Chapter 340- Probing
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Zhan Yue Chapter 340- Probing

   This lasted for eight hours and in reality it took two.

    Night fell.

    The entire Dongyang City started to light up. The fragrance of wine spread from the streets and we were kept by White Cloak Minister to stay a night at the city lord manner.


    At night, a pool reflected the stars in the sky. On it were many stone bridges that were connected to one another and many tables of delicacies were placed on it. Senior Sister and I both attended. Until the feast was about to begin, neither Feng Buwen and Guan Yang talked about Blood Dynasty.

    "What do they want to do?" King of Darkness lowered his voice and asked.

    "I don't know."

    Senior Sister Yun shook her head, "No matter what, we have to talk about it. If not, Black Castle won't be able to hold on."

    "En, yes." King of Darkness nodded.

    I said, "Your Highness, I think that they are testing our patience. They want us to fail and raise up the issue. Then we would be at a disadvantage and we would have no choice but to agree with their requests."

    King of Darkness was stunned and his gaze was filled with praise, "Right, I think you are correct."

    Senior Sister Yun was surprised and smiled, "Junior Brother I didn't expect you to see so clearly. What do you think they would do next?"


    I frowned, "We are all Black Castle elites and if I was White Cloak Minister, I want to see how strong Black Castle is. Only if Black Castle is strong will we have the rights to have an alliance with them. If not, we would be useless in this war and could be abandoned at any moment."

    King of Darkness's gaze turned cold, "You are saying... They might reject us?"

    "That should not be it."

    I shook my head, "Blood Dynasty is so strong and even Xuanyuan Empire can only fight to their equal. I think Feng Buwen and Guan Yang want to have more allies in this fight. They did so much so as to use Xuanyuan Empire's strength to scare us. On another surface, they want to test Black Castle's strength as they also need us.

    "So that is why."

    King of Darkness smiled, "You kid... I didn't expect you to have such comprehension at such a young age. Along with your talents, you might become someone like White Cloak Minister."

    I smiled, "I am me, I don't want to be him."

    A weird gaze appeared in Yun Yue's eyes, "Very good, it is great to have such ambition. Let's go, head to the feast. Let's see what he is planning!"



    We stepped to the center of the lake and sat at a round table. Feng Buwen and Guan Yang were already here. After greeting one another, we got to our seats. Many good looking attendants delivered delicacies. On the nearby stone bridge, many soldiers stood tall and added some solemness to this feast.

    After a few drinks.

    Feng Buwen raised his head and looked at the stars, "The stars are shining bright, why not... Let's spar? I heard that King of Darkness is really good at chest, are you willing to play a round with me?"

    King of Darkness smiled, "Since prime minister is interested, naturally I will play. But under this starlight, chess board..."

    "Why not."

    Feng Buwen got up and he looked really elegant, "The earth is the cheesboard, the stars are the pieces. What does your highness think?"

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    "Shua shua" both of them flew into the sky. When they were above, instantly the earth started to shake. Aura started to spread from below and appeared beneath their feet. They intersected and formed into a chess board.


    I frowned, I didn't expect that this could actually be done. If it was as I expected, their cultivation had reached the peak, if not they wouldn't be able to use the earth's laws as the chessboard.

    "Your Highness, please!"

    Feng Buwen smiled and told King of Darkness to play first.


    King of Darkness shook his head, "I am Xuanyuan Empire's ancestor whil eyou are a junior, you should be first."

    "Since that is the case then I shall go ahead."

    The moment he said that, a Heaven Lightning Scroll image surged out from his body. He was like a god, his shirts fluttering. He pointed at the sky and instantly a star dimmed. I turned into a starlight which appeared in his hands and then it landed on the chess board.


    The star landed on the baord and it caused a ripple, like a meteor dropping into the ocean. Everyone was stunned.

    Could King of Darkness receive it?

    Even I was worried. This Feng Buwen was relaly strong, as someone only beneath the emperor, his cultivation was really high!

    But in the next second, King of Darkness hollered. His bloodline started to ring and along with a dragon roar, an image of a darkness god dragon flew into the sky. Like a king looking down on the earth, he used his middle and second finger to pincer and grab a star from the sky. It landed in the board and light flickered brightly!

    "Oh my god!"

    Guan Yang was stunned. He stood up and said, "This aura... It is Xuanyuan Empire's God Dragon Bloodline. The rumors are true. King of Darkness has Xuanyuan Empire's royal family bloodline. After death you became the current King of Darkness, I didn't expect... You could turn the pure god dragon bloodline another way and cultivate it along with death energy. You really are an Eternal Realm expert!"

    Bahuang Marquis Lin Huang's gaze was also really solemn, "King of Darkness's strength should be no weaker than prime minister!"

    Senior Sister Yun smiled, "Of course."


    The two in the sky continued to pluck stars and along with star after star landing, the entire board started to buzz. After all, how could the laws of earth compare with that of the stars. Sooner or later it would break down.

    The two in the sky was really calm. Feng Buwen looked like a scholar, he wasn't fast nor slow and he played each piece one by one.

    King of Darkness was like an old man playing chess beneath a tree. His eyes seemed really intellectual and his Darkness Dragon Bloodline surged. Each piece was filled with huge confidence.

    Finally after they placed dozens of pieces, there was a giant peng andthe chessboard couldn't take the starlight power anymore. It collapsed and scattered.


    The two of them started to retract their strength. Feng Buwen smiled and cupped his fists, "Junior admits defeat!"


    King of Darkness waved, "We don't know what the outcome is, we can only take it as a draw."

    "Thank you your highness, let's continue to drink?"


    The two of them stepped over and landed on their seats like nothing had happened.

    This was the strength of an Eternal Realm expert, in the physical world, they could crush everything!


    On the side, Guan Yang couldn't take it anymore. He pulled out his blade, "Since that is the case, I am really tempted. I heard that Lady Yun Yue is really strong and succeeded her tribulation to become a new Eternal Realm expert. Can you show me some of your many skills?"

    Senior Sister stood up and smiled, "How can I disappoint you. Bring it on?"


    The two of them rose into the sky. Zhenyang Duke was instantly covered in flames as he activated his true fire bloodline. The blade in his hands spat out streaks of flame light. The current Guan Yang looked like Guan Yu who had comprehended a stronger flame power. His eyes were filled with pride and fighting spirit, "Lady Yun Yue, please give me advice!"

    "As you wish!"

    Senior Sister Yun stood in the breeze and her eyes shot out a bright light. Her body was covered by a phoenix image and she stepped on flame-like clouds. She raised her right hand and pointed towards Guan Yang!


    Blistering Flame Finger!

    "Nice timing!"

    Guan Yang laughed as he slashed his blade forwards. A streak of flame energy scattered the Blistering Flame Finger power and his body shook too. He laughed, "Such pure flame law power. Very good, I have not met such a strong opponent in a long time. Can I go all out?"

    Yun Yue smiled, "If Senior has the ability to fight close combat then go ahead."

    "That is great!"

    Flames exploded and Guan Yang charged at Senior Sister Yun!


    She used Blistering Flame Finger which accurately landed on Zhenyang Duke's blade. It forced him back. Next were the third, fourth and fifth Blistering Flame Fingers which shot out. Senior Sister Yun stood in mid air and kept using Blistering Flame Finger. Zhenyang waved his blade and streaks of blade light smashed onto Senior Sister's body protective energy.

    This battle was much more intense. Finger power and blade energy intersected and it caused everyone's mouths to open wide.

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