Chapter 337- War descends
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Zhan Yue Chapter 337- War descends



    After Lin Xi killed a Flame Deer, her ID slowly changed from red to yellow. Finally, her red name was gone!

    "Enough enough~~"

    She yawned and smiled, "We are finally done. Lu Li take a look at how many antlers we have. Let's go back to the city, this is too tiring, I am about to die..."


    I glanced and smiled, "8845!"


    Lin Xi smiled, "Give each of us 2211 and you can leave one for yourself as your reward!"

    "Is that so? Then thank you boss!"

    I laughed and split the spoils. Very quickly, we all got the antlers. Thus we all took out the city return scroll and turned into a streak of light. The four of us appeared in Linchen County at the dead of night but there were still many players around. Some were heading out, some were returning. Some had the joys of gains while some were sad.

    The bunch of us came to the city lord manor and there was a guard there that looked at us solemnly, "What are you doing here?"

    "Flame Deer quest." Lin Xi said clearly.

    "Oh, come with me, I will bring you over."

    "Thank you!"

    I followed the guard and not far from where we were, there was a middle aged man with a scroll and brush. He smiled, "More people obtained Flame Deer antlers?"

    "Yes." Lin Xi smiled.

    He laughed, "Great, those damn Flame Deers are destroying the south and even broke our troops' path, scoff... Come, let me see the antlers. If you have enough, I can give you unimaginable rewards!"

    "Yes sir."

    We released our antlers and four huge mountains stacked up around him.

His mouth was agape and he twitched, "Are my eyes playing tricks on me? So many... Did you wipe out the Flame Deer nest?"

    "About there."

    Lin Xi giggled, "Sir, time to give rewards?"


    He raised his chest, "Warriors from another world, you have proven your courage and strength. The future of the empire is in your hands and let's hope that humans can live for a long time. Come, this is your reward!"


    System notification: Congratulations for completing bounty quest, bounty submitted is deer antler x2212, obtained rewards: Current level experience +75%, reputation points +12000, charm +3, Gold +5000!

    "Shua" a golden light descended and my Assassin account was up to level 87. I quickly adjusted the Paladin account to level 82. Now, my two accounts were leading the server. On the side, Lin Xi had reached level 86 and was leading the human race players.

    "The rewards really are generous!"

    Lin Xi looked at her stats and smiled, "Enough, let's go offline to rest? Let's wake up at 11 and not do anything in the morning. Rest well."

    "Great, I can sleep in~~"

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    Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi both smiled.

    I nodded, "Understood, let's go offline to rest."

    "En, goodnight."


    I went offline and as it was early in the morning, the entire courtyard was quiet. Only the level 2 curtains showed the bodies of the few girls. We entered the room one by one. I held my helmet and walked around to confirm that there was no one. After stepping into Blazing Sun Realm, my eyesight greatly improved and so did my sensory ability. Although I was staying up for so long, but I was still really energetic and I felt like I could play more.

    I looked around and everything was safe.

    I returned to my room and switched off the lights. The entire studio was silent. This silence made me relatively calm and all my emotions started to dial down.

    Time to sleep!

    I closed the door, took a bath and went to bed just like that.


    Next day, I slept until noon before I woke up. The sound of Shen Mingxuan's slippers spread from above. Not long later, she knocked on my door, "Lazy pig, get up. Lunch will arrive in half an hour."

    "I know I know, knock softly, this door will get shattered by you sooner or later!"

    "Hahaha, is that so?"

    Shen Mingxuan's laughter spread from outside and next were sounds from above. I got up and looked outside. The chirping was really annoying. After bathing, I headed up to eat.

    "Is their a team quest today?" I asked.


    Lin Xi shook her head, "Free activities."


    Lunch was not bad and it was the private restaurant once again. There was a smelly osmanthus fish that was quite famous. It smelled bad but its taste was really good. Lin Xi didn't want to taste a single mouth but after Shen Mingxuan forced her, she tried once more.

    Afternoon, I went online.

    I changed to the Assassin account and headed back to city.



    A golden energy current spread in the air. The Shura image slowly floated in the wind and it was still really majestic. However, my strength was far lower than before. I didn't think at all and headed towards Senior Sister Yun. I hadn't appeared for a long time and hadn't drank her concoctions. Who knew if she would get angry.

    Blood Pond, main hall.

    The moment I stepped in, someone grabbed my arm. A pot full of medical scents appeared in front of me. Senior Sister Yun said face covered in frost, "Drink this whole pot. If there is anything left, I will skin you!"

    "Yes, Senior Sister."

    I rubbed my elbow that nearly dislocated, "Just speak nicely, you really are rough..."

    "I am rough?"

    She was furious, "You brat left for so many days. If you didn't come back today, I would send the army over to Linchen County. Even if I fight Lin Huang I will grab you back to drink the medicine!"

    My mouth twitched, "Am I not back... I will drink!"

    I picked up the pot and started to gulp it down. It was really bad and she really lacked culinary skills. It tasted like scorched rice but after drinking it all, my stomach exploded once more. I sat on the jade bed and started cultivating again.

    "Si si~~~"

    Not long later, energy in my body surged and formed streaks of mist that wrapped around me. The Spiritual Ruin gave out bits of life energy and on close look, although it was pitch black but one could see plants growing. This... Was it going to wake up? !

    But it was still early. Most of the core areas were still grey. Anyways, White Cloak, Apprehension, Annihilation, Dark Shadow Jump, Dragon Will etc, if they couldn't be used, my combat strength couldn't return to the peak. These skills were really my core.


    Senior Sister Yun was curious, "You... You seem different from before."


    I was stunned, could Senior Sister Yun sense what happened to me in real life? After all, the only difference was just the Blazing Sun energy. As for in game, I had no changes at all. The Spiritual Ruin was still dead and my strength was far from before. I smiled, "Does Senior Sister mean that I am more handsome than before?

    She sat beside me and observed, "Hasn't my Junior Brother always been handsome? That shouldn't be the reason, I just think... You feel different from before. Like you have transformed."


    I was stunned and couldn't tell what was the difference between reality and game. Senior Sister Yun was an NPC but she could sense my changes in real life. Moreover, the reason why I could step into Blazing Sun Realm so quickly was due to the game. After meeting Senior Brother Li Xiao Yao, I naturally broke through. This was tough to explain.

    Senior Brother knew more than me but he had no time to speak. That situation disappeared in a blink. I wanted to know more so I could only find out by myself.


    She touched my forehead, "Forget it, all of this aren't important. Cultivate well."



    Right at that moment, a storm surged and it turned into a muscular body in red armor. His cape fluttered and he just walked over confidently. This person was the left general Lin Mu.

    "Lady Yun Yue!"

    Lin Mu stopped and frowned, "Not good!"

    "What happened?"

    "Blood Dynasty is gathering troops and are going to go to war with us."

    "Blood Dynasty..."

    Senior Sister frowned, "How many did they send?"


    Lin Mu said solemnly, "To the Darkness Hawks, I saw 29 country flags. I heard rumors that the eastern countries have sent their elites. Many country heads have came personally and would definitely arrive within days. War is about to descend."

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