Chapter 345- I am a Blood Cloak Elder
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Zhan Yue Chapter 345- I am a Blood Cloak Elder


    A bell rang in the sky above, finally, Blood Expedition had begun. In the With You chat, Shen Mingxuan send the map of the expedition. Players and Blood Dynasty troops faced off in the forest. The barrier in the middle started to disappear and the war was about to begin!


    Lin Xi smiled, "Follow me and don't get insta killed. Let's charge to the front to come into contact with the monsters and gain more points."

    "En en!"

    Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi's voice message was rushed and the two of them were prepared to battle the enemies.

    On my side, there was a giant explosion. A Bloodthirst Cannonball exploded five meters from me and a blood colored pillar shot into the sky. It evaporated dozens of shield soldiers. I was also affected and lost 40 thousand health. That was just too painful and if I was hit head on, my health might not be enough.

    "Sir, be careful!"

    An undead cavalry pushed his shield onto my back, "Those damn bloodthirsty bugs actually used the Bloodthirst Cannons to attack us. What should we do?"

    "What else can we do?"

    I looked at the Black Castle troops behind me, "Heavy Infantry and Archers head out and block them from the city walls. If not this place would be broken through."

    "Yes sir!"

    One had to say that although the NPC army looked weak but the moment they entered the battlefield, they were courageous soldeirs. After my order was given, thousands of heavy shield soldiers charged out. Behind them were the Darkness Archers. The Spirit Crystal Cannons fired on the mountain path and smoke spread in the mountains. The moment the battle began, the battle here was in a really intense state.

    Blood Drawing Blade!

    I didn't fear anything and waved my daggers. I brought Orange Night and White Bird to charge into their army. This wave was filled with level 85 Blood Assassins. They held two short swords but they didn't stealth and just charged forwards arrogantly.


    I stepped on the boulders and charged into the Blood Assassins right away.

I twisted my daggers and used Backstab+Godslaying Blade on one of the Assassins, absorbing large amounts of health. At the same time, I used Boomerang Blade and my daggers turned into an ice blade which pierced the body of enemies 5 yards around, dealing huge damage.

    "Kid, you are asking for death!"

    A Blood Assassin's face was filled with rage and he thrusted his sword towards me.

    But right at that moment, a white spectre-like body flashed past me. It was White Bird and her broken blade shone a blue light. With a "keng", the Blood Assassin's sword was bumped aside. Her broken blade slashed across and stabbed into his chest. A lightning light spread out from his body.

    "Giant Dragon Storm!"

    Orange Night hollered and his demon spear thrust forth with many afterimages. A Giant Dragon roared and he attacked the monsters. He shouted and dragon energy surged. A golden light shone on his spear and God Dragon Descends was used. Dragon-shaped energy wrapped around the spear and many monsters were swept into the sky.

    "Good chance!"

    I used Bloodthirst Banner and started to stab the monsters. I focused on those low health ones while White Bird did the same. Her broken blade slashed through the wind and each time she would cause blood to spurt out. That meant that one Blood Assassin had died. With this coordination, our experience started to increase and the event points started to rise. In a short ten minutes, I went from nowhere on the leaderboards to 27th on the server.

    Right, I couldn't enter top 10 at all!

    Although Orange Night and White Bird was strong and their efficiency was high, but their spoils of war wasn't all given to me. Along with my own kills, this was what I truly gained. Without Apprehension, Dark Shadow Jump etc, for me to get to 27th was already really tough. After all, this event was with the entire server. Players that entered top 10 were all really strong!


    "Damn, why hasn't the wing broken through yet?"

    Suddenly, a voice descended from above. It was a blood robed elder that stood proudly above. His eyes were filled with killing intent, "Charge down and leave none of them alive. Kill everyone from Black Castle!"

    This was a Blood Cloak Elder!

    My face shook and I raised my hands to keep Orange Night and White Bird. I couldn't let anything happen to them now.

    "You want to leave?"

