Chapter 338- Heading to Dongyang City
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Zhan Yue Chapter 338- Heading to Dongyang City


    From the sky, another figure descended. He held a blood colored halberd and this was right general Bai Jian. he just stepped in and said, "During Heaven Crystal Ocean battle, Blood Dynasty has seen our strength so this time they are gathering their elites to crush us!"


    Senior Sister Yun crossed her arms and rested lazily on my shoulder. Her eyes were filled with helplessness, "Are the two of you treating my sleeping area as a meeting room. Why did you two just come like that?"

    Lin Mu's face was filled with shame, "Sorry, this is serious. Lady Yun Yue is in charge of battles so we could only sense your aura and then enter."

    Bai Jian cupped his fists, "Please forgive us. We are direct people which was why we did this."


    Right at this moment, a blood colored whirlpool descended from the sky. A person landed from within and this was King of Darkness Xuanyuan Yu. He said, "I think all of you know about how Blood Dynasty is about to attack!"

    Senior Sister Yun sighed, "It seems like His Majesty is also a direct person..."

    Lin Mu and Bai Jian turned around, "Greetings Your Majesty, the two of us... Arrived early!"


    King of Darkness smiled, "July Wildfire is also here?"

    "En, greetings Your Majesty."

    I nodded, "If things are not convenient then I shall leave."

    "No need."

    King of Darkness waved, "Your are Lady Yun Yue's direct disciple and will be a core member of Black Castle. Moreover, you have done so much for us so it doesn't matter. You can listen in."


    I closed my eyes and continued to refine the medicinal powers in my body.


    "This time Blood Dynasty is really going all out." Bai Jian said solemnly, "Based on my intel, all 29 countries are moving out,

among them, Jin Country, Dust Country, Ocean Country etc country heads have came personally. A total of 15 of them are gathered at their west camp, as for marquis... There are at least over 100. In terms of troops, with the 29 added together, there should be tens of millions of them."

    Yun Yue frowned, "It seems like this is our tribulation. If we can't solve this, we might get wiped out."


    King of Darkness Xuanyuan Yu nodded, "Legend had it that their country heads are Eternal Realm kings and if they all descend, even if I use the ninth grade of Darkness God Dragon, I won't be able to block them."

    Yun Yue said, "If my strength breaks through, I might be able to block one but that would just be an equal fight. Eternal Realm experts are so tough to beat."


    King of Darkness said solemnly, "This time we can't fight alone, if not Black Castle would get wiped out. I plan... To head to Dongyang City to see someone."

    Senior Sister was stunned, "Your Majesty is taking a risk... To see who?"

    "White Cloak Minister-- Feng Buwen!"

    King of Darkness said, "This Feng Buwen is Xuanyuan Empire's prime minister and Xuanyuan Ying trusts him a lot. Moreover, he came to Dongyang City to observe the troops while also talking to the minister in charge of the north. If I could meet these two and persuade Xuanyuan Empire to send troops to attack from east and west, we might be saved."

    "Too dangerous!"

    Lin Mu said solemnly, "I can't agree to this. Be it White Cloak Minister Feng Buwen or Zhenyang Duke Guan Yang, they are human race experts. What if they plan to kill you, what can you do then?"


    King of Darkness waved his sleeves, "I am confident to escape from both Feng Buwen and Guan Yang."

    "Since that is the case..."

    Senior Sister Yun said calmly, "Allow me to head over with you and take care of you. With the two of us, those humans will consider things."

    "That is a good idea."

    King of Darkness said, "Then... Pack up and let's head out?"

    Senior Sister turned and looked at me, "Junior Brother, do you want to follow?"

    I was touched, "En, I shall follow Senior Sister!"

    A bell rang in my ears--


    System notification: You have accepted main quest Head to Dongyang City (SSS Grade)!

    Quest contents: If you can form an alliance and return peacefully, you will get huge rewards.


