Chapter 344- One person leaderboards
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Zhan Yue Chapter 344- One person leaderboards

  Right side of the battlefield, south of Bright Moon Pass.

    The pass was built against the mountain range and one part of it was destroyed by a landslide which resulted in a hole. Now, a dense group of Blood Dynasty troops were heading up and attacking this hole. Right when I popped up, three arrows fired at me and I was shocked. I turned around and the arrows brushed past the undead cavalry behind me, "Their attacks are quite fierce..."

    "Yes Sir!"

    He said respectfully, "Sir, why not pull out the arrows on your face?"


    I pulled out the arrows off my face and they disappeared. I said solemnly, "Heavy shield soldiers, carry your shields over your heads and charge. Block their archers. All the Darkness Archers hide behind the soldiers and fire. Suppress them. Apart from that, move two Spirit Crystal Cannons over and aim at the mountain path. Fire at them!"

    "Yes sir!"

    All of a sudden, the heavy shield soldiers charged out with their shields over their heads to form a shield formation. The archers followed up and shot forwards to kill their archers. Now that we had the formation and they didn't, the Blood Dynasty Archers weren't able to block the dense arrow fire and a bunch of them fell.

    Instantly, the two undead cavalries behind were shocked. They opened their eyes wide, "As expected from Lady Yun Yue's disciple... You actually thought of such an idea to use the shield soldiers at the front. Why didn't we think about it?"

    My face turned green. No wonder the right and left generals scolded them for being stupid. They really were bugs and were so dumb. To fight the Blood Dynasty head on, of course they were going to lose!


    "Be careful, their spear soldiers are coming!"

    In the sky, a stone ghost cavalry warned.

    Spear soldiers?

    I looked forwards and as expected, a bunch of blood colored spearmen were here. They held 4 meter long spears and pierced the gaps of our shield formation. Blood splattered and many archers were hit.


    I jumped,

off the walls and stood behind the dead shield soldiers. I used the Cloud Piercing Arrow to fire at them. At the same time, I hollered, "Orange Night, White Bird, fight! Fight only when needed, try to maintain health!"

    "Yes Master!"

    Orange Night charged and swept with his spear towards the bunch of spearmen. Giant Dragon Storm+God Dragon Descends dealt huge AOE damage. At the same time, Firm as Rock reduced their attacks. White Bird was like a spectre with the broken blade in her hand shone blue as she slashed. One Sword, Lightning Blade, Meteor Sword etc were used one by one and dealt huge damage!

    Moreover, White Bird followed my instructions and maintained her health. She used her quick and nimble steps to dodge their spears. At the same time, her sword dealt damage and that caused the situation to change. We were at an advantage.


    I laughed and attacked personally. I used Quickness and brushed past two spears. When I was close, the spearmen were like sheep against a tiger, unable to fight back at all. Thus, with Darkness Dragon Tooth and Lunar Eclipse, I used Godslaying Blade, Gouge, Backstab etc and also dealt high damage.

    "Archers don't be lazy and fire. Why are you afraid of their spearmen?"

    I shouted while fighting. After all, there were too many of them. Moreover, there were more and more of them. Black Castle's NPCs were no lower than them and were even slightly higher levelled. The only weakness was our numbers. They sent 10 times more men than we did!


    After half an hour.

    I clicked on the leaderboards and was stunned. After so long, I was the only person on the leaderboards?

    1. July Wildfire Level 88 Assassin, achievement points: 518











    Right at that moment, Shen Mingxuan's voice appeared in the With You's chat group, "Eh? Did you see that there is someone on the leaderboard? How is July Wildfire up there?"


    Lin Xi sent a message too, "The barrier between our army and Blood Dynasty has not been removed... Moreover, the event hasn't started? How... Where is July Wildfire hunting at?"

    "I don't know..."

    Gu Ruyi said, "He should be using a bug?"

    Lin Xi nodded, "En, let's report him! Hahaha~~"

    I laughed too, "En, report!"

    I felt a little sour, I report myself? That was just so dumb?

    Right at that moment, a bell sounded. It was from Xu Yao. Without even needing to think, I knew what happened. She said solemnly, "Oi, there seem to be a bug. How did you get points before the event begun?"

    "Very normal."

    I said lazily, "I am a player of a hidden faction and my faction started fighting first. I came over so I gained points. You should be paying attention to how the main quest and the event quest conflicts. I think all of you didn't think about it carefully and consider everything. This is not my fault, don't punish me!"

    "I am not going to..."

    She sounded like she was asking for help, "But, the event support department will remove your points and won't show your ID until the event begins."


    I was speechless, "That is so irresponsible? Did I not buy a helmet or did I not pay for anything? If you do that, I am going to report you."

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    She was stunned, "What do you want?"

    "Don't remove my points and return them all to me when the event releases. Others won't be able to tell either. If you don't agree then I will report you."

    "You... Okay then!"

    She was helpless, "We will do that then. I shall tell the tech team."

    "En, I shall continue hunting. I will check the points then, if you give me any less I will be unhappy!"

    "I know that you data monster!"



    A few minutes later, my ID disappeared from the board and players started to cheer. They felt that my ID disappeared because they reported me. Some even said shamelessly that this was a huge victory of the people.

    Thus, for the next period of time I brought Orange Night, White Bird to hunt. Until 11:20 did I receive a message from Lin Xi, " Lu Li, take the delivery from the gate and it is time to eat!"


    I went offline on the wall. The Bright Moon Pass situation was really intense but with the main force of the three divisions here, they won't be able to take us down in a short time. At least, they wouldn't be able to do so when I was eating this meal unless those 15 country heads attacked together Of course, the game won't let that happen and they had to give players time to kill monsters and gain experience. Although my identity was special, but I was still a player.

    Illusionary Moon's storyline was done by the "Brain" but this design followed some rules. For example, an intense battle was needed now, if not how would I gain experience!

    I went offline and went to get the lunch.

    I went upstairs and the three girls were ready to eat. They even poured water for the meal. I gave out the boxes. Lunch was simple and it was those kind of lunch boxes sold in university. There was a small fish, a piece of rib, a chicken thigh and then others like green pepper potato strips and fried lotus etc.

    But the taste was decent. At least when I was hungry, it was delicious.

    "Shen Mingxuan."

    I ate the rib while looking at her, "Where did you buy this? Weird, I remember that these are foods from university times and they are really rare now. How did you do it?"


    She grinned, "A nearby restaurant does delivery. I heard that the workers at Yuexi Street are all eating this. Why?"

    "Nothing, the food is good, it is delicious." I smiled and continued.

    Lin Xi said, "The event will begin in less than half an hour so drink less water so you don't have to go to the toilet. Right, after July Wildfire was reported, his points were removed. This is great!"


    I nodded, "Justice has prevailed!"

    Shen Mingxuan laughed, "Why do both of you make it sound like July Wildfire has done something unpardonable? I think that he... Is still okay. He is just a player so we don't have to treat him so badly."

    I was touched and I really wanted to light some incense for Shen Mingxuan and bow to her. But considering that the table was heavy, forget it.


    Not long later, lunch was over. After packing up, I brought the trash done to throw. After going online, the real battle was about to begin!

     ! ! !

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