    In the sky, this Blood Cloak Elder noticed me and laughed, "Die you little thing. I know you. You are the one that killed two Blood Cloak Elders. This time you are dead!"

    I looked as he descended from above. i frowned. This speed was so quick. I heard the sound of the wind as the Blood Cloak Elder's palm was here!

    I turned around and placed my daggers together. I stabbed them forwards!

    "You still want to fight back? You are asking for death!"

    He retracted his fingers and grabbed me. Streaks of blood exploded that controlled my daggers like a pincer. After which, a palm landed on my chest!


    "Peng", my chest felt like it was about to rip apart and a heavy feeling covered my body. I fell onto a piece of stone. Before I could breathe, another person charged from the right. He held a thin sword like a snake, "Kid, die!"

    I raised my head. This thin guy was wearing a blood colored robe and he too was a Blood Cloak Elder!

    They really gave me enough respect by sending two Blood Cloak Elders to kill me!

    I gritted my teeth and used my special skill-- Hellfire Body. I entered a 90% damage reduction state and used Blood Drawing Blade. I used Mist Slash+Godslaying Blade+Ice Boomerang Blade to attack the old man. I was also hit and lost 3000+ health. I was still doing well under this Hellfire Body state!

    "Elder Wei, don't steal my credit!" The Blood Cloak Elder had chased up and was furious.

    "This kid is the pride of Black Castle, I have to. Hahaha, he is mine!"

    The two elders chased.

    "Protect sir, quick!"

    A bunch of undead cavalries charged over. Their rune swords were covered in flames as they slashed towards the Blood Cloak Elders.

    "You are asking for death!"

    Elder Wei hollered and his sword turned into many afterimages to rip the three cavalries into pieces. The other elder slapped many cavalries away but he was also being held up.


    Flee, this was my chance!

    Even Master found such Blood Cloak Elders tough to deal with. With my cultivation, I stood no chance at all. But the moment I jumped off the pieces of stone, I saw a Spirit Crystal Cannon whose barrel was red from the heat. I had an idea and just led Elder Wei over.

    "Archers prepare! Cover sir!"

    On the walls, an undead cavalry hollered.


    I held my daggers and shouted, "Don't fire the arrows. Prepare the Spirit Crystal Cannon, listen to my orders!"


    The undead cavalry was stunned and nodded, "Yes Sir!"

    He ran across and personally controlled the Spirit Crystal Cannon. I led Elder Wei towards the cannon and in the next moment, the barrel was right ahead. My Shifang Flame Spiral Eye could see the Spirit Crystal Cannonball in the barrel. It was a cannonball made from spirit crystals and they were really strong, far stronger than human cannons. This cannon would cause normal people to shatter.

    "Kid, die!"

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    Elder Wei's furious voice spread over. I charged towards the barrel and shouted, "Now, fire!"


    The moment the barrel turned red once more, I used the treasure- Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map! A beautiful scroll wrapped around my body and blocked all damage. At the same time, I spun about and a red spirit crystal cannonball passed through the edges of the water region and hit the chest of Elder Wei!


    Elder Wei was stunned. In the next moment, a giant explosion spread out from close distance.


    With a giant explosion, flame light surged into the sky. Elder Wei's blood colored robe was blown into shreds and his body flew high before landing on the ground. His body was scorched black and his flesh was a bloody mess. However, his vital energy deep in his dantian was surging and was trying to protect his heart. His hands clawed on the ground as he raged, "I... I can't die here, I am Blood Dynasty's Blood Cloak Elder, I will... I will..."

    "Will your head!"

    An undead cavalry rode across and the moment he stepped across Elder Wei's body, he turned around and thrust his spear into his back.

    "Brothers, time to take revenge is here!"

    The undead cavalries roared and charged forwards. One blade and one spear as they split Elder Wei's body.


    System notification: Congratulations for helping to kill one Blood Cloak Elder, event achievement points +500!


    Oh? 500 points at once?

    I opened my mouth wide and couldn't close it at all.

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