

    He turned around and shouted, "Brothers, defend the breach, don't let a single fly enter! Didn't these bloodthirsty bugs want to take down Black Castle? We shall defeat them here in Bright Moon Pass!"

    "Right, defeat them!"

    The bunch of undead soldiers roared in rage. At this moment when I looked at their terrifying faces, I actually felt that they weren't undead but a bunch of courageous youths!


    Although the system didn't indicate anything, but my system data jumped and I had 500+ additional achievement points. All of a sudden, I had entered the top 10 and even reached the top spot!

    1. July Wildfire Level 88 Assassin. Points: 1428

    2. Dawn Level 87 Archer Points: 972

    3. Lin Xi Level 87 Warrior. Points: 950

    4. Feng Canghai Level 86 Warrior. Points: 896

    5. Fengxian Level 85 Warrior. Points: 799

    6. Fushen Thousand Blade Level 85 Assassin. Points: 772

    7. Mars River Level 85 Mage. Points: 770

    8. Old Mountain Level 84 Archer. Points: 755

    9. Pointless Wind Level 84 Assassin. Points: 700

    10. Bright Moon Level 83 Archer. Points: 699


    This competition,

was just too intense! Lin Xi was only third and second was Legend's top Archer Dawn. He was someone that had gotten famous for a long time. As for Feng Canghai, he was 4th. Fengxian who was also listed as one of the strongest players was 5th and behind him was Fushen Thousand Blade. He was said to be the server's top Assassin!

    Mars River and Old Mountain were two heavy damage players and were also one of the four kings of Elements so it wasn't surprising for them to enter the top ten. 9th was an Assassin called Pointless Wind and I wasn't sure who he was. 10th was Shen Mingxuan, she was dangerously at the bottom of the list and she might be kicked down by the 11th person at any moment!


    In the WeChat group, Shen Mingxuan spoke, "Lin Xi, do you see that. I have entered the top 10!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Arrow Flurry and your Wind Storm Arrow, these two skills make killing monsters so easy. However, you still need to work hard to maintain your rank. I heard that the top ten gains huge rewards!"

    "En en!"

    Shen Mingxuan said, "Right, did you see the top spot? July Wildfire appeared once more. Who knew what did he do to get so many points?"


    Lin Xi said, "Maybe he took down Boss grade monsters?"


    Gu Ruyi was stunned, "Lin Xi, is there such a thing?"

    "Yes you silly Ruyi, if you are free look at the official infomation!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "For this Blood Expedition, we are against Blood Dynasty. I looked at the stats... En, found it. When one killed a basic Blood Dynasty soldier, one would get 1 point. Elites will give 2-5, party leaders will give 100."

    "Then?" I asked.

    She laughed, "What are you caring about, you should check the leaderboards. You aren't even ranked so your points are 0, why are you even caring about this?"

    I laughed, "My quest has nothing to do with the event so I am just concerned about all of you. I hope that all of you can earn much from this event!"

    "En en."

    She laughed, "Next would be real Bosses, one Blood Cloak Elder would give 1000 points and one Marquis Boss would give 10 thousand. One country head is even worse, 100 thousand points. If one didn't get the last hit but dealt important damage, one would gain 50% of the rewards!"


    Shen Mingxuan was silent and said, "So if we can kill a country head, won't we just easily enter the top 10?"

    "That is true but it won't be easy."

    Lin Xi smiled, "Let's not think so far and just kill our small monsters. Do you remember that Chen Qian that we attacked? He is a quasi Blood Cloak Elder Boss and he was so strong that he nearly wiped us out. A true Blood Cloak Elder would be even stronger and should be at least a Legendary Grade Boss. Only large guilds would be able to drown them out. At least for the dozens of us, forget about it, it is too distant."

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    "Right, let's just focus on the small monsters~~"

    The few girls sighed and accepted their fate. I tried to hold my laughter in as I continued to kill the monsters. I relied on the Spirit Crystal Cannons behind me to defend and kill. Although I was top, but this was due to my early monster kills. Once the event progressed, my advantage would disappear.


