Chapter 335- Accumulated grievances for a long time
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Zhan Yue Chapter 335- Accumulated grievances for a long time

 "Breaking Dawn Han?"

    Lin Xi frowned, "You are monitoring us here?"

    "I... I was just passing by!"

    The Assassin was terrified. He held his dagger and faced us. He was like a baby beast that couldn't fight back at all.

    "Pu", Lin Xi charged over. The White Dragon Sword shone an orange glow and she used Basic Attack+Blade of Dawn+ Basic Attack. Three strikes and Breaking Dawn Han turned int a white light.

    "You killed him just like that?" I was stunned.

    "If not what, we keep him alive for the new year?"

    Lin Xi wiped off the blood and smiled, "I am mentally prepared. We won't have it easy here anymore."


    I nodded my head, "Ten minutes later, Breaking Dawn Ash will definitely arrive here."


    Lin Xi looked towards his corpse and smiled, "It seems like our Elements friends aren't so friendly. If not for them, Breaking Dawn wouldn't know that we are here."

    Gu Ruyi was stunned, "Lin Xi, why are you so sure that it was Elements?"

    "Very simple."

    Lin Xi pointed not far away and said, "Breaking Dawn Han is only level 74 and the monsters here are level 88 Legendary Grade monsters. It is impossible for him to level here. An Assassin heading deep int Red Valley, naturally someone told him our specific location and he was here to scout."

    I was stunned, Lin Xi was too smart.

    "Forget it, let's finish all the Flame Deers here first." I said.



    Thus, we continued to fight and we dealt with another bunch of them. Lin Xi used Wind Chasing Stab to stab the body of a Flame Deer. Her deer had rose to level 31. Leveling here,

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was too quick, like one was sitting a rocket.

    Right at that moment, rustling spread out from the north as a bunch of people stepped in.

    Breaking Dawn was finally here!

    The leader was Breaking Dawn Ash and he was already level 82. In terms of leveling speed, he really was a talent. I killed him once every few days but his level and equipment didn't fall behind. He was sticking close to Lin Xi and Feng Canghai's level.

    Apart from Breaking Dawn Ash, Breaking Dawn Dust was here too. Under my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, Breaking Dawn Destruction's body flickered in the distance. He brought a bunch of Assassins and these were the biggest threats to us. In terms of face to face combat, with Lin Xi and her White Star, there wasn't much we had to worry about. But if these Assassins sneak attacked, it would be lethal. After all, as long as Lin Xi died, our team would get wiped.

    At this moment, even if the Shura Assassin was used, it would be useless. After all, the Shura Assassin's overpowered stats were weakened.


    "Lin Xi, we are meeting again."

    Breaking Dawn Ash frowned, "I didn't expect you to not give face at all."

    "When didn't we give face?" Lin Xi held her White Dragon Sword and smiled. She stood on the grassland and looked fearless at all.

    "Do I need to elaborate?"

    Breaking Dawn Ash pointed at where Breaking Dawn Han had died, "Our Assassin, he is just a first year university student. His dream is to become one of the top ten Assassins. How did he offend you, didn't he just want to level? In the end, the moment he showed himself, you killed him. With You... You are bullies!"


    Lin Xi smiled, "So you are saying a level 74 Assassin is training solo in a level 88 area?"


    Breaking Dawn Ash's face turned ashen white. He didn't expect Lin Xi would retort him like that. He frowned, "He just passed by, that isn't the reason for you to attack! Today, you killed him. Naturally Breaking Dawn won't let this matter rest!"

    "Is that so?"

    Lin Xi smiled, "So I killed Breaking Dawn Han and you brought people from Linchen County to arrive here in ten minutes? If I remember correctly, even cavalry would take 20 minutes to get here. So Guild Leader Ash, how did you know in advance?"


    In the Breaking Dawn crowd, some people laughed out loud.

    "What are you laughing!?"

    Breaking Dawn Ash raged and glanced back at the bunch of kids. He also noticed that he couldn't win the quarelling. Lin Xi's thought process was really clear and he couldn't gain any wins from this. He gritted his teeth, "No matter what, our Breaking Dawn member can't die just like that. Come, let me see how With You can challenge the entire Breaking Dawn guild just like this!"


