Chapter 331- Higher level authorisation
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Zhan Yue Chapter 331- Higher level authorisation

Second floor of the studio.

When I returned, no one else had any idea of what I had just been through.

"You are back?"

Lin Xi pushed a bowl of egg fried rice to me and smiled, "Why, was Hangzhou not fun?"


I was speechless, "Home is better."

She smiled as Shen Mingxuan glanced at me, "You must be tired? You look like you didn't sleep much today."


I nodded, "I really didn't sleep much but I feel good. I feel like I could fight for another ten hours."

Lin Xi smiled, "Fight your head. Go to bed after eating. You aren't to wake up before ten tomorrow."

"Okay boss!"

I laughed. What was weird was that once I returned to the studio, I was much calmer, this feeling... I was becoming more and more reliant on With You. This wasn't good, what if I had to leave one day. I would be really sad then right?

Who cared, that would be something in the future.

After eating up, I felt really comfortable. I took a bath and then fell back asleep.


Next morning.

The bright sunlight shone in through the corner of the curtains. When I opened my eyes, I felt different from yesterday. I raised my hand and a visible energy current was flowing between my palm and fingers. When I used strength, the energy instantly burnt up. My life force was also really strong.

Was this the power of the sun?

I frowned and sat up. I rested against the bed frame and observed my hands. When I released the energy, they were like streaks of flames. However, they were really gentle and gave off warmth.

"So amazing..."

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the power flowing within my body. When I opened my eyes again, my mind buzzed. The world in front of me started to freeze and streaks of power started to split the world. The structure of the ceiling appeared and after looking through it, I could actually see Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan's rooms. They were all in the hall. It felt as if I had thermal vision and I could see through the whole building!

"This... What is going on?"

Goosebumps started to rise, what was this? Shifang Flame Spiral Eye? That shouldn't be it, this ability was totally different from Shifang Flame Spiral Eye in game. It was another power, one that could see the structure of space. However, as for what it really was, I had no understanding.


I sucked in a deep breath and my heartbeat got more and more intense. I looked outside and focused my power in my eyes. The world started to instantiate and giant webs which were split into small particles appeared. It caused my head to hurt.


I retracted my gaze and hugged my head. It did hurt and after a short rest did I recover. Not right, something definitely happened!

I didn't bother so much and called my sister right away.

'Oi, why did you suddenly call? I am in a meeting."

Her voice spread from the other side.

"Sister, I want... Can you give me the keys to the lab?" I frowned, "I feel like my body... Isn't right."


She was stunned, "What happened,

Lu Li? If you are sick, head to the hospital."


I shook my head, "I don't think they can solve my problem, they might not even be able to notice it. I need the test equipment in the lab."


She hesitated a little, "Dad restricted it and he is the one deciding, how about this... I can only give you 24 hours, is that okay?"

"En okay!"

I nodded, "Then do it, I will head over in a while."

"Okay, I will let the assistant settle it."


I got up and walked upstairs.

Everyone was waiting for me so I sat down and picked up a bun to chew on. After swallowing, I said, "I need to take leave to head out. I will be back before noon for lunch."

"These two days... You are really busy..." Shen Mingxuan dissed.

I smiled awkwardly, "No choice, something happened that I can't hide from."

Lin Xi smiled, "That is okay, solve your things and then focus on leveling. Go go."


After breakfast, I headed out and called for a cap. The driver looked at me, "To Destiny Technology Building? Kid, you are from there?"


I shook my head and didn't say much so he didn't ask too.

Just like that, I drove quickly to Destiny Corporation's branch in Suzhou. When I was in the hall, I adjusted my collar to make myself look more formal. However, I was still noticed and a familiar voice spread from behind, "Yi, isn't this Lu Li?"

My heart shook, that voice was too familiar, Xu Yao!


I turned around and I saw Xu Yao in work uniform. Xu Yao looked really pretty and her body was nice too so she looked really slim when she wore formal dress. In Destiny she was probably one of the top beauties and she had many suitors. I smiled, "Why are you so late?"


She glanced at me and tapped the documents in her arms, "I am just sending some documents. I am not working here, my location is in customer service, did you forget!?"

"No... No I didn't!"

I laughed to hide my awkwardness, "If nothing then I will head down."

"Head down?"

She followed me in, "You are heading to the lab?"

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I nodded and then looked fierce, "Don't tell anyone if not I will kill you!"

She laughed and acted like she was afraid, "En, I will not say anything. But as payment, shouldn't you treat me to barbecue fish!"

"when I am free!"


Just like that, I came to the basement. Xu Yao waved at me before heading up.


Basement One, the research and development hub. This was the development hub of the entire Destiny Corporation in china. When I stepped in, a light swept across and a female voice rang out, "Identity confirmed, please enter."

Sister was really efficient and I had already been authorised.

After entering, I took a lift down to the seventh floor, the floor that my lab was on. After I left, this floor was sealed but with my arrival, it had been reactivated. When the doors opened, the lights ahead lit up one by one--

"Welcome back Master!"

After stepping in, Stareye activated automatically and all the projections switched on. I saw all sorts of data as per normal.


I stepped to a circular platform in the middle and said, "Something is wrong with my body. Scan me and help diagnose me."


In the next moment, light intersected with my body and they started to scan me from the bottom. All sorts of data appeared on the screen ahead.

"Body temperature normal."

"Heart is normal."

"Cholesterol levels are normal."

"White blood cell count is normal."

"Antibody levels are normal."


"Brain activity is too active."

After a series of checks, Stareye said that my brain was too active. I frowned, "What does this mean?"

Stareye said, "Your brain activity is 24 times that of normal people, the system is unable to evaluate it and solve this matter!"

I frowned. Stareye was a system developed by all the intellect of the human race. It was unable to understand which meant that my situation was something that the current human race couldn't explain.

There was no point in asking anymore.

But... Luckily the checks were normal. Things that I was worried with my certain organs didn't appear, haha~~

I walked forwards and sat at my desk, "Stareye scan my identity and enter Illusionary Moon, I want to check some things."

"Okay, Pathfinder."

The retina scan was completed and instantly my account and data were all shone in front of me. I said seriously, "Use the data from the last time I went offline. I want to see the video from Heaven Crystal Ocean."


Very quickly, the video from Heaven Crystal Ocean appeared. But I could only see the scenes before Li Xiao Yao appeared. There was nothing from when he appeared. I was just standing there stunned and muttering to myself. What was going on?

"No right."

I frowned, "Stareye, I didn't see this in game. Scan the data, are there errors?"


Stareye replied right away, "A portion of the data can't be analysed. This data source has been badly damaged and can't be repaired."


I stood up, "Did someone do it?"

"The chances of that is 0.01%, I can't analyse the exact situation!"

"Can't analyse?"

I was stunned, "Even the S grade permission in the lab can't allow you to analyse it?"

"Yes, I need higher clearance."

All of a sudden, I felt really powerless. There weren't many with higher clearance than me. Even my sister was also S Grade, did that mean... The higher ups of Destiny were hiding something?


"I understand, Stareye."

I wiped the dust on the screen, "Enter sleep mode, I am going to leave."

"Goodbye, Pathfinder!"

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