Chapter 332- Not saying half a sentence
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Zhan Yue Chapter 332- Not saying half a sentence

I took out my phone and sent a message to my sister.

"Why, have you finished using the lab?" She smiled and asked.


I nodded, "Done."

"That is great, I shall tell someone to revoke your permission, in case dad scolds me."


I smiled, "Sister, I have some questions for you, let's meet up."


She smile, "Wait for me at the coffeeshop, I want black coffee. I will be there in 20 minutes."

"Okay, can you be quick, my time is precious!"

"I am in a meeting, calm down..."


After leaving the lab, I arrived at the coffeeshop opposite the office and ordered two coffee before waiting quietly.

Not long later, she was here. The one in a custom made Destiny Corporation uniform was my sister and behind her was her assistant whose name I had forgotten.

"Little Bai, go and wait there for me, help me to carry my bag."

"Okay Boss Yan."

So she was Little Bai. She took the bag and sat at another seat.


She sat opposite me and said, "Have you got the answer that you wanted?"


I shook my head, "Sister, your phone is monitored 24/7 right? Why not... I help you get a blocking system?"

"No need."

She smiled, "Let them monitor me then, anyways there won't be any secrets."

"Don't you feel bad being stared at everyday as the Destiny Corporation CEO?" I frowned and lowered my voice, "Is there... Movement by the higher ups? I noticed a bug in Illusionary Moon. This game and Destiny is connected right?"

"I know."

She frowned, "That concerns the planning and design teams and I can't interfere."

I kept silent.


She smiled, "You haven't seen me for so long, why do you look like I am going to die?"

I laughed, "Tell me the truth. Is dad and you being held hostage here?"


She shook her head, "Our shares exceed 50% and the other shareholders can't exceed us. The funds are in our hands so why would we be held hostage?"

"I am worried about your safety."

I drank the coffee and said, "But all of you think that I am being suspicious and that I am messing up your jobs."

"No you are not."

She blinked and smiled towards me, "I understand."

My heart shook. Since she said that, it meant that she was supporting me. I smiled, "But to father, I am just an ignorant kid."


She shook her head, "Actually he doesn't fully understand you, like you don't understand him, but... It is okay, one day the truth will get out."


I nodded and after talking fora while, I looked at the time and said, "I have to go back."

"Ah? !"

She was stunned and nearly slapped the table, "My time is worth millions. I have sat with you for so long and you are not going to eat with me?" You brat..."


I have lunch with someone else, if you want... Then wouldn't I be ditching that person!"


She laughed, "Don't think that I don't know. You are going back to eat with that girl right? Scoff, you went to With You and hid beside Lin Xi. Do you think I had no idea?"

"Shush, why is your voice so loud like a duck!"


She smiled, "But she is not bad and looks pretty. She is also smart and caring. Such a girl is good enough for us but so many people are chasing her. You are so dumb. Good luck, I feel like Shi Shangfei has a higher chance of getting her than you..."


I was speechless, "Why are you so bad to your own brother?"

She opened her eyes wide, "Who are you to say that. You are the one bad to me? You said that I was a duck!"


I smiled awkwardly, "That was a slip of the tongue, sorry. I will think carefully next time!"

She smiled, "Okay, since you are not eating with me then I shall eat hotpot with Little Bai. I have a meeting in the afternoon too."

"Then you would smell of hotpot, is that approapriate?"

"Who dares to comment on the CEO?"

"That is true..."


Afternoon, back to the studio.

I was starting to feel uneasy about my own changes. In the half an hour ride back, I had accepted that I was in Blazing Sun Realm. I could see the space structure and that was a good thing. Anyways it wasn't harmful. As long as I don't try hard to look, everything was normal.

"Have you done your things?"

At the table, Lin Xi asked.

"Everything is good." I clapped and smiled.

"That's good."

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Oh, chicken and mushrooms. Auntie helped to cook it and it tastes really good."

"Ah? !"

I was stunned, "Have we invited an auntie?"

"No, it is the auntie in the private restaurant opposite us." Lin Xi smiled, "Don't underestimate this, it cost 200 dollars!"

"Not bad, our food is getting better..." I smiled, "Did we get a deal, such splurging. If we didn't get a deal, that is impossible."


Lin Xi said, "We shall have a party activity, I can't... Do so alone..."

I laughed, there was actually a map that she couldn't clear. Interesting!


After lunch, time to go online to work.


My Paladin account appeared in Linchen County. After repairing the items, I adjusted myself to level 80 and wore the super orange Protector's Cape. Now I could really use invincible city return. Speaking of which, Paladins should have an invincibilty skill. Who knew when that would be released? But there wasn't any rush. I wasn't focusing on the Paladin/

Not long later, Lin Xi brought Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi over. After pulling me into the party she smiled, "Let's go, let's arrived in Red Valley soon."


I nodded.

"Right Lu Li." She looked at me, "How close are you to Ruyi and Mingxuan? Look at the friend list data."

"Shen Mingxuan is 672, Ruyi is 702." I said.

"Oh, around there."

She frowned, "Once you reach 1000, you can share a mount. At that time, our movement speed would be really high."

She laughed, "En, so do you want me to bring Shen Mingxuan or Ruyi?"

"Up to you~~"

Actually I wanted to say that I would ferry her but I was afraid she would hit me. I added, "Anything, it doesn't matter."

"En, let's go."


We teleported to the south gate and then headed out.

However, on the bridge, we met many familiar people. This was Elements that was preparing to head out. The Paladin at the front had the party leader mark. It was Lin Songyan. Beside him was a high level Assassin and that was Yun Jian. Apart from that there were over ten people that were all famous in Elements.

It was obvious that this was a high level team.


Lin Songyan smiled and waved, "Lin Xi, is With You heading out from the south gate too?"


Lin Xi replied politely, "Are you too?"


Lin Songyan said seriously, "We are heading south of Red Valley, we heard that the monsters there are very high leveled."

"Oh, what a coincidence?"

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Lin Xi was stunned, "We are heading there too."

Yun Jian smiled, "Since it is such a coincidence then let's party together. i heard that the map is really difficult."

"No need."

Lin Xi rejected, "I am confident that With You is strong enough."

"That's good too."

Yun Jian smiled, "Ruyi, long time no see~"

Gu Ruyi nodded, "En, long time no see."

"Last night I passed your studio." He smiled, "Stop gaming everyday and head out more. If you need people to talk to, send me a message. I stay near you."

"Oh thank you."

Gu Ruyi said, "No need, Shen Mingxuan will accompany me out."

I laughed. Ruyi actually learned how to reject others, not bad. With Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and my teaching, her personality was changing.


Lin Xi smiled, "Yun Jian don't waste your time chasing Ruyi. She talked to me before and she doesn't want a boyfriend during this period of time. There are so many beauties in Elements so just choose one of them. Also big boss Lin Songyan, our two parties would be training there. If there are conflicts, let's just take a step back."

"En en!"

Lin Songyan said, "Since you made it so clear, I understand. We definitely won't fight. I won't say anything at all, haha~~"

I laughed too. Although Lin Songyan was the weakest out of the four kings of Elements, but his persoanlity was the best.

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