Chapter 339- White Shirt Minister
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Zhan Yue Chapter 339- White Shirt Minister

  Dongyang City was right ahead.

    The city walls were 50% higher than that of Linchen County and there were many holes for cannons. Soldiers were spread out and they were on guard. Before we even entered the city, a majestic figure rode his horse over. He was dressed very simply but it couldn't hide his heroic aura. Above his head was a line of words.

    Bahuang Marquis, Lin Huang!

    He was actually Lin Huang, the legendary Linchen County Head. I actually met him here.

    "Greetings King of Darkness!"

    Lin Huang smiled, "Long time no see!"


    King of Darkness smiled, "Long time no see, your cultivation is much higher now!"

    "That's not true, that's not true..."

    Lin Huang smiled, "As compared to your Eternal Realm cultivation, mine... Is just so weak. Welcome Your Highness, I will bring you over. Prime Minister and Zhenyang Duke have set up a feast at the sparring ground.

    "Great, thank you!"


    Lin Huang pulled the reigns and walked side by side with King of Darkness. Senior Sister Yun and I were at the back and looking at Lin Huang, I frowned, "Bahuang Marquis is already such a powerful position. I didn't expect him to be used to welcome someone in Dongyang City."

    "Isn't that normal?"

    Senior Sister smiled at me, "Xuanyuan Empire is huge and they have large amounts of resources. At the highest is Xuanyuan Ying and he is the only emperor that has awakened the God Dragon Bloodline in 200 years. He rules the empire and protected their prosperity for close to 50 years. One could say that without him, Xuanyuan Empire would have been defeated by the Dimension Legion 20 years ago."

    I was stunned, "So that is the case..."

    Senior Sister Yun smiled, "Beneath Longwu Emperor, White Cloak Prime Minister is right up next. This Feng Buwen is really talented and he is one of the smartest people in the world. Beneath him would be the three dukes, Covering Rain Duke Song Tianchen, Juding Duke Cui Ping and Zhenyang Duke Guan Yang. Guan Yang is an old general and awakened the true sun bloodline. He protected Donghang Province for 50 years and he is the top general in Xuanyuan Empire. He is old but his blood is strong and he is one old general that is worthy of respect.


    I nodded, "No wonder White Cloak Prime Minister and him could receive us together."


    Senior Sister Yun smiled, "Beneath the three dukes are the 12 marquis and they are: Tianjun Marquis Xuanyuan Ping, Bahuang Marquis Lin Huang, Breaking Army Marquis Li Tianhua, Martial Tune Marquis Huyan Ning, Humble Marquis Zhang Mingyuan, Scholar Tune Marquis Long Ziming, Luchun Marquis Xia Yang, Jumen Marquis Baili Hao, Greedy Wolf Marquis Chai Ying, Haoyue Marquis, Li Chengyun, Peacock Feather Marquis Yuwen Chi, God Wind Marquis Lin Rufeng. Among them, Bahuang Marquis had huge contributions and he is the strongest out of all of them."

    I was stunned, "Then why is he ranked second?"

    "Very simple, Tianjun Marquis Xuanyuan Ping is Longwu Emperor's nephew."


    I understood, "So that is the case, it seems like it is the same no matter where we are."

    Yun Yue laughed, "Softer."


    Just like that, the group of us moved slowly along Dongyang City's path. There was no one on the east square, only soldiers. There weren't any players at all and I probably was the only one who had the chance to see such things. Once the map was released, players would swarm this place and it would be really busy.

    I looked from afar. Like Linchen County, the back of the square was a huge hall.

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    I looked at it. Would this place be where Lin Xi and I come to date in the future?

    Thinking about that, I couldn't help but imagine. Although I had just met her a while ago, but being alone in such a situation made me think about her. If Lin Xi was here, she should be shocked about the game design. It was great if I could experience all of this with her.

    Not long later, the envoy group passed many streets and finally entered the biggest sparring ground in the city.

    "Dong dong dong~~~"

    Drums were hit in the distance and the intense beats felt like they were hitting on one's heart. Within the ground, many soldiers were lined up. Their blades reflected light and it made one's heart feel cold. On the other side was a cavalry formation. Many rows of the empire's heavy cavalry were lined up and the horses snorted. On horseback, the soldiers held their swords, spears or halberds and beneath their helmets, their eyes gave off killing intent.

    This was a little frightening!

