Chapter 333- Armor Breaking Arrow
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Zhan Yue Chapter 333- Armor Breaking Arrow

 Red Valley.

    Birds chirped and there were flaming birds all around. However, this place was not the goal of our trip. Their levels were low and their experience wasn't high enough. We had to go even deeper.

    Shen Mingxuan held her bow and her long legs were on full display. On her shoulder was an eagle-like flame bird. She was like a wild girl that had tamed a beast. She looked around while saying towards the Flame Bird on her shoulder, "Little Fire, look, these are your relatives."

    "Ang ang--"

    The Flame Bird flapped and once again squated quietly on her shoulder.

    Lin Xi smiled, "Lu Li, when you sealed the Flame Bird... Were you here in Red Valley?"


    My heart shook, the time to test IQ was here, "My few friends were leveling here but at that time, the Flame Birds weren't so high level."

    "En, the levels of mobs did get updated several times." Shen Mingxuan said.

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    I asked, "Lin Xi, what are we killing today, how much experience do they give?"

    "A lot, super super a lot!"

    The way she said super sounded serious and cute, "It is a monster called Flame Deer and its attack is really strong. I find it hard to fight them solo as I have no healing at all."

    "Oh oh, let's go, you will find out later."


    Not long later, the four of us passed through the forest land and further ahead was a wide land. Around it were red maple leaves. In it, many deers that were red in color all appeared. This was the Flame Deer that Lin Xi mentioned. It was a being that had natural flame laws. Their horns were like those of normal flower deers and they were half the size of humans. Their limbs seemed really powerful and filled with explosiveness.

    In the next moment, the first Flame Deer's stats were shared by Lin Xi in the chat--

    Flame Deer (Legendary Grade Monster)

    Level: 88

    Magic Attack: 8800-12550

    Defence: 8000

    Health: 1200000

    Skill: Flame Smash, Flame Trample, Flame Track

    Introduction: Flame Deer,

A deer that lived deep in the volcano. They are natural users of flame laws and their bodies has thick flame power. Along with the earth core shifting, these deers left their homeland and appeared in the human world. However, they are really violent and destroyed the human territory. Humans have started to hunt them down and each killed allowed one to get rewards from the city nearby.



    Shen Mingxuan's eyes opened wide, "There is actually something so good? We can exchange for rewards with their antlers?"


    Lin Xi was excited, "But last night I killed dozens of them and didn't collect many antlers so the experience I got wasn't much. However, since we are all here today, we could definitely do well. Let's try to get a thousand each before we return. If that is the case, I am sure that we can level at least 2-3 levels each today!"

    "So much?" Gu Ruyi opened her mouth wide and she was shocked.

    "En, the experience is a lot and the bounty on their antlers is a lot too."

    "Why didn't you say this earlier, we should have came in the morning!" Shen Mingxuan said.

    Lin Xi smiled towards me, "I wanted to wait for Lu Li, anyways we aren't rushing..."

    I was touched, "Lin Xi treats me well unlike you, heartless!"

    Lin Xi burst out laughing while Shen Mingxuan looked like she wanted to fight me. Gu Ruyi smiled, "Okay, prepare to level. Let me see how strong the Flame Deers are!"


    I held my sword, "Let me attack, focus the firepower."

    I activated Ash Fortress and used Assault on the nearest Flame Deer. At the same time, I used Momentum Slash+War Trample+Judgement. I dealt close to 100 thousand damage. Right at that moment, Shen Mingxuan's red arrow hit the Flame Deer's head and the effect was shocking!


    Battle notification: Player Battle notification used Armor Breaking Arrow, cause user's defence and magical resistance to drop 47.65%!



    I was stunned and only just realised that this was a level 80 skill. Shen Mingxuan followed Lin Xi and reached level 80 and had learned the Archer's level 80 skill!

