Chapter 342- Kind king of darkness
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Zhan Yue Chapter 342- Kind king of darkness

 "Prime Minister, why?"

    Flames wrapped around her hands and that showed that she was getting emotional. If Feng Buwen's reply wasn't satisfactory, she would attack right away.


    Feng Buwen looked at me and smiled, "This kid is amazing. From his aura, not only do I sense power of darkness, I also sense some of light. I think, he isn't only a Black Castle disciple. The human race needs such a talent. That is my reason."

    King of Darkness said solemnly, "What does prime minister want?"

    "I shall issue a pardon to allow July Wildfire to enter Dongyang City and also any piece of land in Xuanyuan Empire." Feng Buwen looked like a generous scholar, "I want him to not only be Black Castle's hero but also a hero of the human race. Not only will he fight for Black Castle, but also the human race!"


    Senior Sister Yun was shocked, like she didn't understand what Feng Buwen was doing.

    Only I knew. Feng Buwen was the White Cloak Minister, the top person apart from emperor Xuanyuan Ying. He saw through my identity. Apart from the Shura Bloodline, I had made a human Paladin. The human aura he sensed was definitely the Paladin.

    Guan Yang said solemnly, "July Wildfire, prime minister... Wants to give you a wider space. If you want to train at Black Castle then train there, if you want to train in our human territory then train here. Do you understand?"

    I was stunned, in the end they were fighting for talents?

    "July Wildfire, decide for yourself."

    King of Darkness waved and smiled, "This is your freedom."

    Senior Sister Yun looked at me and pouted, "Junior Brother, are you really going to leave me to join the humans?"

    "Senior Sister, calm down..."

    I smiled, "Actually, is there a difference between helping the humans and Black Castle? Our enemies have been Blood Dynasty and Dimension Legion. Aren't both our enemies them?"

    Feng Buwen laughed, "Well said!"

    I looked towards King of Darkness,

"Your Highness, I agree to their conditions. After signing the alliance, I will come over often and also return often. I will go where needs me."

    King of Darkness nodded, "En, that is decided!"

    Feng Buwen was delighted, "Since that is the case then we have signed the agreement. Let's hope that we can wipe out the Blood Dynasty. With that, Dimension Legion will be the only ones waiting to get slain."


    "King of Darkness drink more. Tomorrow morning, I will personally send all of you out of the city."

    "Thank you!"


    Thus, two hours later, the game world was bright once more.

    Light shone into Dongyang City which gave this huge city that was in a poor region warmth. Feng Buwen rode a handsome white horse and alongside Guan Yang and Lin Huang, they sent the bunch of us out. Not long ago, we exchanged alliance scrolls. This was probably the first time Black Castle and the humans signed an official agreement. This was really rare.

    A few miles out, Feng Buwen stopped and waved goodbye.

    "Thank you July Wildfire." King of Darkness said solemnly, "Without you, we wouldn't have managed to get this alliance so easily. Moreover, we might have even failed."

    Senior Sister Yun smiled, "Your Highness, now you know how strong my Junior Brother is right?"

    "En, much stronger than my few useless disciples." King of Darkness sighed.

    Senior Sister Yun smiled, "Your disciples have strength but no character, especially that Li Yang and Zhou Ya. They are all despicable people. I hope that you can teach them well, if not just release them. If you keep them in God Hall, they would be a problem."

    King of Darkness was stunned, "Although Li Yang and Zhou Ya are competitive, but... Their characters aren't as bad as what Lady Yun Yue say?"

    Senior Sister Yun sighed, "Your Highenss is kind so naturally you don't think it is much. Moreover, you are the head of Black Castle so how would they show their true nature in front of you? You just need to be careful of them."

    "Okay, I know."

    King of Darkness frowned.