    Not long later.


    A giant explosion spread from deep in the ground and the entire Bright Moon Pass shook. Even I who was on the walls started to shake.

    "What happened?" The bunch of us panicked.

    In the distance, an Elder level expert raged, "Not good, they have sent the Blood Barbarian Giant. Damn, this beast is attacking from below!"

    "It is fine!"

    Lin Mu rode a bone dragon and shouted, "Elder Hall, use the underground formation to block their attacks. The restof you, follow me and force them out!"


    All of a sudden, dozens of runes floated in the sky and many people appeared. They were all elders from the Elder Hall. They muttered and their bodies shone a formation light. Not long later, a golden formation spread out and passed the pass. They passed through our bodies but the moment it passed the city, explosions spread from below and the dirt started to break down. Something was blocking its advance!


    Lin Mu hollered and rode the giant dragon down. When the dragon spat out a frost breath on the Blood Dynasty Army, Lin My dealt three sword energy attacks!

    "Pu pu pu!"

    The sword energy sliced into the ground and three seconds later, the dirt split apart. Many people charged out onto the surface and it was a giant bug. It looked like those cockroaches that lived in shit. They were huge and were dozens of meters tall. They looked like they weighed at least hundred tonnes and were like small mountains!

    I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye to confirm what they were.

    Blood Barbarian Giant, level 87, Quasi Legendary Grade Boss, their stats were quite high.

    As expected, the quasi Boss's attacks actually appeared so quickly.



    In the sky in the distance, a Blood Dynasty Marquis stood in the wind with an orange wrapped blade. He smiled, "Lin Mu, although yoru sword is strong, but... Can you deal with these dozen Blood Barbarian Giants? If not then just give up on Bright Moon Pass. You won't be able to defend it!"


    Lin Mu's voice was filled with disdain and dove down. He slashed dozens of times onto the shells of the Blood Barbarian Giant. Instantly, half a meter deep marks appeared on the shells but it was useless. Their shells were at least a meter thick and even Lin MU couldn't damage them.

    "Hahaha, how is it?"

    That Marquis became even more arrogant, "Blood Barbarian Giants, attack! Shatter Bright Moon Pass and show them what despair is!"

    In the next moment, Blood Barbarian Giants climbed out. There were 40-50 of them and they charged towards the pass. Their heavy shells smashed onto the world ender and caused defeaning sounds. These strong attacks meant that those elders would be facing huge pressure.

    As expected, when I looked back, many elders' faces were ashen white. If this continued, they might spit out blood and die!

    "This is it?"

    When he saw that an elder's mouth was bleeding, the Marquis mocked even more. Lin Mu and Bai Jian were helpless. As for me, my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye saw clearly that the Marquis was late Spiritual Ruin Realm. Lin Mu and Bai Jian were peak Spiritual Ruin Realm but there were dozens of Marquises on their side. Once they charged over, Bai Jian and Lin Mu had no chance of winning at all.

    In Black Castle, the two generals were only weaker than King of Darkness and Senior Sister. However, as compared to Blood Dynasty, they weren't strong. They were roughly on the level of the weaker Country Heads. Moreover, they sent 15 country heads this time and among them were the strongest Jin Country, Dust Country and Ocean Country.

    This war didn't seem good at all.

    "Hahaha~~ Charge, destroy Bright Moon Pass!"

    In the sky, two more Marquis appeared. Their positions in Blood Dynasty was really noble but they were still sent to the frontlines. As for the country heads, they hadn't appeared. They were probably just using these Marquis to add pressure and force King of Darkness out.

    Their goal was just to kill him. Once he was killed, Black Castle couldn't fight back at all.


    Right at that moment, a red light pierced the head of a Blood Barbarian Giant. That giant being cried out. The shell on its head was pierced through and his head was destroyed. It fell to the ground and died!

    "I thought it was strong..."

    In the clouds, Yun Yue's beautiful body appeared. SHe lifted her right hand and her gaze was really calm.

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