    At the end was a high platform and on both sides were railings. On it were two experts. One was a middle aged man that looked scholarly and he even looked like he was falling sick. However, his aura was really intense and it was hard to imagine that such a person was actually second to the emperor- Feng Buwen!

    The other was one of the three dukes Zhenyang Duke Guan Yang. He looked like a gentle old general and his head was covered in white hair. He smiled and stood up. His voice was really loud, "Xuanyuan Empire Guan Yang welcomes King of Darkness, please take a seat!"

    "Thank you!"

    King of Darkness's body disappeared into the sky and in the next moment, he appeared above the platform. His body gave off the aura of an Eternal Realm expert. He looked at Feng Buwen and Guan Yang with both pride and respect, "I have been hearing about the two of you!"

    "Greetings King of Darkness."

    Feng Buwen got up and waved politely. Lightning light flashed around him and he smiled, "We are meeting for the first time and King of Darkness is truly someone with the Xuanyuan Empire bloodline. I really are too weak in front of you!"

    King of Darkness smiled, "Prime Minister managed to be the heir to the Heaven Lightning Scroll and stepped into Eternal Realm three years ago. I really are too weak in front of you."

    Guan Yang laughed, "King of Darkness please sit and taste our Dongyang City's wine. Taste what home is like."

    "Thank you."

    King of Darkness sat down. White Cloak Minister and Guan Yang were both on the left while he was on the right. In terms of position, he was lower than Feng Buwen.


    "Junior Brother, let's head over."

    Senior Sister smiled, "I would like to see how intelligent this White Cloak Minister is. He actually managed to become second to the emperor at such a young age."


    The two of us walked up while the others just waited below.

    "Let me introduce."

    King of Darkness got up and pointed at us, "This is our Black Castle's Lady Yun Yue and she is incharge of the blood pond. Beside her is her Junior Brother July Wildfire, one of the pride of Black Castle."


    White Cloak Minister looked over and smiled, "We have long heard of Lady Yun Yue's name. Apart from King of Darkness, you are the second Eternal Realm expert in Black Castle. You truly are a beauty!"

    Senior Sister Yun smiled, "Thank you."

    "Please sit, welcome you two." Guan Yang smiled.

    "Yes duke!"

    Thus, Senior Sister and I were arranged to sit at the side and a pile of fruits and wine were placed in front of us. Based on xuanhuan novel rules, this wine would probably increase one's cultivation by a few years with one mouth. As for the fruits, they were all spiritual fruits. Unfortunately, I needed neither and these things were useless for me. They couldn't help to save my destroyed Spiritual Ruin.

    But, I could take a drink.


    The first mouth felt really fragrant and it wasn't as spicy as chinese wine. Instead, it was sweet like one was drinking fruit juice.


    Not far away, Feng Buwen held his cup and smiled, "King of Darkness came from so far away and we have failed to welcome you well. This first cup is my apology!"

    He gulped it down.

    King of Darkness did too.

    Guan Yang laughed, "King of Darkness came from so far and I am coincidentally testing the troops here, then... Why not King of Darkness watch the troops along with us?"


    King of Darkness nodded, he had no chance to talk about Blood Dynasty's impending war.

    Beneath the platform, tens of thousands of troops lined up and changed formations. The cavalry showed the ways they charged and instantly the drill field was filled with killing shouts and horse hoof sounds. Dust bellowed and streaks of inscription light gathered. The army formations activated and instantly, the soldiers were bathing in golden light like they had descended from above. These made the formations more alive.

    King of Darkness was amazed. Such a strong army was something that Black Castle didn't have. There was a reason why the human race could block the north for so many years.

    "This is the legendary Heaven and Earth War Formation?" Feng Buwen asked.

    "Yes. "

    Guan Yang said respectfully, "With this formation, we were able to force back the blood cavalry army of Dimension Legion. If not, the few fortresses ahead would have been lost."

    "Not bad, not bad~~"

    Feng Buwen nodded and smiled, "This formation has both yin and yang daos and it has many changes. As expected from the empire's top general, I am really amazed!"

    Guan Yang cupped his fists, "Prime minister is too kind!"

    King of Darkness, "..."


    I frowned and looked towards Senior Sister Yun who looked helpless.

    Feng Buwen and Guan Yang were putting up a show, were they not giving us a chance to talk about the alliance?

    It was obvious that the two of them were testing my patience.

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