Chapter 334- First Legendary Grade pet
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Zhan Yue Chapter 334- First Legendary Grade pet

   Night, 5:30 pm.

    There were a bunch of quest items in my bag. Apart from that, my experience had risen by a full 42%. Lin Xi's words were right. With my Shura account's level, I was still able to gain so much which showed that the rewards here were huge. Apart from that, we gained 9 sealing cards. However, as they were high level mobs, the sealing success rate was a pitiful 11%. Even 9 might not let us succeed.

    "Pay attention!"

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    I pulled the war horse and pointed the Silver Ocean Sword in front, "Look, our reward before dinner is here!"


    Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi looked over at where I pointed. There was a baby deer that spawned. Red fur, healthy limbs, tender horns. It also had beautiful eyes that looked like jade. All of a sudden, the three girls smiled, "What a cute level 1 monster!"

    I took out nine sealing cards and said, "Lin Xi, you will seal it? I can't have pets so if we get the Flame Deer, it would belong to you."


    The pets sold in the city were all so-so and occasionally there would be one or two purple beasts that sold for a high price. So Lin Xi hadn't had a pet. After all, a pet that wasn't worth it was just a waste of time. However, since this chance was here, not only was the Flame Deer's Attack high, it could also raise the master's combat strength. This was definitely Lin Xi's current first choice!


    She took the nine sealing cards and jumped off the horse. She walked over carefully and when she was 40 yards in, Lin Xi didn't begin right away. She held her hands in front of her chest and muttered, "Heavens please bless me, let me seal this, please~~"

    I laughed.

    Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi giggled too, "Quickly~~"


    Lin Xi raised her hand and the first card flew out. It turned into a red formation that appeared beneath the deer. Like a whirlpool, it made the deer realise that it was in danger. It struggled but its body still became smaller and smaller and it was about to get swallowed by the whirlpool. This struggle repeated several times until the deer raised its hooves in pride. The sealing had failed.

    "Come again!"

    Lin Xi tossed out the second one.

It failed too.



    Until the sixth one was tossed, Lin Xi's eyes flushed red and she was anxious. It seemed like she really liked this pet and if she didn't get it, she would probably be very sad right?

    Luckily when Lin Xi tossed out the 7th one, when the formation appeared beneath the deer, it gave out a happy neigh. It then disappeared into the formation and turned into a red card that flew into Lin Xi's hands.


    I was delighted, "Done!"

    "En, done!" She smiled and nodded her head.

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Congratulations Lin Xi. Since this is the case then should we eat something good to celebrate? Oh, I have booked Haidilao in 20 minutes."


    Lin Xi picked up the card and looked hesitant, "We are eating haidilao again...."

    "It is okay."

    I saw her worry. The last matter left some trauma in her so I headed forwards and said, "I won't look at my phone this time and fully protect you. Whoever dares touch Lin Xi, I will smash his teeth in!"

    Lin Xi burst out laughing, "Lu Li, let's not fight randomly."

    "I will use my gaze to kill him."

    "Okay then..."

    She smiled once more and that sadness had disappeared. She held the card and said, "Then I shall sign the contract?"


    Shen Mingxuan and I nodded.

    In the next moment, Lin Xi brushed her finger across my Silver Ocean Sword and blood dripped on the sealing card. A light shone and a cute deer appeared in her arms. Along with her moving, the deer's stats floated out. As expected, it was much stronger than Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi's pets--

    Flame Deer (Legendary Grade Pet)

    Level: 1

    Attack: 20-50

    Defence: 40

    Health: 200

    Skill: Flame Crash, Flame Trample, Flame Track

    Attack: 7 star

    Defence: 6 star

    Health: 5.5 stars

    Agility: 5.5 stars

    Magic: 7.5 star

    Growth Potential: 8.5 star


    "This Flame Deer can be used for a long time."

    I said seriously, "Its growth stats is too strong. Attack and Magic Attack is really high. It is a dual cultivator right?"


    Lin Xi looked at the detail interface and smiled, "Flame Crash and Flame Trample are mixed damage. Flame Track relies on Magic Power."

    "Then once it levels up just fully add Magic Power to increase your own combat strength." I recommended.

    She nodded, "En, I think so too!"


    Shen Mingxuan held her bow and yawned, "We killed Flame Deers for a whole afternoon. I think my back is about to collapse, let's rest? Go offline and prepare to eat. Since there aren't many cars, let's head over."

    "Don't worry, there are definitely cars on the roads."

    Lin Xi said, "Go offline and let's continue after eating. Let's seal one and give it to Mingxuan or Ruyi. What do you think?"


    I nodded and smiled. I summoned the little secretary, "Go offline."

    "En en."

    Not long later, the few of us went offline together.


    I took off my helemt and sucked in a deep breath. The summer sun hadn't set and it just shone into the guard post. I held my helmet and returned to my room before driving the car.


    In the lift, I pushed her wheelchair. There were many people and some looked down on her from above.

    I squatted down and showed her the official strategy about Flame Deer, "After we sealed the first one, they activated this infomation. There is also some strategy, take a look."


    She took my phone and glanced at me gently, "Actually, you don't need to do this."

    "No, I want to." I said.

    She smiled and lowered her voice, "I shall give you a raise!"

    "I heard that!"

    Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi said that at the same time and instantly we all laughed.


    When we walked out, this time I was extra careful. I pushed the wheelchair and didn't want anyone to get close to Lin Xi. Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were by her sides and she was guarded. We brought her to our table and helped her down. As she only couldn't use strength from her knees down, she could actually sit by herself.

    On the surface we were celebrating her sealing the Flame Deer but in truth we just wanted to eat. Shen Mingxuan and I ordered a bunch of dishes and began.

    "I love hotpot..."

    Shen Mingxuan looked at the pot and smiled, "Eating with best friends is the best thing in the world!"


    I said, "I felt like it wasn't a happy thing but after the last two years, I do think it is!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "So we have to cherish this?"

    "Of course!"

    "Why not..."

    Shen Mingxuan looked at me, "Let's drink? We shall get a valet to drive later."


    I agreed, "What about you Lin Xi?"

    Lin Xi smiled, "I am not driving so give me a huge cup!"


    We smiled and ordered some beer. In truth, spicy hotpot with beer, that was the only combination beneath little lobster and beer. Especially in summer, it was perfect.


    After we were full, we returned to the studio.

    We went online at 8pm and continued to attack the Flame Deer map.

    This lasted until 9:30 pm and I actually had 5000+ antlers. It was enough for each of us to get 1250. However, we had no intentions of returning. We continued. One had to be greedy, if not how could one get strong.

    After I attracted two Flame Deers, he saw a bent body of an Assassin. He looked at us and on his head was the Breaking Dawn mark. It was a Breaking Dawn Assassin that was staring at us!"

    "Lin Xi attack!"

    I used Assault to stun one of them before shifting my horse. I tossed out Saint Storm to swept forwards and that hit the Assassin too. All of a sudden, he was standing in front of us.

    Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and I were all stunned. All of a sudden, this was really awkward.


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