Chapter 341- Shocking conditions
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Zhan Yue Chapter 341- Shocking conditions

  "Zhenyang Duke really is famous and worthy of your fame. One red flame blade and you protected Dongyang City for dozens of years such that the Dimension Legion couldn't push south at all. I really respect you."

    King of Darkness said as he looked at the battle in the sky.

    Feng Buwen smiled calmly, "Your Highness can tell that although old man Zhenyang Duke is good with the blade but he can't fight close at all. Yun Yue really is strong. If she wanted to hurt him, even if he had the King Realm body protection energy, he would definitely get hurt by the Blistering Flame Finger."

    King of Darkness smiled, "Yun Yue is smart and her comprehension is really strong. The Undying Bird Technique and Blistering Flame Finger are perfect matches. In just a few years, she would exceed my strength."


    Feng Buwen nodded, "Your Highness, Yun Yue and Old Man Guan Yang are experts of both our races and one of them might get injured, why not... Let them stop and consider this a draw?"


    Feng Buwen raised his head, "Old man Guan Yang, stop. Let us end the sparring here."

    King of Darkness nodded too, "Lady Yun Yue why not consider this a draw?"


    Senior Sister Yun smiled and bowed towards Guan Yang, "Thank you old sir for your lessons."

    "Lady Yun Yue, you really are strong..."

    The two of them descended from above, it was yet another draw.

    But, after Senior Sister Yun returned to my side, her energy was really calm while Guan Yang was panting. His face was red and it was obvious that he was already old and his stamina couldn't keep up. No matter how strong one was, one couldn't stop age from catching up to them.

    "Old sir, rest for a while longer." Feng Buwen smiled.

    "No need."

    Guan Yang drank a cup of wine and he smiled, "This wine is a natural herb. Just one mouth and everything I am annoyed about will be cleared out!"


    Feng Buwen laughed and looked towards the lake and the stars, "Since we have already sparred, why not... Let the younger generation spar?"


    King of Darkness was stunned.

    Feng Buwen looked at me, "I heard that July Wildfire is one of the top geniuses and his fame is even above some of your God Hall disciples. Since he has came, why not... Let him spar with a few from Xuanyuan Empire's colleges. Let us see how strong the new generation is?"


    Senior Sister Yun rejected, "Junior Brother was injured by Fire Demon Witch Soora and his Spiritual Ruin was destroyed. He has lost his cultivation and if he fights, he would be at a huge disadvantage."

    "Oh, so that was the case..."

    Feng Buwen smiled, "Then... We can compete in terms of comprehension how about that?"

    He raised his hand and two scrolls landed, "These are two that I gained when I was visiting ruins in the outside world a few years back. Let both disciples comprehend and whoever can deduce a complete technique wins, how about that?"

    "This..." King of Darkness hesitated.

    Senior Sister Yun frowned, "My Junior Brother's soul has been injured, he..."

    "Senior Sister."

    I stood up and smiled, "I am willing to spar, it will be fine."


    Feng Buwen smiled, "As expected from a young hero, then... Who from the human race colleges dare to try?"

    A white cloaked teen got up and cupped his fists respectfully, "Prime Minister, I am Yuhan College's Qin Shaoyou and I am willing to spar with July Wildfire."


    Feng Buwen said, "Since Yuhan College's top disciple wants to spar, then you shall represent our younger generation to spar with this Black Castle disciple!"


    In the next moment, Feng Buwen pushed his palms forwards and the two scrolls flew towards the center of the lake. It hung in mid air and gave off a pale light.



    Qin Shaoyou waved the fan in his hands and floated forwards. He glided on the water surface like a frog that brushed across and he landed on a floating platform. He stood right in front of the incomplete scroll and used his ability to deduce what it was.


    I felt a little awkward and I said softly towards Yun Yue, "Senior Sister, what should I do. If I head over, I definitely can't stand still on the platform. It would be so embarrassing if I fall, I can't swim too..."

    She waved her sleeves and a breeze blew another platform over, "I will send you over."

    "Then remember to bring me back..."


    She raised her hand and pushed me over gently. In the next moment, I was standing on that platform that was protected by Yun Yue's power. My body shook and I nearly fell down.


