Chapter 343- Battle of Bright Moon Canyon
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Zhan Yue Chapter 343- Battle of Bright Moon Canyon

  Next morning.

    I woke up early and after eating breakfast, we went online. Today was a slightly more important day. Blood Expedition beginning meant a huge chance. Whoever could get a high ranked meant that one would get famous in the entire server and also that one would get huge rewards. It was obvious that With You had such ability. Especially since we had Breaking Dawn Fate and Light Family.


    Linchen County was bright in the morning.


    Not far away, a handsome figure appeared. It was Light Lantern and he was a Warrior that could be ranked high on the server. Behind him was Light Frost with an orange staff in her hand and Light Lotus who had a zither in her hands. Her face was filled with anticipation, "Sister Lin Xi, long time no see!"

    "En en."

    Lin Xi was dressed in fighting gear and she had the White Dragon Sword in her hands, "Little sister, how is your zither skills?"

    "I am quite good at it!"


    Lin Xi smiled, "Whether or not I can get top ranked is up to you!"

    "En en, leave it to me!"

    Light Lotus nodded while Light Lantern facepalmed, "My sister isn't even on my side anymore..."

    I laughed and said hello to Light Lantern.

    A few seconds later, another person appeared. It was Breaking Dawn Fate. She had officially left Breaking Dawn and was levelling with some friends Now that Lin Xi called her, she came over. After all, no matter which team it was, things were much better when she was with With You. Here, there was a top Warrior like Lin Xi. Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan were slowly becoming quasi first rate Mages and Archers. Our equipment was far ahead that of others.

    After greeting everyone, I rode Thousand Mile Moon Foal and headed out of the city. After entering a forest, I changed accounts and used the Black Castle City Return Scroll.


    I appeared in the teleportation formation outside of the Heaven and Earth Pavilion. Before the light scattered, I heard the sound of horse hooves in my ears.

I turned around and saw dust bellowing. Many undead cavalry formed up and were traveling down the mountain. In the sky, many black figures cricled around. They were statue ghost riders and they were riding terrifying statue ghosts.

    A war was about to begin, this... Too intense!

    I headed to Blood Pond to find Senior Sister Yun. In front of the hall, a bunch of Blood Pond troops were gathering. Many dark archers held black bows and they carried full quivers on their back and waist.

    There were at least tens of thousands of them!

    I sucked in a deep breath. Black Castle was taking out all their resources and were planning to go all out against Blood Dynasty!


    "Junior Brother!"

    In the hall, dozens of Boss Grade Undead cavalry were waiting for orders. Senior Sister Yun held a medicine flash and brewed the medicine. She walked towards me and smiled, "After drinking this, follow me to Bright Moon Valley to fight against Blood Dynasty!"


    I was helpless and drank the medicine in one mouth. It was as if I had spilled random herbs in my mouth, there was all sorts of tastes. This time, I had no chance to cultivate. I could only rely on rotating the energy in my body to refine it. Right at that moment, a bell rang--


    System notification: Please note, Blood Expedition quest has begun, one can obtain points from killing Blood Dynasty players. Players who obtain more points will get more rewards. Battle young adventurers, your courage will save the future of Black Castle and the humans!


    The quest... Was actually connected?

    I was stunned and didn't expect that. It seemed similar to the last time, I was about to rank with the human players, but... I had lost my skills so things weren't optimistic. I might not even be able to get into the top 20 much less compete against players like Feng Canghai and Lin Xi.

    But, it was better than nothing. Prepare to head out!


    Outside the hall, the cavalry were lined up and darkness archers were standing on alert. The heavy shield soldiers were lined up too. Blood Pond went all out. Everyone knelt down on one knee and said with a thunderous voice, "Greetings Lady Yun Yue!"

    "Head out!"

    Senior Sister Yun waved her sleeves, "Target Bright Moon Canyon, full speed over! Left camp, right camp are about to fall to the enemy's attacks!"