    Not long later, we passed the teleportation formation and appeared beneath Black Castle's mountain. A bell rang, and finally this quest was done--


    System notification: Congratulations for completing main quest Envoy to Dongyang City (SSS Grade), obtained rewards: Current level experience +50%, contribution points +30 million, charm+3, gold +10000



    A golden light shone and I rose to level 88. I was a little closer to level 90. This afternoon was worth it. Once I got to level 90, that would mean the third job change. Would I be the first? That was tough to say as Lin Xi, Feng Canghai, Dawn etc were close. The important thing was that my Shura account was useless. The third job advancement wouldn't be easy and I might not be able to complete it.


    A message came from Lin Xi, "Are you done? Come offline to eat. Let's go eat sour vegetable fish!"


    I laughed and asked, "Didn't we go out yesterday? Why are we heading out again?"

    She smiled, "Shen Mingxuan says that life is in exercising and we can't stay at home everyday. We need to head out and see more people and scenary. I thought about it and it makes sense. Moreover, Ruyi said that she wanted it so let's go out. We can also buy bubble tea along the way."

    "Okay, wait for me. I will go offline to drive the car."

    "En en!"

    Ten minutes later, Shen Mingxuan helped Lin Xi up the car. I kept the wheelchair and placed it in the boot. I sat at the driver seat and turned around, "Time to head out?"

    "Head out!"

    The car moved slowly to a cross junction.

    "Oi, little brother!"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "You didn't say anything in the group chat this morning, what have you been doing? Are you... Busy picking up chicks in game?"

    "Yes, so what?" I said.

    Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were all stunned and their expressions changed.

    I smiled right away, "Calm down, I am joking. I was doing a quest and actually did something huge. Maybe it might direct the storyline!"

    "So amazing?"

    Lin Xi asked, "I feel like you are bragging."

    I held the steering wheel and looked at her, "One day Lin Xi you will know how amazing I am!"

    Lin Xi's face flushed red, "Who will believe you~~"

    "Oi, are you driving?" Shen Mingxuan smiled.

    "Pa pa..."

    I tapped the steering wheel, "Aren't I driving, why are you asking questions you know the answer to..."



    Not long later, sour vegetable fish restaurant. We waited for the fish to get to the table.


    Lin Xi who was playing with her phone looked at me, "The game is about to patch... Tomorrow 12, a new quest Blood Expedition is about to begin. All players can join in and teleport to the north of Dongyang City to join the battle against Blood Dynasty. It is really here..."

    Shen Mingxuan looked at me, "Is it really you?"

    I didn't admit it, "What do you think?"

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    "I think that you are bragging..."


    Lin Xi said, "We can prepare in the morning. At 12, we have to enter the new map. As this is a server event, everyone can join in. Let's try to get a good ranking. We must be on time!"

    I was bitter. This battle was a human race one to attack Blood Dynasty. I should be dealing with the Black Castle defence. After all, the other side had 15 Blood Dynasty Country Heads leading a huge army. If I stayed with With You, I wouldn't be able to help the other side.

    Two choices were in front of me. One was to use the Shura account to defend Black Castle and the other was to remain in With You with the Paladin account. I might be the top Paladin, after all Lin Xi and the others had the skill.

    But thinking about it, I decided on the first choice. I had to remember my roots and it was because of Master and Senior Sister did my Shura account get so strong. Now that Black Castle needed me, even if my cultivation was gone, at least I had Godslaying Blade and Backstab that I could use. I could also send White Bird and Orange Night.

    If I was not there and Black Castle lost, King of Darkness, Senior Sister and Master would all die. I would definitely regret that.


    "This, Lin Xi..."

    I looked at her and smiled, "I am a little guilty and I have to say something... I have another important quest tomorrow so I wouldn't be able to join you all. I hope you don't blame me, don't beat me up..."


    Lin Xi looked at me and smiled, "Okay, as long as you aren't picking up chicks, then.. I shall ask Breaking Dawn Fate?"


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "I can even ask Light Family, ask Light Lotus to buff us. Along with Light Lantern and Light Frost, we would be able to get high rankings."


    I nodded, "Light Family will be With You's sooner or later. Light Lotus also has the hidden job and with her buffs, Lin Xi's strength would go through the roof."


    Lin Xi smiled, "Let's just call everyone in the party that we can."

    "En en."

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