Chapter 336- Bad thoughts
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Zhan Yue Chapter 336- Bad thoughts


    Breaking Dawn Dust shouted and slashed towards Gu Ruyi.

    Right at that moment, I led my horse over to push him aside. At the same time, I smashed my shield onto the ground and used Light Shield Wall! All of a sudden, Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan were both protected behind me and most of the damage was blocked by the shield. However, Breaking Dawn Dust continued to attack relentlessly.

    "We can't rely fully on Lin Xi to kill them!"

    I said solemnly, "Shen Mingxuan, use Armor Breaking Arrrow on Breaking Dawn Dust, let's insta kill him!"


    There was a buzz as the red Armor Breaking Arrow pierced his armor and instantly the inscription light spread out which greatly reduced his armor!


    I got close and used Righteous Provocation. I followed it up with Momentum Slash+War Trample+ Judgement and shocking damage numbers rose up--




    After all, Breaking Dawn Dust was Breaking Dawn's top armored player and he had large amounts of orange gear. Even if half his armor was reduced, he was still tanky. But for a Paladin like me to deal 40 thousand damage at once, that was really enough. Shen Mingxuan used Shockwave Shot+Seven Star Shot while Gu Ruyi used Ice Soul Dragon Roar+Meteor to insta kill Breaking Dawn Dust!


    The Archer behind him was stunned and looked towards me, "What is going on with With You's Paladin? How does a Paladin have that much damage? 40 thousand at once, moreover he is hitting Boss Dust, damn... That is too much? !"

    The others were shocked too.

    But at that moment, Lin Xi was being focused once more. Although she had killed over 20 and her name was already red, but her healthbar was down to 30%!

    "Lin Xi come over!"

    I raised the Silver Ocean Sword and used the recovery skill- Silver Ocean.

In the next moment, all of us healed together. At the same time, I used Saint Light Technique twice on her and pulled her health back up above 60%. Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were in danger too as dozens of them drew close. The space available shrunk at every second.

    We were finished, our chances of surviving was low.

    "Lin Xi, use White Star and leave!"

    I said solemnly, "With your stats, if you want to leave they won't be able to catch up. I will hold up the rear. Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan leave if you can, the best case scenario is if I just die!"


    Lin Xi's eyes flashed red, "Your name has turned red, if you die you will at least lose 3 levels!"

    "Better than you losing 20!"

    I gritted my teeth, "I am hardworking, I can afford to lose 3 levels. How can you lose 20? Break out and leave!"


    She gritted her teeth and fought while retreating. This time, we were fully targetted. Breaking Dawn sent at least 300+ people to surround us. At this moment, even Lin Xi wasn't able to hold on.



    The sound of wind being broken through could be heard. An arrow hit the Breaking Dawn's Warrior and stunned him!


    Lin Xi and I looked over and realised that the person who shot was an Elements' Archer. Behind him was Lin Songyan who was holding a shield and spear and riding a black horse. He was covered in Musician buffs and charged over like a mountain. With a "keng", he blocked the sword of the person who was chasing Lin Xi.


    Lin Songyan laughed, "Breaking Dawn Ash, why is Breaking Dawn getting more and more useless. A few hundred chasing a few from with you, where is your face? Where is your face? Even if all of you could finish Lin Xi, does that mean that Breaking Dawn is really stronger than Lin Xi?"

    At the same time, Yun Jian appeared behind with his daggers and attacked. He finished the two Warriors that were chasing Gu Ruyi. he frowned, "Ruyi, are you okay?"

    Gu Ruyi was stunned and didn't say a word. She placed her dagger in front of her and used two spells to assist Shen Mingxuan.

    I took the chance to heal and increase all our health above 70%. As the milk cavalry I was just too tired. I was already trying all I could!



    Breaking Dawn Ash's face was filled with disbelief, "Lin Songyan, what is the meaning of this Is this you trying to be righteous? **... How shameless are all of you?"

    Yun Jian killed another two half health Breaking Dawn players, "You have the shame to say that? So many of you chasing four people. Apart from having a large bunch of you getting killed, you still haven't killed a single one. Haven't you lost enough face?"