    "Yes sir!"

    Everyone head down the mountain and Senior Sister Yun grabbed my arm, "Junior Brother, let's head to Bright Moon Canyon."


    In the next second, we left the ground and Yun Yue brought me through layers of clouds. In less than a minute we appeared above a moon-shaped canyon. This canyon was east of Black Castle and on the sides were the Undying Mountain Range. This place was called Bright Moon Canyon and in it, a castle stood. At this point, east of it was dyed in red and it was filled with Blood Dynasty troops.

    "We are here!"

    Senior Sister Yun dove down and brought me on the city walls. In front of us were flame stones and the moment they landed, Yun Yue raised her hand and used Blistering Flame Finger. She shattered the boulder and caused it to lose its killing ability.

    "Lady Yun Yue!"

    On the sides, the soldiers stood respectfully.

    "Continue to fight."


    In the distance, a general giving off a corrupted aura held his blade and said, "Don't be lazy. You bugs, toss the stone out. I don't believe that these Blood Dynasty bugs aren't afraid of dying!"


    Behind the city walls, many undead giants bent down and placed two meter long stones on the trebuchet. "keng keng keng" as giant boulders flew out into the Blood Dynasty formation.

    "Peng peng peng~~"

    These boulders were mostly circular and would roll the moment they landed. They crushed the Blood Dynasty troops and instantly both humans and horses cried out. At the same time, another round of Spirit Crystal Cannons fired and flame tongues fired. In a blink of an eye, streaks of flames spread out. Blood Dynasty's attacking troops suffered heavy losses once more.

    At this point, life was just so cheap. Those living Blood Dynasty troops attacked but they suffered heavy losses. They continued to push the siege chariots and carried cloud ladders over. They tried to take down Bright Moon Pass at their fastest speed.


    Under the city walls, a Blood Dynasty Marquis expert used his bloodline power and he pointed his blade towards the pass, "Their reinforcements are not here yet. Attack. Take it down quickly~~ With Bright Moon Pass taken, we can attack Black Castle!"

    "Continue dreaming!"

    Onthe walls, left general Lin Mu held a blood sword and pointed downwards, "Nether Ghost arrows, fire!"

    Along with his orders, a bunch of Darkness Archers shot out many arrows with purple flames. In the next moment, the arrows landed in the crowd. These arrows exploded and caused shockwaves which dealt unimaginable damage.

    "Bloodthirst Cannons are they in range?"

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    A Blood Dynasty general rode his horse and when he looked at the soldeirs that fell, his eyes turned red, "Once they are in range, fire. I want this Bright Moon Pass to end up in ruins. Right away!"

    "Peng peng peng--"

    The ground shook and along with cannons firing, their red cannons hidden at the back of their formation started to fire. Red pillars spread on the walls and those cannons caused a storm. The bloodline power of soldiers on the walls were sucked dry and when the cannonfire ended, all that was left were piles of bones.


    Senior Sister Yun looked into the distance and gritted her silver teeth, "These blood dynasty alchemists really developed such cannons, damn... These are weapons to target the humans. I didn't expect them to be used on us first."

    "Bloodthirst Cannons..."

    I frowned, "As expected they really suck blood. The moment they hit, one's blood will evaporate. Fortunately, our soliders don't have much blood left."

    "But the strength of the cannons are able to destroy their undying flame. Once it is extinguished, they would really be dead."

    Senior Sister Yun gritted her teeth, "Blood Dynasty is really going all out to wipe out Black Castle!"

    I sucked in a deep breath and didn't say anything.


    Right at that moment, an undead cavalry galloped over from the walls, "Lady Yun Yue, many Blood Dynasty troops appeared in the forest south of the pass. They want to attack from the side and break through our defence line!"


    Senior Sister Yun frowned, "They are entering from everywhere."

    I smiled, "Senior Sister leave this place to me."

    "With you here I don't have to worry. Go!"

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