    The young generation human disciples laughed but after Feng Buwen glanced at them, they retracted their laughter. However, this revealed the fact that my cultivation was lost.


    However, cultivation was cultivation and comprehension was comprehension. With my 97 points in comprehension and Shifang Flame Spiral Eye's ability to deduce incomplete techniques, I didn't believe that I would lose to him.

    I stood on the platform and started to activate Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. I only used around 10% of it. I faced the others with my side view so that they wouldn't notice. After all, Feng Buwen, King of Darkness, Guan Yang and Lin Huang were all elites and if I wasn't low profile, this secret might be revealed.

    This was a celestial eye and if I couldn't protect it, people might kill me for it. it might even cause a war between Black Castle and the humans. This wasn't me being afraid. At least, I could sense that Shifang Flame Spiral Eye had unlimited power and charm.


    Five minutes later.

    Opposite me, Qin Shaoyou's eyes shone and he muttered several words. Golden light shone around his scroll like he was deducing what were the next steps. Many runes flew around and started to reform. This person was really strong so no wonder Feng Buwen dared to let him challenge me.

    "Look, Senior Brother Qin has completed 10% of it!"

    "Right, but July Wildfire hasn't even begun at all."

    "Eh... He has no more cultivation and his Spiritual Ruin is destroyed. His comprehension and understanding of the laws definitely are affected so it is normal if he can't deduce such deep laws."


    Right when everyone discussed, I fully focused and used Shifang Flame Spiral Eye to deduce this. Shifang Flame Spiral Eye completed it in my mind and didn't show it. This was why everyone felt that I was lacking behind. In truth, I had deduced close to 30% of it!

    Another half an hour passed.

    The entire scroll appeared in front of me and it was a technique known as Double Essence Merge. In the next second, a bell rang in my ears--


    System notification: Will you learn skill Double Essence Merge (SSS Grade)?


    Did I even need to say anything? Learn it, this was a free gift! This skill book was Feng Buwen's and probably he himself didn't deduce it. Now that I got it, obviously I would learn it!

    Thus, I confirmed!

    In the next moment, a new golden diagram appeared in my skill column, just that it was a passive skill.

    Double Essence Merge Lv-1 (SSS Grade): Passive skill, breakthrough the barriers and merge with the power of the gods.


    Just a simple line, there was no other introduction. I was totally stunned.

    At this moment, Qin Shaoyou was stuck long ago. He couldn't pass the 20% stage and he was sweating profusely.

    But what was Double Essence Merge? I had no idea!

    I said solemnly towards everyone, "I am done."

    "Ah? How is that possible?" Everyone was stunned.

    Senior Sister carried me back and smiled, "You seem... A little different."

    Feng Buwen was shocked.


    The human race experts were furious, "Senior Brother Qin just reached 20%, how could July Wildfire deduce everything? He must be bragging!"

    "Right, no matter how high his comprehension is, he can't exceed Senior Brother Qin by so much!"


    "Shut up!"

    Feng Buwen looked at me with a deep gaze, "He has indeed deduced the whole thing. He even cultivated a little. Qin Shaoyou really can't compare to him."

    He sighed, "I didn't expect the Black Castle disciple to be so strong. The youths are just so strong!"

    King of Darkness smiled, "He is probably lucky."

    Qin Shaoyou walked up with an ashen white face, "Prime Minister, I have disappointed you..."

    "It is okay, this is not your fault."


    After everyone sat down, Feng Buwen said, "King of Darkness now we can talk about the alliance. Blood Dynasty's attack not only concerns Black Castle but the human race. I didn't expect them to have such a huge army after so many years."

    Finally, the White Cloak Minister spoke first!

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    Senior Sister Yun smiled.

    King of Darkness said solemnly, "My suggestion is to attack from both east and west. Black Castle will take on their main force while Xuanyuan Empire will sneak attack from the east. If they try to return to assist, we have reached our goal. If they don't then you can slash right in and wipe out Blood Dynasty!"



    White Cloak Minister smiled, "Once the west begin the battle, his majesty will order Dongyang City to battle. He will sent the troops of the other three provinces to battle, but... I have a condition."

    "Oh, what?"

    "Leave July Wildfire here."

    "What? !"

    King of Darkness and Senior Sister Yun were shocked.

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