    This Armor Breaking Arrow had created a storm on the forums and it was said that the moment it appeared, it seemed like it broke PK rules. As long as one was hit by this, one would have no armor at all. In truth, this was the same. After the Armor Breaking Arrow hit the Flame Deer, Lin Xi headed forwards and fired. She dealt close to 200 thousand damage!

    "No? !"

    I felt numb. If my Assassin account was hit by this, wouldn't I lose right away? Right at that moment, there was a patch of red above me. Along with Gu Ruyi chanting, a meteor landed on the Flame Deer's body dealing 60 thousand damage!


    My face turned green, this was a level 80 skill. In a blink of an eye, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi had changed their skills. I couldn't help but ask, "Shen Mingxuan, this Armor Breaking Arrow... It is so overpowered. Does it reduce close to 50% armor for everyone?"

    "Of course not."

    Shen Mingxuan smiled and while using Seven Star Shot, she said, "After hitting the target, the base reduction is 20%. However, the higher the user's Agility, the stronger the effect. With my Agility addition, it is 47.65%."


    Lin Xi smiled, "Shen Mingxuan's equipment is better. Normal Archers would reduce resistance by 30-40%."

    "This skill, is so terrifying..."

    I had a solemn gaze, "During PK, whoever gets hit by this would end up with half their defences!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Don't worry, Mingxuan and I have tested it. The channel is close to a second and the motion is obvious. So as long as one notices and defend, it can be easily dodged. At least with your mechanics, you should be able to predict it."


    I nodded, "Since you say that, I am more at ease."

    Shen Mingxuan was speechless, "What are you worried about, I won't shoot you..."

    "I am not worried!"

    Right at that moment, the Flame Deer started to counter attack. One Flame Smash forced me back and dealt 20 thousand damage. that was terrifying. Then it used Flame Trample and in a short instance, I had lost close to half my health. As expected, no wonder Lin Xi was unable to remain here. Unless she kept on using White Star, if not there was no way she could hunt here alone.

    But with me here, the problem was solved. I used Envoy of Light and one Flame Deer was killed just like that. We were now all full health again.

    Under our hits, the first Flame Deer fell to the ground and turned into four streaks of white experience. our experience bar jumped. Like what Lin Xi said, Flame Deers not only had high level, they were super orange Legendary Grade monsters. The killing rewards were really huge. Apart from that, not only did they drop gold, there were also antlers. I picked it up and tossed it into my bag.

    "I will keep this."

    I said to everyone, "Once we get back, we shall split things. Then we will each exchange 1/4 of them for the rewards. This will make things more efficient, is that okay?"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "You won't cheat us right?"


    I was furious, "Am I suck a person?"

    "You scammed me of a crab pincer yesterday..."

    "I thought that you didn't want it..."

    "I watched as you finished it."


    Lin Xi was speechless. She held her White Dragon Sword while saying, "Focus and level. Quarrel more and I will kick both of you!"

    "Yes yes yes!"

    The two of them joined the battle once more.


    Just like that, we killed Flame Deer after another. In the forest, four people with a deer antler emblem laughed as we fought. Sometimes, I really hoped that time could stop. We had no guesses about one another and each of us had our own little secrets. That was good.

     "Pa ta!"

    Right when the 14th deer was killed, a red card dropped. I picked it up and said, "Flame Deer Sealing Card!"

    "Not bad!"

    Lin Xi squinted and smiled, "Lu Li be careful when you draw the monster over. If you see a level 1 one be careful and don't insta kill it. It would be great if we can seal it."

    "Of course." I nodded.

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Flame Deer is a super orange Legendary Grade monster. If we seal it, it would be a Legendary pet and would be strong. At least, it would be stronger than my Flame Bird and Ruyi's Flame Turtle."

    I nodded, "Don't forget that Flame Deer's third skill Flame Track increases attack, defence and fire damage. Once we can seal one, we would have a mid tier Musician!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "If the Buff and the Musician's Buff don't clash, that would make us invincible!"



    In the distance, the Flame Deers looked really ignorant and they had no idea that we were targeting them.

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