    He pulled out his sword, "Brothers, attack!"

    They were attacking!

    What was worse was the bunch of Breaking Dawn Destruction Assassins.

    "Come, let's fight!"

    Lin Xi's eyes had no fear at all. Not far away from her was the level 30+ Flame Deer. The flame magic around its body rose up and added the Flame Track buff onto her!


    Combat Notification: Flame Deer is supporting, player Lin Xi obtained Flame Track, attack +35.5%, Defence +35.5%, Flame type skills damage +87.9%, lasting 18 seconds!


    One had to say that the supporting effect of the Flame Deer was just invincible!

    At that moment, Lin Xi frowned and looked towards the left. She sensed the footsteps from the grasses. Although Breaking Dawn Destruction was leading Breaking Dawn's strongest Assassins but their stealth control was still lacking. At least to experts like Lin Xi, she could see through them easily.

    "Lu Li!"

    Lin Xi shouted.

    I understood and smashed towards the left to hit into the bent Breaking Dawn Destruction. I used Righteous Provocation+War Trample and instantly the damage caused the other Assassins to appear.

    "Great, this is it!"

    Shen Mingxuan pulled her bow and used Wind Storm Arrow into the crowd. Gu Ruyi also used Flame Whirlpool. In the next moment, Lin Xi used Bladestorm and after a sword energy storm swept forth, a bunch of Breaking Dawn Assassins including Breaking Dawn Destruction turned into corpses!


    Breaking Dawn Ash's face turned green. He didn't expect his sneak attack tactic to fail right away. He had underestimated us!

    "Pu pu pu~~~"

    Dozens of cavalry players used Assault and instantly Lin Xi and I were stunned. There was no choice, we had to take the stun. Assault was just too hard to dodge and when too many of them used it, even Lin Xi had no choice but to tank it!

    Luckily, I was able to use the level 7 Self-sacrifice to protect Lin Xi and tank the damage she took. Moreover, the damage reduction effect reached 70%. Spells and arrows shifted to me and even though I was tanky, I lost 40 thousand health.

    "Focus fire, kill the Paladin first!"

    Breaking Dawn Ash didn't join in and just commanded from the back. A bunch of Archers and Magest attack. What was worse was that the Enchanters released their beasts to attack. Many Musicians played their flutes to buff the crowd. Such a combination attack was indeed tough to handle.

    "Go all out!"

    After a buzz, Lin Xi used White Star the moment she was not stunned. Streaks of silver white light covered her body and her eyes were too covered by light. Her beautiful face had an ice cold feeling. She waved the White Dragon Sword and caused a storm in the crowd!


    Breaking Dawn Ash's gaze turned cold, "Second and third team head over from the wings to kill Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi first. Then focus on the Paladin!"

    All of a sudden, rustling spread from the forest and a large group of Breaking Dawn players charged out.

    This was the most terrifying. They were splitting up. With that, even if Lin Xi is strong, we would still get wiped.

    "Protect them!"

    After Lin Xi sliced a Warrior, she retreated and said, "Let's retreat, maintain shape and don't force the fight!"

    I nodded. At this time, a player's team fighting skills were tested. Lin Xi was such an expert and knew that we had to kite. If she charged, the formation would be ripped apart. That was something Breaking Dawn Ash wanted to see.



    Shen Mingxuan's eyes were murky as she was stunned by a Fighter. She shouted in chat, "Lu Li, protect me!"


    The cooldown was up and I used Self-sacrifice and Envoy of Light. The four of us started to heal and our health started to increase.

    "Not good!"

    An Assassin that was close to Shen Mingxuan panicked, "This level 80 Paladin is so tanky, moreover this level 80 skill... Damn, how is there such a shameless skill? !"

    "Focus fire, kill them! Don't hesitate!"

    Breaking Dawn Ash's eyes burnt bright, "For With You to suppress us so many times, we don't have face in China anymore. Let's just disband if this continues! No matter what, we have to wipe them out!"


    Breaking Dawn players shouted. They had accumulated their grievances for such a long time.

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