    "Yun Jian!"

    An Assassin that just revived shouted. It was Breaking Dawn Han and his face was ashen white, "Didn't you tell us their location? Now you are acting as a good guy, you are the most shameless one... I have lived for 20 years and I have not seen someone as shameless!"


    Yun Jian's eyes were cold, "I don't even know you so why would I tell you where With You was at? Moreover, With You and Elements are allies. I like Follow Heart too so why would I trap them?"


    Lin Songyan said coldly, "Breaking Dawn Han, don't sprout nonsense. You better give us proof. If you can then I will kill Yun Jian right away, if not, don't malign my brother!"

    "Scoff, Lin Songyan..."

    Breaking Dawn Ash gritted his teeth, "They say that you are the dumbest one in Elements and it seems like it is true. You are being used as a spear by Yun Jian and you don't know? You are even helping him tank damage. He is just using you to get girls!"

    "I am okay with you calling me dumb."

    Lin Songyan's mouth curled up, "If Breaking Dawn is still standing today then our Elements will not exist!"

    Lin Songyan looked towards Lin Xi, "Lin Xi, let's wipe out Breaking Dawn together?"

    This was Lin Songyan's request!

    In the party channel, Lin Xi said, "It is obvious that we were trapped today. Yun Jian found Breaking Dawn to attack us and he wants to be a godo guy to gain Ruyi's trust. What should we do? Should we accept their kindness?"


    I nodded, "Lin Xi your name is red and you definitely can't die here. Since we all understand then let's just go along with it. We do really need their help now.'

    "Then... Let's just bend over?" She smiled and asked.

    "Bend over, bend over!" Shen Mingxuan and I nodded our heads.


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    Lin Xi nodded and smiled as a reply to Lin Songyan.

    "Very good."

    Lin Songyan shouted, "Team six head over to heal With You's members. All of you charge with Lin Xi and ensure that they have enough health. Kill. Although we only have half your numbers but it isn't hard to deal with you!"


    Breaking Dawn Ash's lungs were about to explode from anger. He hollered, "Brothers, retreat!'


    In a blink of an eye, Breaking Dawn members retreated. We chased and killed dozens of them and that was a good form of revenge.

    "It is over."

    Lin Songyan looked at the corpses and walked over, "Good work With You!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Thank you Lin Songyan, thank you."

    "No need to."

    Lin Songyan smiled, "I just hope you don't kill me in Purgatory Demon Realm next time."


    Everyone laughed.

    Yun Jian walked forwards to Gu Ruyi and said, "Ruyi are you okay?"


    Gu Ruyi hid behind Shen Mingxuan and wanted to hide from him.

    I frowned, "Yun Jian, you weren't the one to leak our coordinates?"

    "Of course not!"

    Yun Jian frowned, "Lu Li what kind of person do you think I am?"

    "No no."

    I smiled, "If it is not you then thank you. I didn't expect you to actually help. I had a misunderstanding about you before, you are indeed someone worthy of respect."


    Yun Jian didn't know what to say.

    Lin Xi laughed in the party chat, "Retreating to advance, Lu Li's talking skills are getting stronger and stronger."


    "En, if there is nothing else then let's continue to level."

    Lin Xi said, "Our names are red so we have to continue to level."


    Lin Songyan waved, "Good luck washing away your red names. We are training next door. If they come again, just send me a message."

    "En okay."

    Elements left.

    We continued to kill Flame Deer. The more mobs we killed, the more evil sin value we removed.

    "We probably can't sleep early today. "

    Lin Xi looked at her value, "My red name will take at least five hours."

    "Then let's spend the night." Shen Mingxuan said.


    Lin Songyan looked at Lin Songyan's back view, "Lin Songyan... He is innocent like his job, but Yun Jian..."

    "Yun Jian... What about him?" Gu Ruyi asked.

    "He isn't a nice person."

    Lin Xi looked deeply at her, "Ruyi, it is best if you stay far away from such a person, or you will be the one to regret and suffer."


    Gu Ruyi nodded.

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