    With the quest at hand, this seemed like an open quest and the only request was to form the alliance and return peacefully. Does this mean that I need to do something to push this forwards? If that is the case then this quest didn't test game skill but intelligence!

    "Since that is the case then prepare to head out."

    Senior Sister Yun smiled, "Your Majesty, since we are heading to Dongyang City then let's bring some gifts. 10 thousand high grade spirit crystals, ten boxes of soft fragrant fruits, 50 martial scrolls... How about this?"


    King of Darkness nodded, "These things... Even Feng Buwen and Guan Yang would be interested. This would prove our sincerity."

    "En, I shall go prepare them."


    Ten minutes later, everything was prepared.

    The squad was outside of the city. With me, there were a hundred people. I was Senior Sister Yun's guard. In truth, I was covered in darkness and I looked like I was about to assassinate Feng Buwen.

    Outside the city, the ancient teleportation formation flickered. An old necromancer waved his staff and bowed, "Your Majesty, this formation hasn't been used in a long time and I am not sure where it leads. I can only try to send you to the forest near to Dongyang City. you have to head over yourself."

    "That is enough, thank you!" King of Darkness bowed.

    "Then, prepare to activate the formation."


    In the next second, a bunch of necromancers started to chant. Not long later, a giant blood gate appeared and the teleportation formation had successfully opened.

    "Time to head out."

    King of Darkness flashed and appeared the other side. Senior Sister and I walked over and teleported to the coordinates over at Dongyang City. The carriages behind us came through one by one.


    System notification: You have entered secondary city map Dongyang City!


    I opened the map and looked at everything in Dongyang City. This map was not yet opened to players and the reason why I was able to come here was due to the NPC mode. The system treated me as an NPC if not there was no reason why I could enter an unreleased map.

    Since that was the case, then it was time to feel the aura and nature of Dongyang City!

    We walked out of the forest.

    In the distance, a majestic giant city appeared in front. It was white like a city that descended from above. This city was the biggest in Donghang Province and was the main city.

    As this was my first time here, the system voice spread into my ears--

    "Dongyang City, Donghang Province Office, a majestic city in the north that humans took thousands of years to build."

    "This city has been through many wars. Humans defended against the Dimension Legion and Blood Dynasty troops countless times and stopped evil to the north of the city. Numerous human heroes have appeared here and they led the human armies to protect the homeland. This city is the city of heroes."

    "These records all belong to the past. Now, Blood Dynasty and Dimension Legion are coming. Can humans defeat them once more in Dongyang City?"

    "Everything is up to you, courageous adventurer. Head forwards and may you fight with courage and righteousness!"


    His words actually made one pumped up and made me feel like joining their camp and fight against evil. Thinking about it, I was a Shura of Black Castle and to them, I was evil. Fight what?

    Not long after we walked out, horse hoof sounds spread from in front. Dongyang City cavalry appeared and the soldier at the front held a friendly blue and white flag. He said respectfully, "Greetings Black Castle King of Darkness, greetings Lady Yun Yue. I have received orders to welcome you. The prime minister and Zhenyang Duke have been waiting for a long time."

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    "Thank you, please lead the way."

    King of Darkness nodded. This time, he placed his identity really low. The King of Darkness was actually a ruler that led an area and he was an Eternal Realm expert. However, he was really polite to the humans. I think he was definitely not like this in the past, he was only like this because he needed help.

    We headed forwards and stepped onto the official road.

    On both sides of the path, human troops appeared and they all held shields and weapons. They lined up and they gave off a thick killing aura like they were about to kill us and wipe us all out. It was obvious they were threatening us, to let us witness the strength of the human race elites.

    As for me, I followed quietly behind Senior Sister.

    At this moment, my heart started to pound. It was hard to imagine that this was a game and that it could give one such a feeling. I felt like I was in another world. This was the battle for power and there were also bloody scenes. This was what players wanted. We wanted to immerse into a different life!

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